Extra long writing desk

extra long writing desk

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Sir, i um i havent finished yet, she said with a quivering voice. Have i already done something wrong, sir? Sit down here, i directed, pointing to a straight back chair next to my teacher desk. I took her papers and glanced at the three pages she gave. This is fine for now. You have several jobs to complete today. Ive arranged for you to work with Mr Braschler to pick up trash around the campus and help him with any gardening jobs he may have.

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I have arranged to have your know meals delivered to you. At the end of Monday mornings assembly, i will call several of you up on stage and ask you to apologize for your behavior. I will talk with you more about this public apology this afternoon. Any questions before we begin assignments? I paused and made brief eye contact with each girl, just long enough to get a negative headshake or a shrug of the shoulders. Very well, if there are no further questions, you may each begin the lines and the apology letters as described on the papers taped to your desks. The girls looked at the instructions, pulled out paper and pens, and started working. I took a seat at the teachers desk on a platform in front of the classroom. After about twenty minutes, i called Rebecca to my desk. Miss Shaw, bring me your writings, please. She was visibly shaking as she held out her apology letters and lines.

As for lunch, you will be escorted to the cafeteria at 12:15. You will be given a short restroom break around 10 oclock and you may take another break during your lunchtime. I expect you to be back in your assigned seats at 1:00 sharp. You will be assigned an outdoor job and when it is complete you will report right back here. By that time, i will have checked your morning work and will have other assignments for you. While you work on the afternoon assignments, i will be having a brief conversation with each of presentation you and you will receive your paddling. I expect to dismiss you back to your dorm rooms around four oclock. You will remain in your rooms for the rest of the weekend except for tomorrow mornings Worship Service.

extra long writing desk

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Rebecca nodded, but I decided to emphasize this a bit more. My suggestion to each of you is that you pay attention to directions and then stay focused on your assignments and tasks. . Leslie carlton timidly raised her hand. Yes, miss Carlton, whats your question? Well-um- i was just wondering about when we get breaks and lunch, and whether I could have a glass of water in here while Im working? Ive sort of got a little bit of a sore throat and Id like to have the water to sip on, sir, if you dont mind? You may not have water at your desk, miss Carlton; however you will be apple allowed to get a drink when needed.

Several of the girls look at me nervously, but only my daughter, rebecca, was brave enough to raise her hand. Yes, miss Shaw, i responded (using her real fathers last name was something we both agreed for her to do). Headmaster, are you saying that if if we dont finish the lines you assign then we we get an extra swat later? Possibly two extra swats, miss Shaw, depending on how much you do or dont complete. She stopped, put a hand over her mouth and raised her other. Im sorry, sir, but shouldnt we uh sort of know ahead of time about the extra number of swats? I just explained you would receive one or two extra strokes for deviating from your assigned tasks. I will keep track and I will make you aware of any extra strokes you have earned.

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extra long writing desk

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You will raise your hand should you narrative require my assistance or need to ask a question. As the girls entered the room, i assigned each a seat, so that she was as isolated as much as possible from the other girls. Then I gave instructions. Each of you is in for a long day. If you are in this room, you will be writing; writing letters of apology for your behavior, then lines of contrition, and finally completing any schoolwork you have neglected to do so far this term. Now, if you run out of work, be assured I will provide more. There is to be no talking, no chewing gum, food or drinks, no passing notes, and no eye contact with each other while in this room.

Is that clear, ladies? Afraid to speak, they all shook their heads in understanding. For the next three and a half hours you will be here under my supervision. I suggest you stay on task, unless you want to accrue what I call paddle points. You each automatically receive three licks at the end of the day; a reminder that detention is a punishment session. However, if you fail to complete your tasks today, misbehave, give me or any of the teachers, staff, or prefects any trouble what-so-ever, you will earn extra strokes, thus my paddle points.

okay, dad, i love you. I love you, too. See you in a little while, i said as I left the kitchen. I picked up my brief case and headed for my office. It was a beautiful March, saturday.

It seemed a good day for some outdoor work, so when I reached my office i called Mr Martin Braschler, our grounds keeper and master gardener. I asked Martin if there was enough work to keep the girls busy for a couple of hours. Then i arranged for several of the female staff to take 30-minute rotating shifts to monitor the girls when they were outside. It was almost nine oclock when I heard girls in the outer office. I opened the door of my office and the chatter immediately came to a halt. Well, Im glad to see you all chose to be on time, i said as I surveyed the group of seven young ladies. If you will follow me, we are going across the hall to the in-house detention room. There is to be no talking from this point on unless i ask you to speak.

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You know I cant do that; I cant show you any special treatment. Becca nodded as I spoke and I continued: But I will hold off on your paddling until last. All right, baby, i have some things to do to get ready for detention, i said as I stood and gave her a kiss on the forehead. Ill see you in my office at nine oclock, sharp. Yes, sir, Ill be there. Im just pdf going to clean up the breakfast dishes first. All right, Sweetie, but remember you dont want to be late. Im headmaster davenport when you come into my office.

extra long writing desk

she was joking I played along. I just might tell the headmaster to wear your backside out this afternoon, before he sends you home. Youre just teasing, arent you? Yes, Im teasing, but there is a paddling this afternoon. I wish you could wait a few days.

I found Becca in summary the kitchen preparing breakfast. I hope youre not trying to bribe the headmaster this morning, miss Shaw-davenport? Oh, no sir, but I thought my dad and I could have breakfast together before i have to report to detention. I fixed a cheese and veggie omelet and toast. Why dont you put food on the plates and Ill pour us some juice. As I walked by, rebecca took the plates to the table. I noticed a pillow in her chair. Are you doing okay this morning? I asked, taking a seat.

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64.9964.99 -.0078.00, qty:, wood and mdf 1 drawer for storage, lower shelves. Customer reviews, average summary rating:4.2out of5stars, based onreviews.2 out of 5 Stars, most relevantMost helpfulNewest to oldestOldest to newestHigh to low ratingLow to high rating. Sort by 1-10 of 821 reviews, see any care plans, options and policies that may be associated with this product. Electrode, comp, dc-prod-dfw8, env-prod-a, prof-prod, ver-22.0.9-ebf-fashion-0712-5, cid. Saturday detention with the headmaster, by miss Em, this is the sixth of several stand-alone stories about a strict yet caring headmaster, Eric davenport, and the girls at his school. Saturday morning found me surprisingly rested considering all that was on my mind from the previous evening. I arose about six-thirty and went for my morning jog. When I returned, i woke rebecca before taking a shower. Once dressed and shaved, i was ready to tackle the day.

Extra long writing desk
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  7. M : Bamboo laptop Lap Desk of Extra large size natural Bamboo lapdesk surface with Cushion and Handle can be used As a mobile desk, bed Tray, book stand, coloring and Writing Table : Office Products. Buy corner Writing Desk, multiple finishes. Buy winsome wood Writing Desk, honey: Home Office desks - m free delivery possible on eligible purchases. Saturday detention with the headmaster by miss. This is the sixth of several stand-alone stories about a strict yet caring headmaster, Eric davenport, and the girls at his school.

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