Bring in your homework

bring in your homework

Bring in your homework

Should we file a section 504 Complaint? In this article, sue answers this question, "My son's disability diagnosis prevents higher math and the disability services office at his college denied a waiver for a higher math class requirement. How do we file a section 504 complaint against the school?" How to Organize a successful Parent Group - in response to a parent's request for advice, sue explains how to develop a communication network, build a simple website, publicize events, team up with other. "The key to success is to empower others by providing quality information." How to work Effectively with your State Advisory panel. This is good place to be if you would like to encourage change. Here are some more tips that will be helpful as you serve.

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Behavior Problems and thesis Discipline: What Parents and teachers need to Know - learn about the child's right to a free appropriate education, the role of the iep team, functional behavior assessments, behavior intervention plans, and alternative educational settings. Transition from Special Ed teacher to Special Ed Advocate. You are wise to prepare for becoming an advocate when you retire What's next? Sue whitney offers 13 tips about what you need. Behavior Problems: It Isn't okay just to teach the easy kids - sometimes schools discipline - even suspend or expel - students with disabilities for behavior caused by their disabilities. What should a parent do after the principal unilaterally moved her child from one class to another? Sue provides advice about how to deal with this "teacher problem" and how to avoid similar problems in the future. How Can i file a section 504 Complaint? a parent is distressed when his child is dismissed from a sports team. Sue offers a plan to deal with the immediate crisis, provides information about how to get an appropriate 504 Plan - and to ensure that the school implements the plan. Must Colleges waive course requirements for Students with Disabilities?

It will help you "unwind" the and turn your emotions into skilled advocacy. Can a child be punished for Not meeting iep goals? If the teacher fails to meet the instructional objective, it makes no sense to punish the child. It is the teacher's failure. She has not taught your child what he needs to be able to do in order the reach the goa. Our School says the iep has Expired: Now What? Ieps do not expire. An iep remains in effect until a new one is written or you agree that an iep for specialized instruction and related services is no longer needed.

bring in your homework

Bring in, your, homework

Sue whitney, explains what you need to learn to become an advocate and where you can get training. You'll also find a reading and resource list. Parent Volunteers are not a substitute for Trained teachers - supermarket answers to a parent's questions general about volunteers in the classroom. Sue explains the need for formal accommodation and treatment plans for students with disabilities that are implemented by trained teachers, not parent volunteers. Teacher says, "i don't Care if he has an iep - mother Asks for Help - background of the story; two questions; excellent advice about ieps, iep meetings, goals and accommodations, and one-on-one paraprofessionals from suzanne Whitney. All wound Up With no idea where. It's time focus on your son's needs and learn the skills you need to make things change for the better. How to focus your energy.

There is no need to write a separate section 504 Plan. . you should be able to include all needed accommodations in your daughter's iep. Are These good iep goals? When iep goals make no sense, you need to know your child's present levels - that is the starting point for writing good iep goals. Migraines, medication, and Missed Instruction. How to write a letter to request an eligibility meeting under idea, and a sample letter. What Type of Training is Required to become an Advocate?

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bring in your homework

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Adhd diagnosis Should Not mean Academic failure. Does it make sense to you that distractibility and organization are the only problems? Children do not fail unless there is a reason for. Reading Comprehension Programs and Assessments. The most research-based and proven reading comprehension program on the planet is only useful when the comprehension issue is at the print level of language. Time for an evaluation.

High Test Scores, disruptive in ademic or Discipline Issue? Unless your daughter has had a very recent private sector neuropsychological evaluation, you probably do not know specifically what she needs. . Without knowing what she needs, it is more than likely you will not be successful in finding an appropriate school or program. Advocacy Strategies Can the School Retain an Honor Student Because of health essay needs? Sue recommends requesting eligibility under idea and explains why. She also provides a sample letter to request an eligibility meeting. Can we include a health Care Plan in my child's iep?

A reading program needs to be chosen based upon the unique and individual needs of a particular student. One reading program will not work for all students, even if the reading program is research based. Reading Recovery iep problems - Unless you have an independent evaluation that tells you that reading Recovery is appropriate for your child, do not invest time in the program just because it is available, or just to see if it will work. Research-Based reading Instruction - Are there experts in this field? Is there a way to find tutors for children with reading problems and independent evaluators? Is there an organization that can answer questions that educators, school board members, and parents have about effective reading instruction?

yes to all these questions. Teaching a child to read: Special Ed or reading First? is my son prohibited from being in reading First because he's in special ed? What Are the Criteria for Remedial reading Programs? This article defines three reasons for reading failure, six qualities of effective reading programs, requirements for research based reading programs - and the price children pay when we do not teach them to read. Sue also describes the federal model reading program (90 minutes of instruction, 5 days a week) with frequent objective assessments, and provides you with questions you should ask about your child's reading program. My child is making Progress - why would the School Switch reading Programs? Sue discusses the puzzling question of switching from one reading program to another program that is not interchageable and how making the change will require starting at a lower level in order to fill in gaps.

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Mom, needs Help: Child Can't read - "My son cannot read. The teachers and principal at his school are wonderful. They want my son to have an aide during the day. The school board will not approve this. As a single mother of three children and a college student myself, i feel like i am being ignored. Help for Children with reading Problems - you have to ensure that your child learns to read, with or without help from summary the school. If you wait until you convince the school, you will miss the window of opportunity your son has to learn to read fluently, reading is not "One size fits All".

bring in your homework

It needs to be a teacher who speaks the same language as your son. Genes essay dyslexia: a simple test to Identify dyslexic Children at Birth is Less Than One year Away - the ease with which we can learn to read is governed by our biological make-up. A genetic test for dyslexia should be available within a year or less. Pediatricians will be able to accurately identify children with dyslexia at birth. How Can i get a trained Certified reading teacher? "I want my daughter to receive instruction from a certified, trained instructor who can bring her up to grade level. What can I do?".

Research to Improve reading? Jimmy kilpatrick, publisher of, educationNews, asks: "do you know of any school in the nation that has adopted and used successfully the nih research in reading?" sue whitney explains how things are changing and why. Preventing reading Difficulties and reading failure: Early Intervention and Prevention - sue responds to a teacher's request for information about research on teaching children; includes a comprehensive list of free publications, articles, research - and a free video. Interpreters are not teachers. It is ridiculous that an iep team would design an education plan that does not specify a teacher.

Sue provides advice about how you can get appropriate reading instruction that will meet your child's needs. She offers a plan to obtain the knowledge you need to be an effective, educated member of your child's iep team. One reason Kids Aren't learning to read. If we were graduating and certifying people who could teach reading they would be doing. I can't find any state that requires a candidate for a certified education position to have training/certification in even one research based reading progra. Why Use research Based reading Programs? Sue explains the reasoning behind the requirements in nclb for research based programs and answers more questions about reading and research based reading programs.

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Reading, can the School Terminate my child's Eligibility for Special Ed? Evaluations, iq scores, and Grades - if the school's criteria for determining a child's eligibility for special education are iq scores and grades, this is fuller incorrect and inappropriate. Sue explains how eligibility decisions must be made and other legal requirements for determining if a child is or is not eligible for special education. Struggling with Dyslexia and french 101. Sue whitney, research Editor at Wrightslaw, answers a parent's question about dyslexia and studying a foreign language. Sue explores a number of issues that must be considered for a child with a reading disability. Reading Fluency - how Can i get a program That Works?

Bring in your homework
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