Met inferno helmet review

met inferno helmet review

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Nicely, an all round package of comfort, weight and build quality. Tell us what you particularly liked about the product. Tell us what you particularly disliked about the product. Shame the uk version doesn't seem capable of passing the as/NZ testing. Did you enjoy using the product? Would you consider buying the product? Would you recommend the product to a friend?

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The Stradivarius hes is a professional level race helmet that is comfortable, cool and adjustable. Tell us some more about the technical aspects of the product? Construction - in-moulding, homothetic embedded skeleton. Size adjuster - safe-t advanced, air lite straps, air lite lateral dividers. Padding - full gel o2 padding. Reflectives - stickers logos, sizing - m (54-58CM) L (59-62CM). Colours - 6 colour options, rate the product for quality of construction: 9/10, rate the product for performance: 8/10. Rate the product for durability: 8/10. Rate the product for weight, if applicable: 8/10. Rate the product for comfort, if applicable: 9/10, rate the product for value: 8/10, tell us how the product performed overall when used for its designed purpose.

The price is summary acceptable against its competitors and while it might not be any more safe or stronger than the cheapest helmets out there all wearability is much more important in the long run. The only downside i can see is that it's a shame they don't just sell one model that passes all test criteria across the world. Verdict, cool, comfortable lightweight helmet with great airflow. The oz version seems better though. Tell us what the product is for, and who it's aimed. What do the manufacturers say about it? How does that compare to your own feelings about it?

met inferno helmet review

Six Of The best road Helmets For Triathlon 2014

The safe-t advanced retention system is easy to adjust and is said to "deliver pressure in a homogenous manner" thanks to a broad surface area. Whatever you make all of that I certainly didn't feel any pressure points or discomfort so i guess it's doing its job. The webbing weave has been fettled to keep the strength while losing weight and helps bring the medium size test sample down to 257g which is a pretty good figure for a helmet of this price and it certainly feels light when you are wearing. So what presentation is hes? The Stradivarius is constructed from two similar skeletal shells that are fused together in a way that transfers the shock around the helmet rather than it just focusing on the point of impact. Whether it works or not is difficult to see without the test data though and that is rarely available. There is an Australian version available (not to us in the uk) which has passed the more stringent AS/NZ 2063's load Distribution standard which tests exactly this but it weighs a claimed 25g more so obviously needing beefing up a bit more than the. I'd be happy to sacrifice a little bit of weight for that peace of mind. Overall the met stradivarius is a very good top flight race helmet that for me at least is one of the most comfortable i've ever worn, the gel pads making a huge difference to comfort especially when things are hot and sweaty.

Helmet fit is just as personal as saddle comfort but I found the met absolutely spot on in terms of shape and long term comfort. The majority of this is down to the gel pads. Made from polyurethane morpho-gel they don't flatten against the head like the usual foam pads in the majority of helmets, even when tightened. They feel cool against the skin and remain so even when you're really going for it plus they keep the helmet slightly away from the head to allow airflow. They also grip a sweaty forehead without absorbing any of it and they're anti-bacterial and hypo-allergenic so they don't need washing. Lots of benefits without any drawbacks. Add those cooling effects to the massive number of vents on the met and you've got one refreshing helmet when you're in the hills on a warm summer day, or in your hallway on the turbo giving it some with an inadequate fan replicating the.

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met inferno helmet review

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Theres not exactly a surfeit of padding, but what is there is well placed. . The brand has used its Safe-t advanced micrometrical fit system which uses large surface area contact points to enhance comfort and keep the weight low. A dualgel front pad is used at at the forehead this gel layer increases comfort, stops sweat dripping into your eyes, but doesnt absorb it providing a longer lifespan. Met claims the manta is 10 watts more efficient at 50kph than other aero road helmets its tested. At 252 grams for a size large, the manta is pretty light too, and at 179.99 it comes in it a reasonable price compared to others on the market.

For the safety-conscious, met sells essay a usb rear safety light which fits to the dial of the adjuster, for increased visibility to other traffic. A helmet which has adorned the heads of riders on team Dimension Data, and team uae emirates and it certainly never seemed to slow Mark cavendish down when he wore the lid in 2016. Verdict: cool, comfortable lightweight helmet with great airflow. Met Stradivarius hes helmet 8 10 Stu kerton, the Stradivarius has been part of met's line up for years but the latest tweaks mean new pads, a lighter ratchet system and Homothetic Embedded skeleton or hes for short. It all adds up to a comfortable, lightweight race helmet for a decent price.

The latters circumference is easily adjusted with one hand, although vertical adjustment is a little trickier. Fit-wise the shape is relatively ovalised. Met's aero road helmet looks fast and until 2018 graced the head of Mark cavendish to prove it too. The met Manta has a distinctive, purposeful design, but is still comfortable for the average cyclist to use hence its made its way into the 2017 Editors Choice awards. The brand claims this lid can save 10 watts at 50km/h but it isnt a lid you can expect to overheat. Heres why we admire it so much.

It would be hard to miss the met Manta the design stands out from the aero helmet crowd. There are two front slot vents, a couple more on each side and another slot around half way along the helmets crest, so the manta looks relatively enclosed from the front. At the rear, out of the wind, its more open with six vents to let warm air escape. Inside, theres a complex pattern of ribs and ridges to direct air across the top of the head. Even the rear cradle fits close under the shell to keep it out of the wind. Met Manta looks slippery but is still comfortable. Despite being quite enclosed, the manta was not hot in use. The vents work well to channel air over the head. In particular, the side vents keep the temples cool; an area where heat build-up can become uncomfortable on hotter rides.

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The inwardly-pointing vents suck air in, which is then pumped out along the top and out the back, resulting in one of the coolest lids here. The front straps are also mounted to the bottom of the rim, keeping them further from sweaty faces. The mps evo retention system could do with being sturdier, although the pliable cradle is comfortable. Overall 4/5, kask K50.99, kasks cheapest road lid features full in-moulding, decent straps and 24 small vents for good ventilation especially over the forehead. The Up-n-down retention system combines a ratchet and dial into an easy-to-adjust package, while the cradle-routed straps make height adjustment easy. Its one of the wider fitting helmets on test, with quite a square-shaped front something to be aware of if you cant database try before you buy. Met Inferno.99 m, ul stands for UltimaLite, appropriate for the Infernos paltry 242g weight. The ventilation doesnt stand out but the finish and quality do: fully in-moulded to withstand plenty of day to day abuse, and the straps, padding and Safe-t smart retention system are well put together.

met inferno helmet review

Overall 4/5, bell Array.99. The Arrays Twin Axis gear retention system does a letter good job of pulling in the head band for a secure fit despite the shell feeling quite big. The cradles vertical adjustment is limited, but it sits low under the shell and holds well. Padding inside is minimal but plush, and in all the right places to add a decent amount of comfort. Reasonable internal channelling and five good-sized vents put ventilation up there with some high-end lids. Overall 5/5, catlike vacuum.99. The distinctive catlike vacuum might have quite a low vent count, but that doesnt mean its a hot lid.

the cheapest on test, the corsa performs incredibly well. The 270g weight is competitive with 99 lids. The 22 vents work well at sucking in cooling air, even in warmer weather. The simple ratchet retention system lacks padding but its shape keeps it comfortable; a lower cradle would give more security though. Theres also more exposed eps than on some of the other helmets, which slightly reduces bump resistance. Overall 4/5, lazer.99, the lazer O2 features a sculpted cradle that drops below the base of the skull; the turn-wheel Roll-Sys retention system on top allowing perfect non-stepped size adjustment. The helmet is a little wider than some, and suits a rounder head. The generous vents and internal air channels keep air moving over the head, though the brow padding gets a touch sweaty. Forward strap placement makes adjustment tricky too.

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Another distinctive met lid, the lightweight, airy Inferno is a great summer skull protector if the shape syncs with you. Looking from essay the front, this lid is all long thin vents, and while the two horizontal slots taper to almost nothing, theres plenty of air flow through the others. Big exhaust ports at the rear and top mean lots of suction through the sculpted interior as speed increases too, although its not noticeably cooler than the 20 cheaper. Where it does score over its sibling is a lower weight, thanks in part to mesh strip straps and a more cutaway cradle, and a full protective hardshell covering top and bottom. Added to your basket, sorry, there seems to have been an error. Subtotal: ( items in your basket). Gbp.07, rRP.99.07, save:.92, size, l/59-61cm. Colour Please select Pink/White/Grey, pink/White/Grey, qty: Item limited to max quantity of 5000 ( 0 item is in your basket items are in your basket ). Offline' online' description, product Details, delivery returns, customer reviews.

Met inferno helmet review
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  2. 3.4 out of 5 stars, based on 35 reviews; read all 35 reviews write a review. They re a bit better than the met inferno pad I lost but not as nice as met kaos pads.

  3. Cool, comfortable lightweight helmet with great airflow. Buy met Inferno ul helmet 2016 here at Probikekit uk - with great prices on bikes, components and clothing, and free delivery on all orders over 10! Met s aero road helmet looks fast and until 2018 graced the he ad of Mark cavendish to prove it too. The met Manta has a distinctive, purposeful. Met universal met helmet Pad Kit - lowest Prices and free shipping.

  4. The met Inferno ul helmet has a fetching red, green and white colo urway, which we rather like there s no hiding Met s Italian heritage here! Another distinctive met lid, the lightweight, airy Inferno is a gr eat summer skull protector if the shape syncs with you. A tear-drop shaped beauty-queen of a helmet for the road and i t s not just a pretty face. We test, rate and review six of the best road bike helmets availab le in 2014. Best bike helmets 2014 - met Inferno ul met Inferno.

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