Essay on a visit to a museum

essay on a visit to a museum

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The Creation Stories at the michael Carlos. Museum were fascinating and interesting. My favorite was the god Spoke the earth: Stories of Genesis in Prints and Drawings. The exhibition was narratives from the book of Genesis. Marc Chagall born in 1889 was a french artist who traveled to palestine after a 1930.His work was to illustrate stories from the Old Testament. His Jewish heritage lined up with his immediate connection to the holy land. There were many in the holy land that spoke his native yiddish and Russian.

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We saw valuable antique collections such as paper cone gramaphone, old typewriters, oil engines and steam engines. We spent about 4 hours in the museum. It was a wonderful experience. . The visit has helped me to increase my scientific knowledge. You may also find These documents Helpful. Nancy Smith, arth 101, professor Judy callaway, my museum jones visit took place at the michael Carlos. Museum in Atlanta on the Emory University campus. The building in which the art was kept was quite special in detail and character. The art on exhibit there that of southeasts most distinguished collection of art and artifacts from ancient Egypt, nubia, greece, rome, the near East, Asia, africa, and the Americas. The art on display had a way of allowing me to take a moment to reflect on the time in a world that was ruled by many emperors, kings, and pharaohs. The museum was a safe haven for housing art and historical facts of the many cultures all around the world.

It has five permanent galleries with exhibits on motive power, electro technology, timber and paper and metals, popular science. The museum has three mobile Science Exhibition Unit carrying twenty-four standard size exhibits on various subjects of rural importance. The viswesvarayya museum has a specially set up workshop where precision work of model-making is attended to by experienced and well trained technicians. Most of the writing exhibits can be operated by themselves. In addition, well- trained guides explain the scientific principles behind the exhibits. The museum is an activity-oriented one. We could see youngsters of the age group of 9 to 12 working at the hobby centres and fabricating complicated models to exhibits such as radio receivers and remote control.

essay on a visit to a museum

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Today, they are also considered to writings be educational institution. So, efforts are made by museum personnel all over the world to convey essential information stored up in the museum in the form of exhibits, through pleasing display and extension activities. Our school science club organized an excursion to bangalore during last Christmas holidays. Being a member of the club, i also joined the tour. One of our primary aims was to visit the famous Viswesvarayya industrial and Technological Museum. This is considered to be one of the best museums in the Asian region. We were all delighted to visit the museum. We reached the museum, brought thesis the ticket and get. The museum is spread on four floors.

A visit to a museum, my first Visit to museum, experience about visit to a museum. Essay on Museum, paragraph on visit to a museum. Essay on Visit to a museum. Article on Visit to museum, speech on Visit to a museum. Brief Report on Visit to a museum. Visit to a museum ielts cue card. English_Master, february 8, 2015 no comments, a visit tuseum. Museum were once considered store house of antiquities and wonderful valuable things.

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essay on a visit to a museum

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Those were found during construction of buildings. The museum preserves 14,000 objects and network 5,000 are on display. The museum is divided into sections such as ethnography, sculpture, painting, village life section, etc. New galleries have also been added such as the woodcraft gallery and Natural history gallery. To go through each and every object properly, it would probably take a whole day. The village life section was very nice to see.

A traditional village with all its rural getup is very nicely replicated in display. All the objects definitely have a history behind it and the true interpretation may or may not be actually known. The mystery therefore makes history and historical objects a subject to be researched and discussed always. The visit was very educative and therefore it was overall a very nice experience. It reminds us of our glorious past and a journey through the museum actually gives a full glimpse of the history of Assam. Questions on Visit to a museum.

Contents, visit to a museum : Essay, speech, report, Article, composition, ielts cue card. Museums are managers of consciousness. They give us an interpretation of history, of how to view the world and locate ourselves. They are, if you put it in positive terms, great educational institutions. I had a chance to visit to The Assam State museum while i was in Guwahati for a vacation few years ago. I did not know that the visit would be so captivating.

When we are a child we do not understand the value to such things. Even if we go to an art gallery or museum, we are simply at a rush to see one after another all the things and just pass by the artifacts displayed. But that is not the case when we grow. We understand that each an everything displayed are having some reason for being there. Talking about the experience, when we entered the museum there were many people along with school children who were accompanied by their teachers. Most probably they were on an educational trip. The sculpture sections preserved many such treasures from the powerful dynasties who ruled Assam. The statues were excavated from all over Assam and some were found buried amidst the urban areas.

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Read on to know my dreamy blueprint for India. If I were the Prime minister of India now. 1.I would assure the country that I will avenge the mumbai attacks, and if that includes bombing terror camps in pok, then so. I will launch an international campaign to highlight the existence of terror camps in pak with concrete and indubitable evidences and soon attack these camps, without giving terrorists enough time to relocate their camps, nor allowing the international bullies to mount pressure on India. Such an attack would obviously be aimed at minimising collateral damage. 2.I would ban the visits of politicians (including myself) to blast/terror hit areas, and all condolences offering visits would be undertaken by respected civil proposal servants, army men and civil right activists - not by dogs. 3.I would declare mumbai, kolkata, bengaluru and Chennai as 'Union Territories' - like delhi, and ensure that their security is a top priority. All Raj Thackerays would be taken into preventive detention sine die, and if that involves breaching the constitution for the larger good of the people, then I would not hesitate to. 4.I would ban all the useless foreign visits of our polity, starting from the mahamahim Rashtrapati Shri Pratibha devisingh.

essay on a visit to a museum

I realise how valuable museums are because they can teach people about so many things. Today as our country faces surmounting challenges with no clear guiding leadership emerging from across the writing political spectrum; it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that the country is now at the mercy of the almighty. All one can do now is to sit back and stare - for you might be jobless today and who knows, lifeless tomorrow. You can neither control the American economy neither can you change the terrorists' mindset. The government won't listen to you because it is not bothered by what you say. Your court cases would come to an end only after your death. So, when you are not left with any tangible option left to act upon, you can dream. Yes, dream fearlessly because it neither taxes you nor it kills you.

different era. We saw writings on parchments and backed clay. In another section, we saw model house of olden days with curved chairs, tables, cots, swings and stone grinder. There were pots, spoons, plates and other utensils on a table. To visit the museum is an education in itself and for this reason it is visited by hundreds of people every day. I was fascinated to see the museum and progress of men through the ages.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself that day at the sardar Museum.

A museum is a place where antique things and art are preserved so the public can see. Those who want to have looked into past can visit museum. It offers the visitor a glimpse into the past culture of the city or a country and collection of rare things and things of historical interest. . Last Sunday i visited our city museum with my friends. It is located in the central area of my city. There was a huge barbing building with many sections. First we took entrance tickets from the ticket window. In first section we saw many pictures of famous kings, great personalities and statesmen. These pictures were hung on the wall.

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Today was my first visit to for the museum. I really liked. I met a lot of cultural masterpieces in the world. Story was told us of each sculpture, painting. It felt like being there at the same time is a few eras. I want to go there. Subject, write an English essay on, a visit to a museum in your words. Medium, grade/Class 1st to 5th standard, number of words 200 words, age group 5 10 years.

Essay on a visit to a museum
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  2. They also wanted a good hearty English name so when they saw Beggarstaff Brothers written on a corn sack, they liked the. Family: Based on " a visit to Grandmother" by william Melvin Kelley and "my father Sits in the dark". This essay is about my visit to walters Museum. Write a short essay about your visit to a museum.

  3. 539 words essay on a visit to a cinema hall. A visit to museum - my visit to museum English Essay for Kids. Essay, paragraph or Speech on a visit to a museum complete paragraph or Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other. Essay on a visit. Below is an essay on " a visit to a museum " from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Essay on Art Museum Visit.

  4. Brief Report on, visit to a, museum. Essay, topics on, a visit, to, a museum. English_Master February 8, 2015 no comments. A, visit, to, a museum. Essay on a visit to national Museum. Essay on a visit to a museum in Hindi.

  5. Short essay on a visit to museum. A museum is a place where antique things and art are preserved for the public to be seen. Essay on, visit to a, museum. Article on, visit to, museum. Speech on, visit to a, museum.

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