Navy fitrep writing

navy fitrep writing

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As Departmental lcpo, his sailors attained 11 eaws/esws designations and a retention rate of 100, well above the navy average. command First, sailors always! As fap coord and cat member, he has taken an active roll in ensuring that the opportunity and health of his shipmates and command are priority. Prt not conducted due to operational commitment. Senior Chief Burton is a true professional and epitomizes naval leadership. my strongest recommendation for immediate selection to mcpo or cwo! outstanding leader, mentor, trainer * - committed leader. Managed 4 Chiefs and 45 junior enlisted sailors through smc, insurv, and 3M inspections, and a rigourous training cycle, all passing with above average scores.

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Air Department moved 998,000 gallons of JP5, completed 2,000 flight hours and over 7,500 flight deck evolutions, all 100 mishap free! Critical leadership credited with highly successful sps-carib-09 surge theory deployment and the ship earning the. Coast guard Snowflake - a first for a big Deck Amphibious Ship! if you select just one abcm make it senior chief peterson! only onboard wasp four months - outstanding first impression * a senior Enlisted Academy graduate, senior Chief Burton is an enthusiastic and technical expert. Knowledgeable, resourceful, and extremely versatile, performing as an experienced Master Chief. sets the highest standards in the Chief's Mess. Morale, esprit de corps, pride, and most importantly, operational successes are a result of this leader. outstanding Problem Solver. A dynamic planner and organizer who revitalized the aa e screenings, duty section training, gun shoots, and processed over 3500 longview documents which greatly enhanced wasp's force protection, ultra "S" certification and mission readiness. Volunteered to coach 18 sailors from seven commands to win the "Partnership Through Sports" basketball tournament in Halifax, nova scotia.

continues to be my 1 senior chief, ranks 1 of 12! make no mistake, select now for reviews master chief cmdcm. We need his leadership! engaged leader and Mentor. Unmatched leadership, demonstrated by air Department's 98 retention rate, 65 new eaws/esws qualifications and selection of countless command-level award winning sailors. Served as the ship's Senior Enlisted Watch Officer. Expertly managed the training, qualification and assignment of wasp's 8 Duty sections; skillfully balancing demanding intra-departmental manning challenges and isic force Protection requirements. Additionally, only Chief qualified as a cdo. Overall the best I have, i would take him above some of my more senior Department heads.

navy fitrep writing

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Led his troops in the identification and revelation correction of 914 discrepancies across 95 spaces. Established assignment wasp's cpo and First Class Petty Officer Professional Training Program providing formal professional training and guidance to 62 Chiefs and 115 First Classes. Responsible for the training and qualification of 83 duty section personnel and 33 Repair 2F personnel ensuring all qualifications were met. leader in the mess. Hand selected by cmc to Chair the 2010 cpo induction Committee. Led 15 Chiefs in the planning and execution of cpo induction for 10 Chief Selects. Prt not completed due to operational commitments. this senior chief has earned his second star! Put it on him today!

As cpo induction Sponsor Chairman, he led a committee of 15 scpo/CPOs and over 70 Mess members in the transition of 10 cpo selectees. senior guy ieader among leaders, unrivaled by peers! my strongest recommendation for the csc program and advancement to mcpo! my 5 of 12 outstanding senior chief petty officers onboard wasp! He is only mp because of the restrictions placed on me by the report system, an ep in all other circumstances. Flawlessly led aimd's team of 87 sailors and 25 embarked Marines in the completion of 5,193 maintenance actions. Efforts were crucial to embarked squadrons and dea assets achieving a 100 percent sortie completion rate and the first drug interdiction by a large deck amphib during Operations lost horizon and blue storm. managed the department's board of Inspection and Survey material Inspection Groom teams.

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navy fitrep writing

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the pillar of Operations Department. Expertly led 4 divos, 1 scpo, 5 cpos, and glass 95 sailors; resulting in the successful completions of insurv 2010 and 3m mca. His sailors attained 90 retention, 80 advancement, and a 75 increase in warfare quals. My 1 swc and only enlisted tao in training. I unequivocally trust his sound, expert judgment in the defense of this warship and crew.

He qualified three swcs and two cicwos. As cstt tactical leader, he led in the completion of over 500 marriage training objectives, resulting in a 93 tfom average across eight warfare areas for ultra-s. Dedicated cmeo fostering unit cohesion, diversity, and a positive eo environment for 1,100 sailors. Led 35 member cat in surveying overall command climate. cornerstone in my Chief's Mess!

lcpo of the largest department onboard wasp! exceptional leader. Flawlessly managed 18 workcenters through arduous Assessment Training Cycle with consistent high results. His leadership, dedication, and attention-to-detail where keen in team wasp's total contribution and successful completion of ney, smc, insurv, sps-carib09 Deployment, 3m mid Cycle Inspection, and ultra-s. Provided mentoring in the implementation and execution of the Ship's esws program.

Exceptional management and administrative oversight of the department's 3M Program, ensuring material readiness of all engineering spaces. dedicated team player! Exemplifies the terms Ship/Shipmate/Self, consistent, dependable, and accurate in carrying out responsibilities to a successful conclusion. Actively involved in a 65 member Mess and Induction activities. Senior Chief Smith's integrity, loyalty, and unwavering professionalism uniquely qualify him to be a master Chief in today's navy. ready for the challenge - promote to master chief now! my 6 of 12 outstanding senior chiefs onboard wasp! A superstar and Stellar Deckplate leader, performing as a seasoned mcpo! He is an mp only because of time onboard and restrictions placed on me by the reporting system.

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Actively involved in his sailor's development. character and Heritage. Hand picked by the cmc as one of the Induction season Committee chairmen for 10 with cpo selectees. One of the most widely respected leaders onboard. Lscs liban is an absolute superstar, flourishing in a challenging, visible, and pressure filled environment. promote him ahead of his peers and make himc. ranks 3 of 12 outstanding scpos.

navy fitrep writing

my 2 of 12 outstanding senior chief petty officers onboard wasp! no difference between him and 1. Lscs liban is one of the best deckplate leaders I have ever observed. His commitment to mission and crew is unwavering. Performance equal to a master Chief in every way. multi-talented shipwide leader who does it all! Fully engaged my most trusted Duty section leader, an experienced dctt leader, and wasp eaws coordinator! Flawless leadership and professional expertise were vital to a readiness grade of Outstanding during the the 2010 Supply management Certification, award of the Blue "E successful insurv and 98 aviation fmc rate during a 4th Fleet Deployment. His robust training yielded 75 advancement and 90 retention in the aviation Stores division.

warfare qualifications, and a 95 retention rate. Managed the execution of over 388 mishap-free refueling evolutions and the safe transfer of more than 998,000 gallons of aviation fuel in support of wasp's southern Partnership Station surge deployment. His leadership and technical expertise have contributed to an increase in wasp's combat readiness and resulted in lasting improvements to the safe operation and maintenance of the aviation fuels System. fall 2009/Spring 2010 pfa. If you can select only one senior Chief make it Senior heider. he has my strongest possible recommendation for selection to mcpo!

Instrumental to pilot sustainment training in day, night, and nvg vertreps, improving multi-service capabilities of the navy, marine corps, and Army. spring 2010 pfa. Prt not conducted due to operational commitments. Senior Chief Proctor is a voice of reason within the cpo mess. Extremely influential, he is staunchly dedicated to command goals and challenges. continue to challenge and promote early! senior chief heider iuperstar! my 4 of 14 outstanding gender senior chiefs onboard wasp! His leadership has broken him out as a leader in the mess and on my ship!

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When you daddy realize that the success of the navy mission depends on putting the right people in the right job, you can grasp the importance of the annual evaluation. The information contained in this critical document is used to select candidates for the navy's most challenging and key billets. As you advance in rank, the importance of your annual evaluation only increases and it's vitally important that it be completed accurately. exceptional performance and unwavering loyalty! Senior Chief Proctor is a strong deck-plate leader with a proven record of achievement. Expertly supervised and orchestrated the safe and expeditious off load of 950 tons of shipfill and lform munitions in Earle, new Jersey in preparation for Ship's outfitting of joint Strike fighter package. the model of achievement. Superbly coordinated the command's eaws program which resulted in the qualification of 25 crew members enhancing wasp war-fighting capabilities. As an att member, he trained over 250 flight and hangar deck personnel in sops which resulted in a grade of 95 percent during ultra-s assessment.

Navy fitrep writing
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  1. Online navy fitrep and eval Writing guide. The guide for writing and improving your navy eval. Continue to submit fitrep/eval forms in accordance with bupersinst 1610.10d ch-1. Submit original forms to: navy personnel Command (pers-32) 5720 Integrity Drive. The reporting Seniors Cumulative average report and the reporting Senior's Submission Report can both be accessed by navy reporting Seniors, civilian Reporting Seniors and other uniformed services Reporting Seniors on bupers online (BOL). Navy personnel command: 5720 Integrity Drive, millington tn address Correspondence to: Attn: pers- or bupers- this is an official.

  2. Free shipping on qualifying offers. This is the fitrep & eval Writer's Bible. When you realize that the success of the navy mission depends on putting the right people in the right job, you can grasp the importance of the annual evaluation. Navy lt fitrep example 1 mp and 2 of 4 lt's. Seasoned tactical leader with performance well beyond peers! Select to lcdr as soon as possible and track towards oic/xo!

  3. Navy fitrep and evaluation resource. We are are resource to assist navy sailors in writing fitreps, evals, chiefevals, awards, and navy counseling sheets. Additional resources include navfit98, bupers1610.10, and fitrep/eval writing lessons. Online guide to completing and improving your us navy fitreps and evals. Navy eval and Fitrep Writing guide (4th Edition - 2007) douglas.

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