Morning walk vs evening walk essay

Morning walk english essay, the healty walk of morning essay

Below: Trams and elevators are something else that Lisbon is famous for. The is the Tram 28, a very popular tram that will take you through some of Lisbons most historic neighborhoods. Below: Murals and Fado music are also synonymous with Lisbon. This stairwell (Escadinhas de são cristóvão) takes you from the center of town (Baixa district) to the Alfama district (a good route to start your trek up to the castle). Below: another beautiful set of buildings. Jerónimos Monastery, a unesco site, this monastery was built in 1502 to commemorate vasco de gamas journey to India. The cloisters have incredible detail, each column differently carved with coils of rope, sea monsters, coral, and other sea motifs.

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We didnt enjoy our time in Lisbon. Part of that was Lisbon itself, but most of it resulted from other factors. Ill cover that as well. But thats not help to say that Lisbon isnt a beautiful city because. Warning : This is a long post. I had initially wanted to do several posts on Lisbon. Ive decided to wrap it all up on one post. Above and Below: What really stands out in Lisbon are the colorful buildings, most covered in tile. Below: you also get a lot of steps in Lisbon. This tile mural was located right next to our apartment in the bairro Alto district. This pretty street (Calçada do duque) takes you from the bairro Alto down to rossio square.

Its just important to know that the images your eye can see are very different to what your camera can capture. Each are spectacular in their own way, and while there may not be as much going on — or as much colour — in the sky as you see in one image, its always much, much better because you are there witnessing it for yourself. You may also like: Posted under, canada, finland, norway, sweden with the tags a texan in lapland, aurora, aurora borealis, lapland, northern lights, winter. We spent the month of August in Lisbon. For me, it was a return to a city that I had visited 25 years ago. Lisbon is a very popular place these days, attracting tourists with its beautiful architecture, tiled streets, sunny days (it is known as the sunshine capital historic sites, and cuisine. This Photo Essay will give you an idea of what youll see strolling around the portuguese capital. Ill also cover the highlights of Lisbon as well as the most scenic viewpoints (something else lisbon is known for).

morning walk vs evening walk essay

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A giant smiley face in the sky over Kätkävaara. This photo was taken during a solar storm that I witnessed from a hilltop in Kätkävaara, finland. Again, i didnt stop and point as I would to a interestingly-shaped cloud, thinking, wow, doesnt that look like a smiley face? On that night, the entire sky, from northern to southern horizon, was alight, and I had no idea which way to look. I probably would have spend most of literature the night with my mouth hanging open if the temperature hadnt estate been hovering around -20C. The purple in this aurora was picked up by the camera well before i saw it myself. So is it a bad thing that the lights wont look like the photos youve seen? Not at all — thats part of the joy. You never know what youre going to see or what shape or colour it might take.

Not the best photo by any means, but it shows the arching rainbow-like shape that the aurora can take. All aurora photographers — myself included — are guilty of taking photos that dont quite reflect reality. Aside from being able to make the sky appear green when the naked eye can only see white, long exposure photos mean a lot more movement is captured in one shot than you would see otherwise. Essentially, this takes several moments in time and combines them into one photo, making an image that is more spectacular because it was more than you ever could have seen at one time. It also creates shapes and formations that you may not be able to spot at the time, especially because there is often so much movement going on in the sky that its hard to concentrate on just one section. Can you see the hooded man flying across the sky? I didnt when I was watching the lights that night. I took this photo in a series as the lights welled up in the sky, turning from the aforementioned arch in the sky into a writhing mass of green. As I stood there in awe of the most spectacular aurora Id seen so far, i definitely did not have time to pick out any particular shapes in the sky, yet now I can very clearly see what looks like a man with a hood.

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morning walk vs evening walk essay

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If the lights do form like this, there are a few ways you can prove to yourself that youre actually watching the northern lights. You can: Excitedly point and ask everyone if that is what you think. This is what I did the first time i saw them, but fortunately i had a group of about 10 other people around me that were all doing the same thing. Take a photo with high iso and a long shutter speed. I usually interest cranked mine up to iso3200 with an aperture.8 and a shutter speed of 1s. It doesnt matter if its handheld and blurry — essay what you want to see is whether what youre watching in the sky is still white (meaning its a cloud) or whether its started to turn green with the longer exposure. This was the aurora that i excitedly pointing at, saying is that what I think it is?!

Eventually it turned green enough that it removed all doubt from our minds. Its well worth sticking around if the northern lights appear in this form, because they alternate between strong and weak phases, often in a very short period of time. That white cloud can very quickly turn into a full-fledged green and pink light showor it could be the strongest the aurora gets all night. Its also good to remember that conditions can drastically affect the visibility of the aurora — if its full moon or if youre around a lot of light pollution from city lights, the aurora will appear a lot duller than it actually. Also, if you are seeing the aurora at a lower altitude — for instance, in the lower 48 us states or in Tasmania — it is likely to be much less obvious in the sky.

Its just good to know what to expect so you dont feel disappointed. The first thing to know is that the aurora doesnt usually appear in brilliant colours all at once. Instead, it often gradually makes its presence known as a rainbow-like arc across the northern sky. Rather than being the unmistakable green colour, though, it is can be an off-white colour, almost like a cloud. The northern lights can appear almost colourless, like a cloud (the red is actually light pollution). This was taken during a low-activity night at low latitudes (Jasper, canada).

However, it wont behave like a cloud, which you would expect to continue moving across the sky with a reasonably constant speed. At this point, its often possible to see the telltale oscillating movement within the arc itself — which was one of the ways I managed to convince my otherwise incredulous mother that I hadnt gotten her out of bed at 1am to watch clouds move. The oscillations of the aurora are best described by traditional Sami drawings of the phenomenon. To me, it almost looked like a slinky being pushed together and then pulled apart on a massive, massive scale. A typical artist impression of the northern lights. This one was seen in the SnowCastle in Kemi, finland.

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Posted on October 29, 2013. Kristin, youd be hard pressed finding someone who doesnt have see the who doesnt have see the northern lightson their bucket list. I know it featured on mine for years, even though Id never given much thought to how I would accomplish. Because all of these people have, at some point, seen a photo of green lights dancing over a pristine winter landscape, they all have a preconception of what they are going to see. For those people, me included (despite all the cautions I received to the contrary its expected that they will walk outside after dark and the sky will simply light up above them. The reality isnt quite roles so straightforward. Although to be fair, this was my view one night when I walked outside and looked. Dont get me wrong: its still one of the most awe-inspiring sights youll ever see.

morning walk vs evening walk essay

Its not the best reason to use a simile instead of a metaphor, but there you. Bring out the prompts! I thought it might be fun to break out some writing prompts, in which you can come up with your own inventive metaphors and/or similes. Ill supply the first half of the statement; you can do the second half. I encourage you to incorporate any new or unusual metaphors or similes into your poems. Her smile is The hospital Just before evening, the sun my mouth is Bats are * Follow me on Twitter @ robertleebrewer * learn more writing tips and tricks writing with The little red Writing book, by Brandon royal. You might also like. » The northern Lights: Photos.

heart is like a train pounding down the tracks with another few lines that explain why the poet feels this way. Poets who use the metaphor have the description option available to them, but theyre more than likely rushing on to their next point in the poem (like trains pounding down the trackssorry i had to throw that in there). So why use similes at all? Similes are very useful in communication. Not every this is a that. Sometimes a this needs to be like a that, whether were talking hearts and trains or mouths and moons. Another reason: Similes can help a poet hit a certain syllable count.

Heres a simile in action: my heart is like a train pounding down the track. Heres another simile: my heart pounds as if it were a train on the tracks. in poetry, i generally prefer metaphors unless I have a good reason to long use a simile. Here are a few reasons why i prefer metaphors: Economy of language. Removing the word like (or as ) equals one less word that detracts from the meaning of the poem. My heart is a train is a stronger statement than my heart is like a train. Metaphors are what they are. Similes are kind of like what they are. Theres room for the reader to question, how is my heart like a train?

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The title to this post makes it sound like, im going to have similes breaking chairs across metaphors backs. Maybe metaphors will pin similes. Similes and metaphors both have their uses in poetry. I dont want to say that one is always better than the other, because they are both devices of paper communication that serve poets (and other writers) well. Just in case you dont know the difference, heres what they mean: metaphor: a figure of speech in which a word or phrase takes on the meaning of another word or phrase to suggest a likeness between the two. Heres a metaphor in action: my heart is a train pounding down the tracks. Simile: a figure of speech comparing two unlike things as if they are alike, usually while using the words like.

Morning walk vs evening walk essay
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