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hyperion resume

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Educating the wise cyborg of the future Education Summit, world Future society Annual Convention, vancouver, 2011. The rough guide to the future by jon Turney: book review Futures Bulletin, may, 2011. The Ecological Cosmology of Consciousness journal of Cosmology, special Issue: Consciousness and the Universe, vol. Wisdom, Enlightenment, Science, and the future in Science, wisdom, and the future: Humanitys quest for a flourishing Earth (Ed. Cheryl and Russ Genet). San Margarita, ca: Collins foundation Press, 2011. Wisdom in the 21st Century: a theory of Psycho-social development World Affairs: The journal of International Issues, spring, 2011.

Hyperion, administrator, resume, samples jobHero

The future evolution of Consciousness World Future review, vol. Minds Toward the future: evolving the wise cyborg Educause rolling review, november/December, 2013. "Consciousness, cosmic evolution, and the technological Singularity" journal of Futures Studies, december, 2012. "Life journey of a futurist: Memories of the future by wendell Bell" book review, world Future review, summer, 2012, vol. MInd Flight: a journey into the future. Bloomington, Indiana: Xlibrius, 2011. Wisdom, consciousness, and the future: Selected Essays. Creativity, wisdom, and Our evolutionary future journal of Futures Studies, september, 2011. Consciousness and the Physical World: purpose Ontological Reflections on Michael Towseys The Emergence of Subtle Organism journal of Futures Studies, september, 2011. Integrative, holistic, wisdom-Based Futures Education in WorldFuture 2011: moving from Vision to Action (nthia wagner). Bethesda, maryland: World Future society, 2011.

Winchester, uk: Changemakers books, 2017. Future consciousness: The path to purposeful evolution - an Introduction World Future review, vol. The Psychology of Future consciousness Wisdom and the book future, ml, may, 2016. Book review: Preparing for a world that doesn't Exist - yet: Framing a second Enlightenment to Create communities of the future by rick Smyre and neil Richardson Wisdom and the future, ml, may, 2016. The evolution of Well-being and the good: Part II: a review of Happiness Donut: a confucian Critique of Positive psychology by louise sundararajan. Wisdom and the future, ml, january, 2016. Science fiction: The evolutionary mythology of the future, journal of Futures Studies, vol.20,. The evolution of Well-being and the good: Part I: a review of In search of Coherence: sketching a theory of Sustainable well-being by timo hämäläinen Wisdom and the future, ml, september 2015. Superior Minds Wisdom and the future, ml, december, 2014.

hyperion resume

Hyperion, planning, resume

Over the course of his career, he has served as: Psychology faculty at Indiana University nw, college of dupage, rosary college, central Connecticut State college, and the University of Connecticut; Clinical Therapist at Tri-city mental health Center; Chief Psychologist and Educational Director at John for Madden. His first book, published in 1987, The reciprocity of Perceiver and Environment, was the best-selling volume in Lawrence Erlbaums Resources in Ecological Psychology, has been translated into japanese, and is being republished by routledge publishing in England. References Wendell Bell Professor Emeritus in Sociology - yale University Ed Cornish Former President of the world Future first society and Editor of The futurist Vernon Smith Educational Executive and Administrator William Halal Director - techCast - washington,. Timothy mack President of the world Future society jonathon Richter The University of Oregon ray todd Blackwood it professional Linda Groff Professor - california state University jose ramos Chief Editor - journal of Future Studies Richard Slaughter Former President world Future Study federation Fabienne goux-baudiment. One: Prometheus to the martians. Winchester, uk: Changemakers books (Forthcoming 2018. Future consciousness: The path to purposeful evolution.

Together with his wife, jeanne,. Lombardo has created one of the most informative and well respected futurist sites on the web: Center for Future consciousness ( m ). Evolving out of an ongoing series of local presentations to life-long learning centers,. Lombardo has developed a comprehensive futures education curriculum (twenty-five educational modules) that covers future consciousness and philosophy; the future of science, technology, and the environment; and the future of psychology, education, society, religion, and culture. Many of these modules (as presentations) can be accessed on the cfc website. Lombardo is a graduate of the University of Connecticut and University of Minnesota (Ph. In psychology with a minor in philosophy of science) and a graduate fellow of Cornell University, where he studied ecological psychology with the world renowned.

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hyperion resume

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The wisdom Page, considers. Lombardo to be one of the leading, most original thinkers on these topics worldwide. Also of special note, through an extensive series of publications and presentations,. Lombardo has developed a holistic theory and comprehensive educational approach for enhancing future consciousness, which he defines as the total integrative set of psychological abilities, processes, and experiences that humans use to understand sofa and deal with the future. Synthesizing futurist concepts, philosophical ethics, and theory and research in psychology and wisdom, he has created and facilitated intensive, highly participatory workshops that have received outstanding reviews by attendees.

Lombardos published collection of essays, wisdom, consciousness, and the future (2011 brings together his main published articles on wisdom, future consciousness, ethics and virtue, creativity, and the future evolution of the human mind. His book, mind Flight: a journey into the future (2011 chronicles the development of his philosophical and futurist thinking set within a personal and intellectual narrative that spans forty years. Wisdom, consciousness, and the future as a profound, deeply important, and timely book and Mind Flight as a truly remarkable book. His two previous books on the future, the evolution of Future consciousness and Contemporary futurist Thought (2006 provide a detailed psychological study of the human capacity to think about the future and trace this capacity from prehistoric to contemporary times. The many positive reviews of the books, which include write-ups in the international journals Futura, futures, and Future survey, describe them as awesome, heroic, and an ambitious synthesis; Wendell Bell, Professor Emeritus of Yale University, uses the terms brilliant, encyclopedic, and masterpiece; Walter Truett Anderson. Lombardo has accomplished what most of us can synthesis only dream about.

Journal of Futures Studies and served on the editorial board of the. He was also a professional member of the. World Future society, and he is presently a member of the. Association of Professional Futurists and, world Futur e, studies Federation. Additionally, he is an Advisory board member. Communities of the future, the, lifeboat foundation, the, foresight Education and Research Network, and the, acceleration Studies foundation.

He is one of the key developers of the. Wfsf pedagogical Resources in Futures Studies. As an educator and former department chair,. Lombardo has developed a comprehensive approach to teaching and assessing the interconnected capacities of deep learning, critical thinking, educational ethics, and virtue and wisdom. Lombardo, the development and modeling of wisdom, which he describes as the highest expression of future consciousness, should be the central goal of education. He has contributed numerous papers on wisdom and educational ethics to the premier wisdom website. The wisdom Page and has produced numerous published articles and workshop presentations in these areas as well. Copthorne macdonald, creator.

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World Futures Studies Federation. A national and internationally recognized researcher, writer, and speaker, he has published six books and over fifty articles, and given roughly the same number of professional presentations on topics including: the history of scientific and philosophical thought; wisdom, character virtues, and the future of education;. He is an award-winning teacher and educator with over thirty-five years of professional experience in college teaching (online and in-person, graduate and undergraduate curriculum and program development; workshop development and facilitation; faculty department and clinical supervision; and personal and educational staff development. In the spring of 2009,. Lombardo was dates selected as the. Educator of the quarter by the international futurist magazine, futuretakes. Lombardo is an editorial board member of the.

hyperion resume

Below are the various Hyperion Interactive reporting metadata objects and how the utility handles the translation process. Sridhar Kasthuri is a principal Consultant at kpi partners who specializes. Oracle business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (obiee) and the Oracle bi applications. He is considered an expert in the area of business intelligence tool migrations. His resume includes MicroStrategy to obiee migrations, Brio to obiee migrations, and the world's largest conversion of Business Objects to obiee. Check out Sridhar's blog. Is the Executive director of the. Center for Future consciousness, the director of, the wisdom Page, the managing Editor of, wisdom and the future, and Professor Emeritus and retired Faculty Chair of Psychology, philosophy, and the future at rio salado college. Lombardo is also an awarded Fellow and an Executive board member of the.

rpd) with the query request model and reporting information found in bqy files to create business and Presentation Models for an obiee repository (rpd. The utility can sometimes give undesirable results but logs are provided and modifications can be made accordingly. The diagram above shows the high level process of conversion from Oracle hyperion Interactive reporting (Brio) to obiee. Generate obiee physical layer from data sources - physical tables, columns etc. Accumulate bqy dm dimensions (Stars/Snowflakes) and extend obiee physical layer. Tune stars schemas, edit standard names and presentation folders. With bmm and Presentation layer) that supports bqy reports. Generate obiee user interface objects like- filters, prompts, pivots and charts. Validate the results and edit partly translated reports constructs.

It also failed to support query rewrites or aggregate navigation without writing a ton of custom javascript code. Enterprise performance management (epm for the future, oracle is planning to integrate their essay enterprise bi tool (obiee) into the epm cycle. All the reporting features are going to be delivered by obiee. Powerful User Experience: Increase user adoption with a powerful, task-oriented navigation framework. Features such as rich visualization, interactive dashboards, a vast range of animated charting options, olap style interactions, and innovative search and actionable collaboration capabilities deliver an unrivaled end-user experience. Best-in-Class Scalability, reliability and Performance: Optimize performance while simplifying systems configuration and lifecycle management. An integrated systems management console provides superior scalability, high availability, and security benefits, while making upgrades and systems management effortless. Hyperion Interactive reporting (Brio) to obiee conversion Process. Oracle has developed a migration utility that converts Hyperion bqys to obiee answers requests.

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By Sridhar Kasthuri, what is Hyperion Interactive reporting (Brio)? Interactive reporting was originally developed by Brio software and distributed under several names including Brio query, explorer, Insight and finally Intelligence. In 2003 Hyperion acquired Brio and the product became part of the hyperion Performance suite. The Brio software adds an intuitive user interface that supports query, reporting, and alerting capabilities that were lacking in earlier versions of the hyperion Performance suite. Why migrate to obiee? Enterprise and Comprehensive bi functionality: obiee is built on a unified infrastructure and architecturally designed for enterprise-level reporting with access to multiple data sources on a shareable enterprise data model. By contrast, hyperion IR/Brio had ambitions to be enterprise reporting tool but never succeeded because when you design reports in Hyperion ir each single report has it unique data module and provides no ability to do shared secure data caching between owl users.

Hyperion resume
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  3. young Philosophy 200 Why is it that we as a society condemn the actions of a man against a man but very rarely a man against an animal. Check out Hyperion Planning developer Sample resumes - easy to Edit get Noticed by top Employers! The, industrial revolution produced the modern world, a world of increased affluence, longevity, urbanization. This facilitates a move to obiee that is less time consuming less costly. Our Networks about Us careers corporate social Responsi bility news contact.

  4. Important: you need Text-to-speech engine and voices installed on your device to use this app. Best experienced resume samples and examples - you can download easily - career Objective - currently looking for a full time position in an environment that offers a greater challenge. The center for Future consciousness offers educational experiences that challenge and stimulate the mind, expand conscious awareness, empower creativity and imagination, deepen knowledge and understanding, enhance ethical character, and promote personal and social growth.

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  6. This facilitates a move to obiee that is less time consuming less costly. Official resume of actress Cynthia gibb, including printable pdf. Business Intelligence - what. Is it an olap tool? What is the difference between olap and etl tools? What is the future for olap and etl market for the next five years?

  7. Business rules are nothing but calculation scripts but are created graphically and can be accessed from planning web to execute. Export data :-you can backup data by exporting. Exporting data copies it to a text file that you specify. It does not compress the data the export file contains data only and does not includes control, outline or security information. Oracle's migration utility converts. Hyperion, bQYs to obiee.

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