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nato essay

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These countries are committed to fulfill the goals of the north Atlantic Treaty signed in Washington on 4th April 1949 at the beginning of the cold war. Nato was created to serve as a regional defense Alliance. Its purpose is to enhance the stability and freedom of its members through collective security system. Its main goal was to keep the russians out, the Americans in, and the germans down. For sixty plus years, it must be rated as one of the most successful defensive alliances of all time. The Alliance is committed to defend its member states against aggression or the threat of aggression and to the principle that an attack against one or several members would be considered as an attack against all.

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That's when nato conducted a nine-day air campaign that ended essay the war. By december of that year, nato deployed a peace-keeping force of 60,000 soldiers. That ended in 2004 when nato transferred this function to the European Union. North Atlantic Treaty Organization (nato) also called North Atlantic Alliance is an intergovernmental military Alliance. Nato is an Alliance of 28 countries roughly bordering the north Atlantic Ocean-Canada, us, turkey sawyer most members of the european Union. The fundamental role of nato is to safeguard the freedom security of its member countries by political and military means. Nato safeguards the Allies common values of individual liberty, rule of law, the democratic values and the peaceful resolution of disputes and promotes these values throughout the euro-Atlantic area. It provides a forum in which countries from North America and Europe can consult together on security issues of common concern and take joint action in addressing them. The nato headquarters is located in Brussels, belgium. Relations between North American european members of the Alliance are the bedrock of nato.

By the end of the Cold War, it was spending three times what the United States was with only one-third the economic power. When the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, it was due to paper economic as well as ideological reasons. After the ussr dissolved in the late 1980s, nato's relationship with Russia thawed. In 1997, they signed the nato-russia founding Act to build bilateral cooperation. In 2002, they formed the nato-russia council to partner on shared security issues. The collapse of the ussr led to unrest in its former satellite states. Nato got involved when Yugoslavia's civil war became genocide. Nato's initial support of a United Nations naval embargo led to the enforcement of a no-fly zone. Violations then led to a few airstrikes until September 1999.

nato essay

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Nato and general the cold War During the cold War, nato's mission expanded to prevent nuclear war. After West Germany joined nato, the communist countries formed barbing the Warsaw Pact alliance. That included the ussr, bulgaria, hungary, romania, poland, czechoslovakia and East Germany. In response, nato adopted the "Massive retaliation" policy. It promised to use nuclear weapons if the pact attacked. Nato's deterrence policy allowed Europe to focus on economic development. It didn't have to build large conventional armies. The soviet Union continued to build its military presence.

There are five in Asia. They are australia, japan, republic of Korea, mongolia, and New zealand. There are two in the middle east: Afghanistan and pakistan. History The founding members of nato signed the north Atlantic Treaty on April 4, 1949. Nato's primary purpose was to defend member nations against troops in pro-communist countries. The United States also wanted to maintain a presence in Europe. It sought to prevent a resurgence of aggressive nationalism and foster political union. In this way, nato made the european Union possible.

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nato essay

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Alliances, nato participates in three alliances. That expands its influence beyond its 28 member countries. The euro-Atlantic tesla Partnership council helps partners become nato members. . It includes 23 non-nato countries that support nato's purpose. It began in 1991. The mediterranean dialogue seeks to stabilize the middle east.

Its non-nato members include Algeria, egypt, Israel, jordan, mauritania, morocco, and Tunisia. It began in 1994. The Istanbul cooperation Initiative works for peace throughout the larger Middle east region. . It includes four members of the gulf cooperation council. They are bahrain, the kuwait, qatar, and the United Arab Emirates. It began in 2004. Nato cooperates with eight other countries in joint security issues.

Promised to do the opposite. President Obama pledged to defend countries such as Latvia, lithuania, and Estonia. Nato itself admits that "Peacekeeping has become at least as difficult as peacemaking." As a result, nato is strengthening alliances throughout the world. In the age of globalization, transatlantic peace has become a worldwide effort. It extends beyond military might alone.

Member countries, nato's 28 members are: Albania, belgium, bulgaria, canada, croatia, czech Republic, denmark, estonia, france, germany, greece, hungary, iceland, italy, latvia, lithuania, luxembourg, netherlands, norway, poland, portugal, romania, slovakia, slovenia, spain, turkey, united Kingdom, and the United States. Each member designates an ambassador to nato. They supply officials to serve on nato committees. They send the appropriate official to discuss nato business. That includes a countrys president, prime minister, foreign affairs minister or head of the department of defense. On December 1, 2015, nato announced its first expansion since 2009. It offered membership to montenegro. Russia responded by calling the move a strategic threat to its national security. Its worried by the number of Balkan countries along its border that have joined nato.

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In those cases, it would defend non-members. On August 28, 2014, nato announced it had photos proving that Russia invaded Ukraine. Although Ukraine is not a member, it had worked with nato over the years. Russia's invasion of Ukraine threatened nearby nato members. They worried other former ussr satellite countries would be next. As a result, nato's September 2014 summit focused on Russia' aggression. President Putin vowed to create a "New Russia" out of Ukraine's eastern region. . According to a wall Street journal article, "U.S. Vows nato defense of Baltics published business in September 4, 2014, the.

nato essay

In 2015, it ended its combat role and began supporting Afghan troops. Nato's protection does not extend to member's civil wars or internal coups. On July 15, 2016, the turkish military announced it had seized control of the government in a coup. But Turkish lvn President Recep Erdogan announced early on July 16 that the coup had failed. As a nato member, turkey would receive its allies' support in the case of an attack. But in case of a coup, the country will not get allied help. Nato's second purpose is to protect the stability of the region.

them all.". The only time nato invoked Article 5 was after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. It responded. Requests for help in the. It took the lead from August 2003 to december 2014. At its peak, it deployed 130,000 troops.

Purpose, nato's mission is to protect the freedom of its members. For example, on July 8, 2016, nato announced it would send up to 4,000 troops to the baltic states and eastern Poland. It will increase air and sea patrols to shore up its eastern front after. Russia's attack on Ukraine. Its targets include weapons of mass destruction, terrorism, and cyber attacks. . On november 16, 2015, nato responded to the terrorist attacks in Paris. It called for a unified approach with the european Union, France, and nato.

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Photo: sean Gallup/Getty Images, presentation nato is an alliance of 28 countries bordering the north Atlantic Ocean. Canada, the United States, turkey, and most members of the. Nato is an acronym for the north Atlantic Treaty Organization. The United States contributes three-fourths of nato's budget. During the 2016 presidential campaign, donald Trump said other nato members should contribute more. Trump also accused it of being obsolete. He argued that it focuses on defending Europe against. Russia instead of combating terrorism.

Nato essay
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  4. In How nato adapts, seth Johnston has written a timely and importan t study of critical moments in the Atlantic Alliance s history. Read this full essay on nato. Nato the role of nato has changed drastically over i ts 50-year history. It was first conceived right after the second World. Free essay: nato after the cold War and Changing Role outline. Ato s main functions.

  5. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. The north Atlantic Treaty Organization (nato) is an intergovernmen tal military alliance with headquarters in Brussels, belgium. It is based. After World War ii ended, the threat of communism captured the attention of both n orth America and Western Europe. A military operations group -called the.

  6. Free nato papers, essays, and research papers. Creation of nato the north Atla ntic Treaty Organization (nato) is a regional defense alliance created by the. Nato is an alliance of 28 members that agree to defend its North A tlantic members. Its focus has changed since its formation in 1949. Nato essaysThe north Atlantic Treaty Organization (nato) was born out of the need to strengthen the capacity of a war-devastated Europe in order to defend. North Atlantic Treaty Organization (nato) also called North Atlantic Alliance is.

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