Hunger games trilogy review

hunger games trilogy review

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His voice isnt angry. Its hollow, which is worse. Already the boy with the bread is slipping away from. I take his hand, holding on tightly, preparing for the cameras, and dreading the moment when I will finally have to let. An excerpt from the very last paragraph of the book. Catching Fire (rating:.5/5 the second book, in a sense, is where the business kicks. The first few chapters are spent trying to portray the politics inside panem. And yet, the whole book is a climax.

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The hunger Games (rating: 4/5 among the three, the hunger Games is the best. Its so vivid that I could almost see whats happening. Of course, i have to say that I regret reading this after watching the movie, because, it really does jeopardise my imagination about what really happened. But I picture katniss to be thinner. Cinna is very different in friend my mind, so does rue. I see a sweeter Prim, and a sweeter mother. I picture caesar as more friendly. Whats brilliant about this book is that you end up wanting more. You are foreman literally thirsty to know what yet to come. The storys left unfinished and you are triggered to know, as if you couldnt live without knowing what will happen next. And thats writing in the highest form.

So yesterday i finished reading the trilogy. Today, i sat down wondering whether I like them or not, and ive still not yet decided. I have replayed and kept on replaying the scenes that have been built in my mind. I slept last night with these thoughts on my mind, and when I woke up this morning, they were still there. I havent decided whether I like the novels because they haunt me so much, or whether I dont like them because they do haunt. So with the assumption of either you have: a) read the books or b) read the wikipedia version of them (click through to read. The write hunger Games, catching Fire, and, mockingjay ill go on with my post. Spoiler alert: I would disclose the plot of the books, so if you wouldnt want to know, you have been warned.

hunger games trilogy review

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Of course, why else do i really need the feel to write this down right after I finished reading them? But I wasnt happy. And I definitely didnt think this was teenagers science fiction on the platter. To address the overall admin stuff, the first book was great, and right after I close the book i was longing for more. It was left unfinished, and I was dying to know what happens next. The second book was a bit boring, and to be honest I did skip most of the uneventful scenes. The first half of the third book definitely unconvinced me to read further, but I was still curious on what would happen. However the last half was not too bad.

Curious of who will she choose. Curious on who are actually the good people. But you see, the hunger Games trilogy didnt leave me with a smile on my lips after I finally finished reading the epilogue of Mockingjay. It didnt make me happy, or relieved. Somehow, it made me sad. In terms of techniques as a writer, suzanne collins did a good job. Not as much as Id like to read.

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hunger games trilogy review

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Seneca Crane — head Gamemaker of the 74th Hunger Games. He was killed by President Snow for letting both Katniss and peeta win the games. His death is mentioned in Catching Fire. Caesar Flickerman — The interviewer for the tributes for over resume 35 years, he also is great at making a weak comment into a memorable one. He is well loved by the capitol citizens and seems to have genuine sympathy for the tributes. Trivia each book of The hunger Games trilogy came out in consecutive years; The hunger Games in 2008, catching Fire in 2009 and Mockingjay in 2010.

What can be done in 24 hours? Almost everything, really, but I need to put this one especially on my list: I read all three hunger Games books in less than 24 hours. If you have no idea of what Hunger Games is about, read my review for the movie adaptation here and my comparison analysis of the trilogy vs Twilight vs Harry potter here. Its not that hard, and I bet all of you can read all three books in less than 12 hours (because if I counted up all the hours that i used to read those books, they would add up to that). Curious of what happens to katniss.

Suffers from a severe alcohol addiction due to being the victor from the 50th Hunger Games. Effie trinket — katniss and peeta's escort. She is a capitol citizen and has a very strong belief in schedules and manners. She is noted for her odd Capitol clothes, wigs, and accent. President Snow — the deadly and unforgiving antagonist, President Snow rules all of Panem.

Angry at Katniss for her rebellious ideas, he will stop at nothing to get rid of her. He was killed in Mockingjay. Primrose everdeen — katniss' sister who is reaped into the 74th Hunger Games. . She was loving and caring but was killed in Mockingjay. Gale hawthorne — katniss' best friend who has helped support her family since she was twelve. He has become very close to katniss but never manages to get together.

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Volunteering as a tribute for her sister, Prim, katniss finds herself thrust into the wildness of the games. Peeta mellark — katniss' loyal partner. Not only will he stop at nothing to keep Katniss alive, but he can be a deadly enemy. He also has a crush on the main female: Katniss. Cinna — the clever stylist has more to him that meets the eye. From playing with fire to acting upon rebellious notions, cinna has done it all. He was killed in Catching Fire. Haymitch Abernathy — katniss and peeta's mentor.

hunger games trilogy review

katniss everdeen is taken to district 13 to take her role in the rebellion as the mockingjay. Peeta, however, did not make it to district. He was kidnapped by the capitol. They tortured him for information about the rebels, but he didn't have any, as haymitch Abernathy told him nothing. After weeks of seeing peeta on television, the rebels break into President Snow's mansion and free him and Annie cresta. Katniss is relieved to see peeta, but him not so much for her. He had been hijacked by the capitol and believes she is not trustworthy. Characters Katniss everdeen — the story's narrator, a strong-willed teenager living in Panem.

The capitol never lets the people forget that rebellion is the reason why the hunger Games were invented, and Katniss quickly realizes that holding out those berries to save her and. Peeta mellark 's life did just that. Before they embark on their. Victory tour to each district, President Snow visits the everdeens, telling Katniss she must convince all the districts, and most of all him, that she and peeta are truly and deeply in love, or the cost will be devastating. Although she tries hard to do so, an uprising starts. District 11 plan during their tour. The night of their interview, peeta asks Katniss to marry him and she says yes, but for President Snow, it isn't enough. District 12's government is given a new head peacekeeper to maintain political control.

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The hunger Games trilogy is assignment a young-adult science-fiction thriller series written. Suzanne collins and published by, scholastic Press. Books, main article: The hunger Games, released September 14, 2008, The hunger Games is the first book in the trilogy. Katniss everdeen, the story's narrator, tells the tale of a dominating. Capitol and the mistreated twelve districts of, panem. Yearly, each district is forced to send a boy and a girl between the age of 12 to 18, called tributes, to fight to the death in an annual. Katniss' little sister, Prim, is selected for the games, but Katniss bravely takes her place and finds herself thrusted into a whirlwind of violence, confusion, and domination as she struggles to survive. Main article: Catching Fire, released September 1, 2009, catching Fire is the second book in the trilogy.

Hunger games trilogy review
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The pace never slackened. I'm a voracious reader, but I really only stick with things that hold my attention well.

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  1. No review will do The hunger Games trilogy justice, no matter how well-written, but I'll do my best. This is the first series that I loved unconditionally. Suzanne collins is the first author who made me actually want to pursue reading. The hunger Games where a means to enforce population control and provide entertainment for those in the higher classes, hellip. If you have not watched these films yet do yourself and all the fans out there the favour and watch this fantastic, action packed trilogy. The hunger Games Trilogy boxed Set Best PriceDocuments.

  2. Reviews Box Office heat Vision roundtables afci global Directory. The hunger Games : Film review. Directed by gary ross and based on the first in a trilogy of best-selling novels, the film stars Jennifer Lawrence, josh Hutcherson and liam Hemsworth as teens living in a dystopian. 'The hunger Games ' review. Read our review of Jennifer Lawrence's debut outing as Katniss everdeen. The hunger Games is enthralling from beginning to end, science fiction that has depth and intelligence to match its pulse-racing entertainment value.

  3. With the hunger Games trilogy, suzanne collins, award-winning author of the Underland Chronicles, brings her. The hunger Games will appeal to teens, ages 13 and. The 384-page book contains violence and strong emotions so younger tweens may find it disturbing. If you have no idea of what Hunger Games is about, read my review for the movie adaptation here and my comparison analysis of the trilogy vs Twilight vs Harry potter here. Its not that hard, and I bet all of you can read all three books in less than 12 hours.

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