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write it for me

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Raymond Murphy "Essential Grammar In Use" a book for intermediate students: Unit 38 — if i knew his number, i would phone him. If you were on a hijacked plane, you (to attack) the hijackers? If they were on a hijacked plane, they (to stay) calm and probably (to survive). If my friend had been trying harder, he (to succeed). If I (to live) in 1703, i shouldn't (wouldn't have had a computer. If she (to smell) smoke in the middle of the night, she would telephone the fire brigade and run into the street and shout "Fire!". If he (to invite he would have come to the party last night. If the driver in front hadn't stopped suddenly, the accident (not to happen).

Write, it, for, you home

If my cactus plant (not to have) a rare disease, it wouldn't have died. If they had remembered your address, they (to send) you a postcard. If Tom saw a car crash, he (to telephone) the police and (to help) the people in the cars. If you are not sure, what to say, you (to have) to guess. If she (not to be) very ill, she wouldn't have been absent from leadership English class all last week. If my parents had had good seats, they (to enjoy) the play last night. If a robber handwriting (to attack) him in a dark street, he would defend himself. If he hadn't been so careless, he (not to fall) into this trap. If you (not to smoke you would feel more energetic. If her alarm clock (to ring she would have been on time for work this morning.

If a dog (to bite) in her leg, she would go straight to hospital. If he had known it was going to rain, he (to take) his umbrella to work today. If only with i (to have) more pocket money, i could buy some new English books. If she hadn't missed the bus, she (not to be) late for work. If I (to live) two hundred years ago, i couldn't have spoken on the telephone. If my daughter did her homework carefully, she (to get) much better marks. She's really a smart little girl. If his friend (to be) in the mood to see a film, they would have gone to the cinema last night.

write it for me

Write for me an essay!

If you had written the paper successfully, you (not to with get) a "two". Your mother (not to scold) you if you had not got a "two". If your mother (not to scold) you, you would have felt happier. If she (to ask) me yesterday, i should certainly have told her all about. If you (to do) your morning exercises every day, your health paper would be much better. If he is not very busy, he (to agree) to go to the museum with. If I (not to be) present at the lesson, i should not have understood this difficult rule. If it (to rain) tomorrow, our game will be cancelled.

If he reads fifty pages every day, his vocabulary (to increase) greatly. If they (to know) it before, they would have taken measures. If I (to get) this book, i shall be happy. If you really loed music, you (to go) to the Philharmonic much more often. If you had not wasted so much time, you (not to miss) the train. If you (not to miss) the train, you would have arrived in time. You (not to miss) the teacher's explanation if you had arrived in time. You would have understood the rule if you (not to miss) the teacher's explanation. If you (to understand) the rule, you would have written the paper successfully.

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write it for me

You write it for

He never (to manager phone) you if I hadn't reminded him to do that. Your brother (to become) much stronger if he took cold baths regularly. If he (to be) more courageous, he would not be afraid. If the fisherman had been less patient, he (not to catch) so much fish. If you (to put) the ice cream into the refrigerator, it would not have melted. If I (to know) the result now, i would phone her immediately. If you had let me know yesterday, i (to bring) you my book.

If it (to snow the children will play snowballs. If I (not to know) English, i should not be able report to enjoy byron's poetry. I (not to do) it if you did not ask. If men (to have) no weapons, would wars be possible? You will never finish your work if you (to waste) your time like that. If I (to have) his telephone number, i should easily settle this matter with him.

I should be very glad if he (to come) to my place. If he (to live). Petersburg, he would go to the hermitage every week. If you (to go) to the theatre with us last week, you would have enjoyed the evening. You won't understand the rule if you (not to listen) to the teacher.

If he weren't such a bookworm, he (not to spend) so much time sitting in the library. I should not have bought the car if my friend (not to lend) me money. If he did not live. Petersburg, we (not to meet) so often. If he had warned me, i (to do) the work in time. If I (to have) this rare book, i should gladly lend it to you. The dish would have been much more tasty if she (to be) a better cook.

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If she were more careful about her diet, she (not to proposal be) so stout. You would not feel so bad if you (not to smoke) too much. If he (to learn) the poem, he would not have got a bad mark. If you gave me your dictionary for a couple of days, i (to translate) this text. If I (to be) a musician, i should be very happy. If Barbara (to get) up at half reviews past eight, she would have been late for school. If you had not put the cup on the edge of the table, it (not to get) broken.

write it for me

If he (not essay to pass) his examination, he will not get a scholarship. If she (not to help) me, i should have been in a very difficult situation. My father would have more free time if he (not to read) so many newspapers. If only you had let me know, i (to go) there immediately. If I were a famous singer, i (to get) a lot of flowers every day. If my brother (to be) in trouble, i shall help him, of course. If I don't manage to finish my report today, i (to stay) at home tomorrow.

she would have been able to see him before he left. If these shoes were not too big for me, i (to buy) them. If you (to ring) me up, i shall tell you a secret. If you (to be) a poet, you would write beautiful poetry. If he did not read so much, he (not to know) English literature so well. If he (to come) to our house yesterday, he would have met his friend.

If it (to rain we shall have to stay at home. If he (to work) hard, he would have achieved great progress. If it is not too cold, i (not to put) on my coat. I (to write) the composition long ago if you had not disturbed. If he (not to read) so barbing much, he would not be so clever. If my friend (to be) at home, he will tell us what. If you (not to buy) coffee, we shall drink tea. If he is free tomorrow, he certainly (to come) to our party. My brother would not have missed so many lessons if he (not to hurt) his leg.

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If he were not such summary an outstanding actor, he (not to have) so many admirers. If you (to give) me your address, i shall write you a letter. If she (not to be) so absent-minded, she would be a much better student. If my sister does not go to the south, we (to spend) the summer. If they (not to go) to moscow last year, they would not have heard that famous musician. If you (not to get) tickets for the Philharmonic, we shall stay at home. If you were not so careless about your health, you (to consult) the doctor. I should be delighted if I (to have) such a beautiful fur coat.

Write it for me
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