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male handwriting

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"Every quest is dangerous, so just let me come with you, please!" Percy said, begging now. Male name turned around, his back to percy. "I'm sorry, but it's my quest, and my decision. I can't allow you to come he said quietly, his shoulders shaking slightly. The son of Poseidon sniffed, trying to blink away his tears. All of a sudden, he turned and ran back into his cabin, slamming the door shut behind him. Male name exhaled shakily, rubbing his temples.

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Percy frowned deeply, looking hurt. "I don't need your protection, i saved the world twice!" he said, miffed. "With my help male name countered. The son of Poseidon growled. "Well, i didn't need your help! I could've saved the world without you!" "I could name five times where you would've died if it wasn't for me!" "But you would've died too if I wasn't there! So why can't I come?!" Percy shouted, tears starting to spring mba up in his eyes. He hated fighting with Male name, it just didn't feel right. But he felt that if he wasn't there during the quest, something bad would happen. "It's too dangerous!" Male name said, exasperated.

"For the last time, i said no, percy!" Male name said angrily as he opened the door of the poseidon cabin, walking outside. Percy followed shortly after, looking irritated. "What do you mean no?" he asked. When Male name didn't turn around, he grabbed him by the arm and spun him around best so that he faced him. "I'm not bringing you along on the quest!" Male name said for what felt like the seventeenth time. "But why not?!" Percy almost yelled. The (h/c) haired male shook his arm out of Percy's grip and stared down at him defiantly. "Because i'm your boyfriend, and I need to protect you!" he yelled back.

male handwriting

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It also indicates whether they were home or international students. Compared to the number of home students, the number of international students was significantly smaller. Nevertheless, there was clear statistical growth in the latter group from. Furthermore, the number of female home students eventually overtook the number of males from the same group, reaching a high of 45 in 2012. The owl year 2011 saw the most dramatic developments; the number of male home students fell from just below 40 to 24 and the number of females rose from 32. There was also significant growth in the number of male students from overseas, climbing from 20 in 2010 to 39 in 2012. Overall, we can see an upward trend in the number of students at the university. A/N: This one is Seme! Just for your information.

The bar chart shows the urbanization percentage of the world in 1950 and compares this with the percentage in 2007 and the projected percentage for 2030. Between 19, the proportion of the world's population residing in cities is expected todouble, growing from 29. However, this rate is less marked in some continents than others. For example, 64 of the population of North America was urban in 1950, increasing to 79 by 2007. By contrast, just 15 of the African population was urban in 1950, but this rose to 37 by 2007. This represents one of the highest urbanization rates in the world, even though the percentage of Africans in urban areas is still smaller than the world average. It is also clear from the graph that, urbanization in Latin America is projected to be higher than Europe in 2030, in spite of being lower in 1950. Show Answers - Hide Answers (151 words) you should spend about 20 minutes on this task. The bar chart below gives information about the number of students studying Computer Science at a uk university between 20Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant. Model answer The bar chart illustrates the number of male and female students studying Computer Science at a uk university over three years.

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male handwriting

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By contrast, canada had the largest transportation share of all four countries. The United States and the United Kingdom had the next-highest transportation shares, 17 and 15, respectively. Japan had the lowest,. However, in Japan, consumers spent 23 of their total expenditures on food in 2009. The United Kingdom had the second-highest share. Canada, with 15, and the United States, with 14 had the lowest food expenditure shares among the countries studied.

Overall, the data indicates that housing and health care shares of total expenditures were higherin the United States than in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Japan in 2009, whereas Americans had the lowest clothing share. Canada had the highest clothing and transportation shares, and Japan had the highest food share, among the countries compared. The bar chart below gives information about the percentage of the population living in urban areas bibliography in the world and in different continents. The bar graph beneath gives data about the rate of the populace living in urban regions on the planet and in distinctive landmasses. By contrast in spite of compares smaller shows marked double highest.

The number of programmes watched by 25- to 44-year-olds is significantly / considerably lower than the number watched by 16- to 24-year-olds and those over. Just over 50 of 16- to 24-year-olds watch game shows, but this share is not ashigh as the share of people aged 45 and over watching game shows, at nearly. Only 41 of 35- to 44-year-olds watch game shows, and the share of 24- to 34-year-olds is slightly / even lower. The bar chart below shows shares of expenditures for five major categories in the United States, canada, the United Kingdom, and Japan in the year 2009. Write a report for a university lecturer describing the information below. Read the following sample answer.

Complete the answer by filling the gaps with the words in the box. By contrast indicates lowest compares overall whereas except higher highest however largest among. The bar chart compares how consumers in the United States, canada, the United Kingdom, and Japan allocated different shares of total spending to categories such as food, housing, and transportation in 2009. We can see that the United States had the highest housing expenditure share, 26 of total expenditures in 2009. The United Kingdom and Japan followed, with 24 and 22, respectively. Canada had the lowest housing share. Housing was the largest expenditure component in all countries except Japan.

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 with biography tables, read the data across the rows and down the columns to identify the key features. Fill in the gaps in the model answer. The charts give information about the genres of tv programmes that Australian men and women and different age groups watch. It is clear from the charts that women tend to watch more television than man overall, although they watch slightly fewer game shows. The people who watch the mosttelevision are in the 45 age group. Nearly 70 of women watch reality shows, which is almost twice as many as the percentage of men who choose this genre of programme. Nevertheless, most age groups watch more reality shows than game shows revealing that game shows are generally less popular than reality shows. The percentage of people watching reality shows increases steadily from ages 16 to 45 with thelowest / smallest percentage of viewers, at just over 50 of the age group 16-24 and the highest / biggest / largest / greatest percentage, at 68 of the over-45s. However, the pattern is different for game shows.

male handwriting

Team c, meanwhile, had managed only a small increase over this time. In the final year, team B remained ahead of the others as their points increased again to 55, while team a and C saw their points drop to 8 and 5 respectively. You should spend about 20 minutes on this task. The charts give information about two genres of tv programmes watched by men and women and four different age groups in Australia. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant. Ielts tip â with graphs, make sure you understand what each axis is measuring.  with bar and pie charts, there dba is often a key which tells you what each different bar or area represents.

- model Answer. The bar chart shows the scores of three teams, a, b and c, in four consecutive seasons. It is evident from the chart that team B scored far higher than the other two teams over the seasons, though their score decreased as a whole over the period. In 2002, the score of team B far exceeded that of the other two teams, standing at a massive 82 points compared to only 10 for team c and a very low 5 for team. Over the next two years, the points for team B decreased quite considerably, dropping by around half to 43 by 2004. In contrast, team Aâs points had increased by a massive 600 to reach 35 points, nearly equal to team.

Overall, the number of houses of both Frakletown and Newtown had many changes, but the increase of frakletown was more gradual and the number of houses of frankletown were more than the number of houses of Newtown. It is clearly seen from the graph that Frakletown has a steady rise from 40 new houses in the first 10 years of the century to just under 120 during the 30 years. Over the next 40 years, new house construction in Farkletown remained constant at just under 120. In the last two decades, the number of houses that went up dramatically to 280 houses in 1980 and 350 houses in 1990. In contrast, more houses were erected in Newtown than in Farkletown over the first two decades of the century. In 1920, however, remote the number of houses declined to only 20 houses. House numbers that rose steadily over the next three decades and dropped practically to zero in 1960. There was then a dramatic increase in 1970 with over 200 houses. Example 7 you should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

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Description, long sentence: The number of Japanese tourists who travelled abroad increased dramatically from just under 5 million book to around 15 million between 19, a rise. Transcript, long sentence: The number of Japanese tourists who travelled abroad increased dramatically from just under 5 million to around 15 million between 19, a rise of 10 million in 10 years. Alternative: there was a dramatic increase in the number of Japanese tourists who travelled abroad from just under 5 million to around 15 million between 19, a rise of 10 million in 10 years. Problem: In contrast, the houses of Newtown improved slightly from 50 houses in 1900 to 60 houses in 1910. Then, in 1920, there was a dramatic decrease by 40 houses, but The number of hoses of newtown recoverd gradually. The houses grew sharply from 20 houses in 1920 to 80 houses in 1950, but a dramatic fail occurred in 1960. The number of the houses fell to a dip at around zero, but In 1970, there were 210 houses that were built. However, there was a rapid decrease again, the number of houses stood at only 10 houses. Finally, in the last of century the number of house of Newtown reached a peak at about 270 houses.

Male handwriting
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Jun 26, 2000 essay, term paper research paper. This app lets you review shot patterns, so you can see if you.

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