Essay on if i was a kite

essay on if i was a kite

If, i were a, flying, kite, essay for Children (986 Words) Study today

In the sky it looked like an arrow (especially after I tied some tail to what would otherwise be the top point) and the other kids thought I was pretty clever to have pulled it off. Most of them never mastered kite flying, generally because they "knew" a kite required a tail, and persisted in tying entire bedsheets off the bottom stick and wondering why the damned things couldn't get off the ground. Like any other skill, kite-flying took practice, and a certain amount of study. (I took all three kite books out of out local public library repeatedly.) The small kites were wonderful "trainers" because they didn't cost a lot of money, and if you wrecked one, you learned what you could from the experience, hunted up another couple. The medium Kites (36 for a while the medium-sized diamond kites were also 10c at Bud's Talcott Hardware, but they went up to 15c by the time i was in high school. The most common and in my opinion the most beautiful and effective design was the American beauty. (see the photo in the header of this article.) Lots of kids were flying them on and just after the fourth of July.

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At the your very end of the paper kite era, in the midlate 80s, hi-flier was doing some interesting art designs fantasy in the small kite size. One was a third expression of the American beauty design, but with a wwi-era biplane in the foreground, and clouds intermingling with the stars. Another, clearly by the same artist, showed similar biplanes in a dogfight. In 1987, hi-flier did something I had never before seen them do: Print a photograph on a paper kite. The kite shown at left, with the Space Shuttle lifting off, is the latest hi-flier paper kite that i've ever seen. (Note the copyright date on the packaging photo at left.) Interestingly, the design shown at left is not present in the 1987 hi-flier trade catalog. In that catalog, paper kites are present on only a single page of the 30-page catalog, and then only in the small 30" X 24" format. So the small-format paper kites were in fact the last hi-flier paper kites to survive the long slide into plastic. The small hi-flier diamond kites were absolutely wonderful flyers. In most Chicago winds that we dared fly in, they would fly tailless with very little trouble. In fact, once on a dare i tried flying one upside-down by pulling the bridle tie point way down the bridle string and flipping it over.

Black on Yellow paper, green on Light Yellow paper, green on White paper. Dark Blue on Light Blue paper. Dark Blue on Red paper, dark Blue on Light Yellow paper. Light Blue on Light Yellow paper. Magenta on White paper, red on White paper Orange on White paper Orange on Light Yellow paper The Strat-o-flier and the cosmic were two other designs that i've seen in the 30" size, but many or most of the advertising promo kites were of this. The Rainbow design was unusually good, though I never saw it "in the field." The rainbow design was also used in the barn door kites late in the barn door era. The 1977 hi-flier wholesale catalog still contains 30" paper kites, and calls the category "Little boy" even though the Playmates design had by then been retired. The "Silly face" design (by harry gans, right) was printed in several colors and is common on ebay, and there is a pirate design shown in the catalog that I see more rarely. (I don't have one, but I believe that it is also a harry gans design.)These are online good designs, however, because they are simple and large, and you can tell what they are when the kites are a long way out.

essay on if i was a kite

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The price went up after I got out of grade school, and in fact the American beauty kite i have hanging on my wall carries the price 49c, meaning it must have been manufactured as late as the mid-1970s. The small kites were the best flyers of anything in the hi-flier product line. The bulk of the small kites that I flew were the "Playmates of the Clouds" design, which may well have been the commonest hi-flier art design of that period. The artwork had a futuristic flying wing aircraft in the center, below the logo "hi-flier." Below the aircraft there was sometimes a number (generally 30, though I recall other numbers including 6 and 94 sometimes the words "Little boy and sometimes nothing at all. The Playmates of the Clouds kites came in a wonderful variety of colors, though the art design was almost entirely identical. Here are the color schemes that I have seen so writing far, either when I was flying them or more recently on the collector market. I'm guessing that there are more: Black on Red paper, black on White paper.

The hi-flier diamond kites came in three sizes, specified by the length of the long (vertical) stick: Small: The vertical stick was 29 1/4" and the bow stick was 23 3/4". Medium: The vertical stick was 36" and the bow stick 29 1/4". Note that the bow stick of this size was the same as the vertical stick in the small size. Large: The vertical stick was 42" and the bow stick 36". Again, the bow stick was the same size as the long stick in the next smaller size. This allowed hi-flier to make three different sizes of kites with only four sizes of stick. The Small Kites (30 the small paper diamond kites were 10c when I was flying them. (They later went up to 15c, and before the end of the hi-flier era, 49c.) These were my favorites. Two coke bottles found in an empty lot could be returned at the c t certified at Canfield and Talcott (around the corner from Bud's hardware store) and generate funds to buy one.

"Road to amir's redemption" - the kite runner revision

essay on if i was a kite

The, kite, runner Analysis, essay

(There's one exception: The rb toy development Company's "Giant Kite which many of us saw as the "Green giant kite" during periodic boxtop campaigns for frozen veggies as long ago as 1987. They flew beautifully, though they have not been made for quite a few years.). There were three different types of kites in the hi-flier canon during the time i flew them, which was roughly 19Two are well-known, and the third I saw only once in that summary time period, in (I think) 1966. Here's the summary: The classic two-stick diamond bow kite. These were made in three sizes and two materials. The two smaller sizes sold in paper for 10 cents, and a larger size in paper sold for 15 cents. The smallest size was also available in plastic, for a quarter.

The paper box kite. These cantankerous, fragile, and short-lived beauties cost fifty cents at that time. The three-stick six-sided "barn door" flat paper kite. These are quite rare and I have very little experience with them. Later on, hi-flier produced a number of interesting kites, all of them in plastic. By the early 1980s, plastic delta kites had become the rage, and paper bow kites gradually went into eclipse. Keep in mind that after the decatur operation ceased and "hi-flier" was reduced to being a brand name licensed to other toy manufacturers, the name was applied to lots of other species of toys, including marbles and yoyos.

Hi-flier as a brand name is still alive, but the company in Decatur, il is long gone. I've had a hard time determining who actually owns the trademark today. A company called Damon Industries bought hi-flier in the early 1970s and owned it for many years. Damon also once owned Estes Model Rockets of Penrose, colorado, but sold Estes to a group of investors in the early 1990s. Estes still sells a high-altitude (1600 model rocket called the hi-flier, though this is probably a holdover from the days when Damon owned the company.

Another company called Galoob toys (now owned by hasbro) used to make kites under the hi-flier name. Someone is now selling hi-flier marbles and other small toys, though I don't know who. I'm still actvely researching this issue, and will update this essay whenever I discover something significant. I intend at some point to fly down to decatur from Chicago for a day or two and dig around in the public library there, which may turn up some interesting things. It's unclear when hi-flier's Decatur operation ceased (our best guess is 1988 or so) but the paper kite business in general is now long extinct. Even the ad/promo kites that used to be hi-flier's bread and butter are now made of plastic somewhere else (generally China) and fly poorly if they fly at all.

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Sellers' son, harvey. Sellers, Jr, was granted a patent on a "gliding kite" in 1965. This resembles but was not the "Glite" kite sold well into the 1970s by north Pacific yardage Products (now defunct) of Bend, Oregon. Us patent 3,276,730.) I'll have more to say about Sellers' gliding kite later. The bow kite patent date (1923) was printed on virtually every hi-flier bow kite ever made, and a lot of supposedly savvy antiques people believe that this indicates when the kite was manufactured. Not so—most surviving hi-flier kites date back to the late 50s at best. I've seen only a few older ones. Hi-flier did very well, and was selling twenty million kites a year at a time when there were only seven million kids of kite-flying age in the country. Sellers understood the nature and economics of paper kites when he said that ".a kite not caught in a tree is like an ice-cream cone not eaten." by making them inexpensive, he knew his little "consumers" would just go back to the dime store and.

essay on if i was a kite

Company was founded. Sellers (1889-1976) in his Decatur, Illinois, basement. He got started by purchasing a patent to a bow kite from a decatur inventor named Arthur. Us patent 1452956 ) and later that same year patented a barn-door kite in his own name. Us patent 1453287, at right.) These two kite designs were the core of his business while production remained in Decatur. I've heard that Sellers (or the company) later obtained a patent on the hi-flier box kite, but i've been unable to find the patent.

As for hi-flier kites, well, we flew them not because of any strong brand loyalty, but because that's what Bud stocked in his hardware store, and Talcott Hardware was the closest source of kites we had. I knew of TopFlite kites, and Alox kites, but those could only be had at exotic places like walgreen's and. Kresge's that you had to take a car to get. Bud passed away in 2005, and his children decided to close the store in the summer of that year, after 55 years in business. I was honored to receive the last kite to go out the door at Talcott Hardware, though it was not a hi-flier. I've often wondered what Decatur is like, now and 45 years ago when I was a hi-flier customer. As a kid i always envisioned a small town with a brick main street out in the Great Nothing of the central Illinois prairies, with a railroad track revelation and grain elevators on the far side of town, and a very wide sky that always had.

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Kalkulator, wybierz produkt który ciebie interesuje, produkt. Typ, grubość, metoda docinania, wymiary. Szerokość (cm) - wysokość (cm) - aby zakupić towar o podanych wymiarach należy zakupić w sklepie, artcop sztuk. Ask me what i know about Decatur, il, and I'll tell you that that's where hi-flier kites come from. Came from, at least, in the era when I was an ardent consumer of kites. This was from about 1960 to 1966, roughly when I was in second through eighth grade, on the northwest Side of Chicago, near Talcott road and Canfield, right on the border with Park ridge. I say "consumer" of kites because that's how it worked: I saved up a dime, bought a kite down at Bud Maday's Talcott Hardware Store at Talcott and Canfield, and flew guaranteed it until I destroyed it, which was anywhere from five minutes to five days. The poor kites were doomed because we flew them too near the trees that grew in the parkway around the school yard, we flew them in winds too strong for the string we had, and we flew them with second-hand string that other kids had.

Essay on if i was a kite
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