Natural beauty of kerala essay in malayalam

natural beauty of kerala essay in malayalam

Essay on natural beauty of kerala in malayalam

It also has a lot of scriptures. And in some of these vedic scriptures you are actually studying the history and culture of India, just as through the 66 books of the holy bible you are actually studying the culture and history of the jews. Hinduism and Judaism are the sources of all modern religions in the world. Buddhism, sikhism and to some extent jainism and Zoroastrianism were outgrowths from Hinduism. Of course, jainism existed during the period of the rig Veda. Statues of Rishabha, the first Thirthankara and founder of jainism was found in the mohenjadaro and Harappa excavations.

Short essay on natural beauty of india

This flexibility is one of the reasons why vedic culture has continued over so many thousands of years. This is also why many variations of philosophical thought or schools of religion can be viewed as branches or tributaries of the same great river of sanatana-dharma, which is the universal spiritual knowledge and practice that is the essential teachings of the vedic literature. Such spiritual knowledge can be recognized in many forms of religion or their scripture. Because of this, it also means that no one is excluded or excommunicated from the hindu or Vedic philosophy. There are no heretics, but there is room for everyone and respect for all who are practicing its basic principles of spiritual pursuit and understanding. This is also one reason why hindus report generally get along with other religions, though there have been many who have taken unfair advantage of their amiable nature. So vedic culture is not an organized religion like christianity or Islam. It has no single founder. It has no pope. It has no hierarchy, though people do recognize particular spiritual authorities or gurus.

It differs quite a bit from the conventional and western monotheistic religions with which many people are familiar. In other words, it does not claim any one prophet or savior; diary it includes all aspects of God; it does not subscribe to any one philosophy or dogma; it includes various schools of thought and ways of understanding spiritual Truth; it includes a variety. Thus, vedic philosophy is more of a way of living and an outlook on life than a religion. Because of this, hinduism and the path of Vedic culture includes a variety of customs, ideas, and philosophies. It accommodates a wide range of approaches for allowing people to advance and understand our spiritual identity and transcendental Truth. It allows everyone to question the scriptures to increase ones understanding, and recognizes no single person or prophet as having an exclusive claim over the Absolute Truth. Everyone can follow a system of realization to approach God since this is everyones right and destiny.

natural beauty of kerala essay in malayalam

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This is spiritual democracy and freedom from tyranny. The vedic path consists of ten general rules of moral conduct. There are five for inner purity, called the yamas- truthfulness, ahimsa or non-injury to others and treating all beings with respect, no cheating or stealing, celibacy, and no selfish accumulation of resources for ones own purpose. The five rules of conduct for external purification are the niyamas -cleanliness, austerity, perseverance, study of the vedas, and acceptance of the supreme being. There are also ten qualities that are the basis of dharmic (righteous) life. These are dhriti (firmness or fortitude kshama (forgiveness dama (self-control asteya (refraining from stealing or dishonesty shauch (purity indriya nigraha (control over the senses dhih (intellect vidya (knowledge satyam (truth) and akrodhah (absence of anger). A more elaborate explanation of various dates points of the vedic tradition or Hinduism can be given as follows: what is vedic culture / hinduism when it comes to vedic culture, more popularly known as Hinduism, many people find it difficult or impossible to define.

The soul undergoes this karma in the rounds of reincarnation. The soul incarnates through different forms (called samsara or reincarnation) until it reaches liberation ( moksha ) from the repetition of birth and death, and attains its natural position in the spiritual domain. Vedic path is based on regaining our natural spiritual identity. It has a complete library of ancient texts, known as the vedic literature, that explain these truths and the reasons for the tradition. This, vedic literature is considered to be non-ordinary books that are the basis of the vedic system. Some of these have been given or spoken by god, and others were composed by sages in their deepest super conscious state in which they were able to give revelations of Universal Truths while in meditation on the supreme. The, vedic path offers personal freedom for one to make his own choice of how he or she wants to pursue their spiritual approach, and what level of the Absolute Truth he or she wishes to understand.

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natural beauty of kerala essay in malayalam

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Written and assembled from sources by Stephen Knapp. This is a short description of the basics of Vedic culture and its philosophy. Many people do not know quite what it is, and it is often described incorrectly by many who are not a part. However, it is not as mysterious or complex as it is often portrayed. So here in the next few pages you can get a quick review and understanding of what. First of all, to describe it in brief, we can begin by saying that:. The, vedic Tradition or Hinduism is more than a religion, but a way of life, a complete philosophy.

It is based on Universal Spiritual Truths which can be applied to anyone at anytime. It is called Sanatana-Dharma, the eternal nature of the soul. It recognizes that there is one supreme being with no beginning or end, the all in all, the unlimited Absolute Truth, which can expand into many forms. That, supreme being is found in the spiritual realm but also lives in the heart of all living beings. The, vedic tradition recognizes that the individual soul smoking is eternal, beyond the limitations of the body, and that one soul is no different than another. The soul undergoes its own karma, the law of cause and effect, by which each person creates his own destiny based on his thought, words and deeds.

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natural beauty of kerala essay in malayalam

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Natural beauty of kerala essay in malayalam
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  3. Sinhala, tamil, sinhala, botany, ethnobotany, etymology, computer science sinhala glossary links to place names, old and new maps, philological, historical and sociological notes, links to news and events. Fresh Hand-Picked Links Served daily : Sports, girls, humor, media, motors, gadgets, Grub, and Travel).

  4. This is a short description of the basics of, vedic culture and its philosophy. Gallery of, books And toys courtesy Arvind Gupta the toy maker. Have fun and learn through toys and books. Page by samir Dhurde. Sri lanka plant names.

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