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bio statement

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A consideration of Hegels aesthetics suggests that summary a portrait is only successful if it surpasses mere imitation and in turn looks more like the thing than the actual thing itself. My goal is to make art which has more questions than answers, leaving the viewer to find that which exceeds imitation. Jay bailey was born in Reno, nevada in 1976. He has a ba in Fine Art from the University of nevada in Reno, undertook post-baccalaureate studies at the san Francisco Art Institute and has his mfa from the University of nevada, las Vegas. . He has shown his work in group and solo exhibitions in the United States, canada, and Australia. He is represented. Jm gallery in Dallas Texas. He currently lives and works in Dallas, texas with his wife and daughter.

bio statement

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These images are topical in the contemporary realm as they can be seen as people displaced by conflict, societal breakdown, or environmental degradation. They connect with their audience as we are often numb to journalistic photography but are engaged with images, especially paintings and drawings, of humans outside of the personal and the political. Space and distance allow for empathy. Ultimately, i aim to make art which lined honestly recalls my personal background and expresses my preoccupations with the time in which I live. I was born in the mid 1970s in Reno, nevada where i was raised on a cultural diet of comic books, science fiction, horror movies, roleplaying games, and punk rock/heavy metal music. I started drawing at an early age as a means to avoid social engagement, express my inner self, and visually think through ideas which words failed to illuminate. Both of my parents were teachers who exposed me to travel, art, literature, history, and philosophy. I was fortunate to see picassos guernica at age 7 which left the indelible impression that art can speak to the painful challenges that all humans face. My work is influenced and contextualized by higher fine art, fringe popular culture, and existential and moral philosophy.

The countless people who will be displaced by climate change. The challenges of defining what is human in the face of artificial intelligence. Increased emotional isolation in the Information Age which promised connection and the removal of social barriers. I make paintings and drawings which focus entirely on the human figure within an emotive context. I primarily work in line and I layer forms in the picture plane that reference neolithic cave paintings and photographic multiple exposures where time is fractured and motion is implied. I consider mark making to be a vital component of my work, thinking of every mark as a musical note or line from a poem. My large canvases recall Golubs Interrogation paintings, Orozcos murals, lebruns crucifixion paintings, and the drawings of the Chauvet cave in southern France. In recent years ive made work which considers the concept of the refugee; people who are forced from their homeland and are without place. Recalling goyas madmen, witches, and war dead, dorés depraved and damned souls, and Bacons tortured portraits, i render fragmented humans without possessions and in an environmental void.

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bio statement

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Bio also produces the. Bio international Convention, the desk worlds largest gathering of the biotechnology industry, along with industry-leading investor and partnering meetings held around the world. Biotechnow is bio's blog chronicling innovations transforming our world and the bio newsletter is the organizations bi-weekly email newsletter. Subscribe to the bio newsletter. About Phrma, the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) represents the countrys leading innovative biopharmaceutical research companies, which are devoted to discovering and developing novel medicines that enable patients to live longer, healthier, and more productive lives. Since 2000, Phrma member companies have invested more than 600 billion in the search for new treatments and cures, including an estimated.2 billion in 2014 alone.

Connect with Phrma, for information on how innovative medicines save lives, please visit: rma. I draw the human animal in all of our grace and monstrosity. My work is part of a figurative tradition which focuses on the complexities of the human condition. Those working in this tradition have used social, religious, mythological, historical, and political frameworks in which to depict humans with whom the viewer can empathize. Im concerned with humans who evolved for tens of thousands of years to function in small tribes that now exist in the modern world of nations, corporations, and ideologies. Humans with pre-civilization biology facing challenges unique to modernity. .

I like to be very spontaneous in my shooting and see what surprises that brings. It is a delight to me how the images capture my experience of a particular time and place and at the same time have an identity all their own. (July 15, 2015 pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) Vice President of Science and Regulatory Advocacy sascha haverfield,. D., and biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) Senior Vice President of Science policy kay holcombe released the following joint statement on the reauthorization of the Prescription Drug User fee act (pdufa for more than 20 years, pdufa has helped the food and Drug Administration (FDA) fulfill. Pdufa v refocused the program on its original intent patient access to life-saving medicines. . It made meaningful improvements to the human drug review program such as increased communication between fda and biopharmaceutical companies during drug development and regulatory review to promote regulatory transparency and predictability.

It also initiated the patient-Focused Drug development program to better incorporate patient input throughout the drug development and regulatory review processes. Despite the significant progress that has occurred through pdufa v, many challenges remain. In pdufa vi, the biopharmaceutical industry will advance and support policies that scientifically integrate the patient perspective in innovative drug development and regulatory decision-making, enhance the fdas scientific expertise and tools, and promote long-term stability of the pdufa program while ensuring the Agency can recruit and. By focusing on these principles, pdufa vi can play a critical role in continuing to advance an effective, science-based. Regulatory review program that helps ensure that biopharmaceutical companies can continue to bring innovative medicines to patients. About bio, bio is the world's largest trade association representing biotechnology companies, academic institutions, state biotechnology centers and related organizations across the United States and in more than 30 other nations. Bio members are involved in the research and development of innovative healthcare, agricultural, industrial and environmental biotechnology products.

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Susan has four images published. Plastic Cameras: toying with Creativity, a book by michelle bates. Susans 18 solo shows have been in New York, las Vegas, pittsburgh, reno, dayton, san Marino, lubbock, and Tennessee. Statement, my gender work is primarily shredder about motion. The intense pace and vitality of the urban setting excites me; I like to shoot fast and furiously, to be totally immersed and to be swept up in, and along with, the tide of the moment. I am either shooting people that are in motion or i am in movement around my subject and often both. I enjoy the element of chance in all my photography.

bio statement

My individual horse artistic work involves real-time media performance-installation. My collaborative projects include the Artifact Institute, co-founded with Adam Kelly. I also provide facility consulting and project management services to arts organizations. Pdfs, cv, artist Statement, artist Statement in diagram form, bio. Bio, susan Bowen lives in New York city and is known for her overlapping multiple exposures, which she shoots with a plastic camera. In 2008 Susan completed a 48 public art mural for a school in New haven, ct and created four murals for the. In 2007 she was profiled. Photo techniques and, light leaks magazines and received a pilsner Urquell Lucie award.

Brother Awards in Amsterdam. In 2015 Selvaggio was noted as a featured artist as part of Chicago Artist Month. His work was also selected for the Art souterrain festival in Montreal, the isea conference in Vancouver, and the saint-Etienne design biennial in France. Urme surveillance was also adapted for television in an episode of csi: Cyber titled Selfie.0. Selvaggios work has also been featured and written about in various notable publications: Hyperallergic, techcrunch, The washington Post, cnet, the verge, the Creator's Project and others. Selvaggios academic work has been published in the International journal for Performance Arts and Digital Media and as part of Behind the Smart World - saving, deleting and resurfacing data, published by lafkon. He holds a bfa from Rutgers University and an mfa from Columbia colleges Interdisciplinary Arts program. For Full cv download, here. I make art individually and in collaboration with others.

Thus when surveiled, facial recognition systems attribute their actions as mine. By assuming this risk and responsibility, urme challenges and allows the viewer to consider the malleability of their own identities by misrepresenting and corrupting my own. leo selvaggio, leonardo selvaggio is an interdisciplinary artist legs whose work examines the intersection of identity and technology. He has shown work internationally including France, canada, and Switzerland as well as exhibiting broadly in the United States. He has been awarded an Albert. Weisman grant for his work, urme surveillance, and a dcase iap professional Grant from the city of Chicago to present supporting research. In 2016, leos work was exhibited both nationally at the wende museum in California as part of their.

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Conceptual, interactive, interdisciplinary installation, new media, political, public engagement, sculpture, software, social practice, and technology, are words that describe my art practice. What i am, however, is a creative researcher. I think through making and my experiments book in the studio lead to a line of questioning that I build iteratively into a focused and rigorous body of work. My research often examines the entanglement of identity with technology. Like good science fiction that asks, what if?, i think of technology as a cultural litmus test of who we are, and use it to extrapolate where we are going. Recently, my work has engaged the idea of thinking of identity as data that can be manipulated or even corrupted in the face of social media and our increasingly networked society. I am interested in how this data is tied to the larger context of surveillance and how the prejudicial architecture our surveillance systems are built upon affects how we perform those identities in public space. My work, urme surveillance involves the development of defense technologies used to protect the public from surveillance by using my own identity as material. Rather than camouflage or hide the identities of the masses, this work invites the public to assume and present my identity as an alternative by allowing them to wear my face as a prosthetic.

Bio statement
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  2. Statement : The speed of contemporary life increasingly requires us to look quickly, apprehend the information, then move. Bio /Phrma, statement on pdufa reauthorization. (July 15, 2015) Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) Vice. Conceptual, interactive, interdisciplinary installation, new media, political, public engagement, sculpture, software, social practice.

  3. I make art individually and in collaboration with others. Artist, statement in diagram form. Susan Bowen lives in New York city and is known for her overlapping multiple exposures, which she shoots with a plastic camera. Lamont was born and raised in Russia. After her High School graduation, she enrolled at Moscow State University where she received a post.

  4. Bio statement / Resume /. Jill Magi is an artist, critic, and educator who works in text, image, and textile. Joy is owner, photographer and hairstylist at Black Frame Studio in Texas. I draw the human animal in all of our grace and monstrosity. My work is part of a figurative tradition which focuses on the complexities of the human.

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