Eating at home vs eating out essay

eating at home vs eating out essay

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Although the food is delicious, it is not wholesome. Eating out frequently may cause health problems and may gain bodyweight. So many people decide to choose healthy food in their meal so that they can be eating healthier. Everyone knows that eating outside is not healthy because people start to pay attention on diet and nutrition. As everyone knows that it is the process which can receive from the food and to get healthy, so the objective that people shouldn't lose from the food is proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, vitamins and also minerals. As people want to have food and drinks in a healthy and regular way, they will try to regulate their dietary guidelines into their lifestyle in order to absorb more nutrition from the food.

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People spend money not just eating paper food; what the customers expecting is good guest service quality with satisfaction. With a smile of contentment, it will bring the customers into good memories. Also, the atmosphere of a restaurant is affected by many different aspects of the operation. The outfit of a restaurant can affect the impression from the guests. With good interior design, the dressing and attitude towards the staffs, the d eacute;cor of the restaurant, they are more willing to come and feel relax to enjoy their meals. Today in our world, there is a growth of the people who do not have time to prepare for their meals. Besides that, there is also a group of people tendency toward eating in a healthy way. According to davis Bernard, (1999)., general trends in eating out include the following: "An increase in interest in healthy eating by general public." "An increase in awareness of hygiene and cleanliness." "An increase in the demand for vegetarian foods, particularly by young people." "A decline. In the real world, not many restaurants are preparing the food in a healthy and hygiene way. Moreover, the food is always being kept for a long time and it will destroy its freshness.

Food service is convenient because of its location and speed of service. People don't have much more ideas on planning and preparation for their daily meals. People may think it is inconvenient in washing tableware after finished the meal. Being guests is a pleasure and they also want to be serving by someone. On the other hand, level of quality estate service and the atmosphere with interior design are also showing the impression to the customers. Level of service shows the standard and quality of a restaurant. Server will carry the food to the table after ordering, clear their dishes from the table at the end of their meal.

eating at home vs eating out essay

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With their expectations, customers want to receive what they are pay for. Social occasion is the most common reasons for eating outside. People may eat out frequently for celebrations and anniversaries. People are more likely to celebrate special events or ceremonies which can gps improve their family relationship. Like meetings, wedding events, birthday parties or family day. It is a public and social occasion that can increase and improve the relationship between other. Convenience and time are also the essential elements of eating outside.

Forty percent of the working population is women, and convenience foods have experienced a growth due to demand from women who do not have the time to prepare meals. As result, these facts will bring challenge to the restaurant industry, as emerging trends will dictate consumer demand and therefore it will appear a damaging effect in the industry. Discussion, eating away from home has become the needs of the consumer who want to experience new, delicious and exotic cuisines from the elegant or the small-scale restaurants. Since the eating behavior has changed and there has an increase in eating outside, so people are looking for the products that can give them back the time and they are willing to spend more or pay extra money on eating outside. Although it will spend more than cooking at home, however it is really real to say that eating outside is more convenience since people need not to cook in order to save more time do other things. Eating outside is a delightful things. There are varieties of reasons why people are choosing to eat outside. When people feel that they are having better in financial situation, they are willing to spend money and more likely to eat outside.

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eating at home vs eating out essay

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If food is eaten at home, you are sure that it will be cleaned and washed properly because hygiene, to you, is the most important thing. Even if some people think of cooking as gold a hassle nowadays, with microwave, oven and other different kitchen gadgets, cooking can be done with no problem at all. Last but not the least, it's very cheap when you eat at home. A person might not be able to afford Chinese 30 days a month, and 12 months a year. So based on all the above mentioned point, i think it is better to eat at home. Introduction, eating out of home has become more established nowadays.

Busy lifestyle and much more pressure on their work has reduced the time in eating. On the other hand, it is not easy to plan and prepare for a meal daily and it requires lots of time to hang around all day in the market. Even fewer people only know the basic cooking techniques; as a result they prefer to have more snacks or having quick and easy meals rather than cooking at home. For this reason, the popularity of eating outside is increasing and they prefer that eating in the restaurant is more fast and convenient than eating at home and also save time in doing their works. According to jones (1993) the factor of startling growth of the sector and diversification into new product areas has been a result of several factors: A change in eating habits. First, people are tending to spend less time eating lunch and second, there is a modern preoccupation with eating less.

I can do whatever I want to do and do not have to ask for any permission or worry about if i am doing everything right. It is the fact that i know what i am good at it makes me feel exuberant. But apart from this, cooking at home and eating with the rest of the family at the end of the day has been a tradition in the old generation. A tradition that more and more people are forgetting these days. We are so busy with our own lives that we are no longer interested with the lives or our near and dear ones. So i think the best way to catch up with the rest of the family with over a nice cozy dinner and sipping warm wine.

Eating at one of those classy restaurants means that you have to be dressed properly with black jacket and white shirt. If you go to one of the Chinese restaurants that is just round the corner, it is always noisy when all you want is quite and peace around you. Sometimes the food is not even up to standard, sometimes your favorite dish is not available any more. Then there is a question of hygiene. How well cooked is the food at the restaurant? Have they been washed properly before cooking?

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I find it very interesting to experience varied food in different restaurants. To conclude i am fond of going stands year and restaurants for eating that is suitable for me because of convenient, quick and variety of tasty food, which i enjoy very much and make my routine easier and interesting. As people get more and more busy with their life style and career, they tend to go out and eat food from restaurants or other food stall. But I for one still prefer to come home, prepare and eat my food at home. I have always enjoyed cooking for other people and let them praise me for. It has been an extra bonus because i find cooking the raputic as well. After coming from a exhausting day of work write from the office, it is fun to be your own boss in the kitchen.

eating at home vs eating out essay

So i always find it a easier way to eat out, apart from that It make my other outdoor activities possible because i dont have to bother about food wherever I go, to any fun place or theater or traveling, restaurants are always there throughout . Besides that I can save a lot of time by getting food from restaurant as, i dont have to go for vegetables and grocery shopping, i dont need to clean, cut and fry food and do a lot kitchen work, doing dishes etc., instead . Along with that when i eat at restaurant I have more time to do other things like reading, watching tv, and listening music, going out theatre, or having fun with friends, that dont make me homework tired or boring and I feel refreshed for next day. In addition, in restaurant I get a variety of food choice, i can have taste of different regions, for example Indian restaurant I can get varied food from North Indian to south Indian Punjabi, bengali, madrasi, maharashtrian, etc. Likewise, i can taste world wide food variety like pasta dishes in Italian restaurant, tortilla and barito dishes in Mexican, pizza, and burger items in American, noodles in Chinese, etc. And can enjoy various vegetarian, non vegetarian dishes which are specialty of different countries. Not only that, in restaurant the food is served with beautiful garnishing, that tempt for eating and is worth of paying.

food, people will make a right choice. So its up to everybody to decide whether to eat out or not. I thing, it is really important where person feeds. Essay topic: do you like to eat out or eat at home? People may have two choices to eat, either they go out to fast food stands or restaurants, or they prepare food at home, whatever suitable to them. In my case i prefer to go out to eat, as it is easy to get, it saves my time, and I can try variety of interesting food of  different countries. Being a working person, with all day long office work and driving long way, it becomes difficult to do all preparation for making food. For me easy way to get food is restaurant, where i can get prepared food at home or office by just ordering on phone, along with that another comfort is, that when ever I have to eat together with my so many friends, i can.

For example, every person decides what to use when cooking. But unpredictable things can be containing inside a dish in the café: hair, pollutants, bacteria and. Secondly, products, used in cooking, are type cheaper, than when ordering food outdoors. As a result, food cooked with his own hands are very valuable, because it is own creation. The brain develops is better because of the human desire to come up with new dishes. On the other hand, cooking is a hard, painstaking thing. It takes a plenty of energy and person spends a lot of time, because one needs to go shopping, to bring huge bags at home and to cook foods.

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In todays world people often intend about food place. Many people think that a good food can be made only in domestic conditions, but others do not agree. Other people believe that an amazing food can be provided by people, who work at other places outdoors. Let us consider what the advantages and disadvantages of food at home and outdoors are. To begin with, revelation every person can choose where to get food himself. In my opinion, delicious and good food can be made with soul. It is possible at home. Firstly, homemade food is always healthier than in the café.

Eating at home vs eating out essay
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  1. Eating at home. Essay 119 Topic 13 do you prefer to eat out or at home? Eating has become one of kinds of culture for centuries.

  2. If people want to eat good food in good restaurants, they should have money. This is my opinion essay for this topic. Most folks eat most meals at home and dine out occasionally as a treat. Fit portfolio essay summer and winter comparison contrast essay school violence essay papers earth science research paper eating at home vs eating out. Eating out side has both negatives and positives side, i personally think that the positives sides of eating out is more than.

  3. Mirror, mirror on the wall, whos the fattest one of all? Eating, out, vs, eating,. Although it will spend more than cooking at home, however it is really real to say that. Article name: Current trends of eating out essay, research. People may have two choices to eat, either they go out to fast food stands or restaurants, or they prepare food at home, whatever suitable. Secondly, eating out can be more expensive than cooking meals at home.

  4. Obviously, when we eat at home we do the preparation, cooking and serving of the food ourselves and. Although i enjoy eating out now and again and. I am sure, cooking at home is much better than eating out. Firstly, it is safer. If we eat in a restaurant or café we do not know exactly how the meal. Eating, disorder, essay, research Paper.

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