Reasons against abortion essay

reasons against abortion essay

Reasons, against, abortion, essay

Any conscientious priest in the catholic Church should consider openly declaring dissatisfaction with the vatican's anti-human and anti-equality policies. Mother Theresa, one of the other "good guys" who has rabidly opposed condoms, spent millions flying to and fro in Europe and the usa on political campaigns against contraceptives. The catholic Church, with all its money, could turn itself into a force for good and squarely put the dark ages behind itself, but, riddled with superstition and religious inhibitions, it is still a dangerous and dysfunctional failure, crippled by delusions about the real world. The Absolute Truth until 1930: All Birth Control Methods are Wrong The catholic Church has heavily opposed all forms of birth control for all of known history. The current document is Pope paul vi's Humanae vitae (1968) 21, reflecting the opinion of Pope piux xi in 1930 that the catholic Church teaches absolute truth as passed down 'uninterruptedly from the beginning'. Between 18 there were twelve separate condemnations of contraception issued by the catholic Church's Sacred Penitentiary. One thing is clear: For much of its history, the catholic Church has strongly opposed contraception. In particular, it has opposed any method that intentionally prevents childbirth between a married man and woman.

Arguments against abortion essay

In conclusion: Condoms excel at preventing sexually transmitted diseases, and, educating people about safe sex and condom use does not lead to increased promiscuity. Abstinence-only education does not work and has led to increased rates of teenage pregnancy and stds. The catholic Church's Eternal and Absolute Truth The Abrahamic religions, judaism, Christianity and Islam, embody a wide range of opinions and practices on contraception. In the 1920s, most Christian denominations, including both Protestants and Catholics, were against birth control and contraception. According to a catholic website, "At its 1930 Lambeth Conference, the Anglican church, swayed by growing social dissertation pressure, announced that contraception would be allowed in some circumstances. Soon the Anglican church completely caved in, allowing contraception across the board. Since then, all other Protestant denominations have followed suit". In modern times it is the catholic church that is most famously and strongly against the use of contraceptives, even for the use of disease prevention. But whilst the official doctrine as deals propounded from the pulpit is strict; condemnations of contraceptive use are widely ignored on the ground. Even in Poland, europe 's most Catholic country, "many are openly defying its rulings on contraception and abortion". Hindus are free to employ birth control methods as they see fit.

However in 2009 new data revealed that in the usa at least, abstinence-only education was not only ineffectual, but was actually making things worse: to the surprise of few outside the rarefied world of the religious Right, it has emerged that george w bush's "abstinence. The centres for Disease control (CDC) says that after years of falling rates, teen pregnancies and stds started rising after Bush was re-elected in 2005. According to the cdc, birth rates among teenagers aged 15 or older had been in decline since 1991 but rose sharply in more than half of American states after 2005. The number of teenage girls with syphilis had risen by nearly half after a big decrease, while a 20-year fall diary in the gonorrhea infection rate was being reversed. Aids cases in adolescent boys had nearly doubled. The number of teen pregnancies is double in areas where abstinence is the only method of birth control taught as opposed to areas where there is comprehensive sex education and condoms are handed out. Religious proponents of the "abstinence-only" policies still insist that the reason for the rise is because their policies were not promoted hard enough. The bible-belt is a swathe of southern states in the usa famous for their embrace of tough Christianity. It was here, where abstinence-only programmes are popular, that the cdc reported the highest rates of teenage pregnancy and stds.

reasons against abortion essay

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"Studies have found that abstinence-only sex education programs actually increase the rates of pregnancy and stds in the teenage population". "Kirsten Underhill and her colleagues at the University of Oxford have, over the past few months, been testing it". Their studies involved 16 000 young people in America lined and compared Christian abstinence-only education with no (or low key) education. Pregnancies were as numerous in both groups. Sexually transmitted diseases were as widespread. The number of sexual partners was equally high and unprotected sex just as common. In contrast to the fears of the protagonists of abstinence-only-education, not one of the trials found that teenagers behaved in a riskier fashion in either golf the long or the short term after receiving condom instruction.

(hiv is the virus that causes aids, but, neither survives outside the body so such stories are misinformed, let alone paranoid). Abstinence-Only sex Education Christian mythology asserts that God prefers Homo sapiens (but no other species) to have legal contracts with each other ( marriage ) in order to procreate. Conservative christians often talk about "abstinence-only" education, and in many states in the usa have conducted battles to stop schools from educating children about safe sex. Instead, they teach, that in order to be responsible Christians adults, you have to abstain from sex until marriage. In the us and elsewhere, 'just say no!' campaigns promote sexual abstinence, while unmarried young people with a sexual past are encouraged to become "born-again virgins" through a pledge to refrain from further sexual activity until marriage. However, such programmes have generally been unsuccessful in radically changing sexual behaviour or in reducing rates of hiv/Aids transmission, as health evaluations have demonstrated. But, whether or not abstinence-only works can be tested and studied.

Reasons why abortion should be legal essay

reasons against abortion essay

Reasons why abortion should be illegal essay

More people, more quickly than at any other time in history. Perhaps the biggest change affecting people's lives has little to do, at least directly, with development policy or public spending. People in poor countries are now able to exert more control over their own fertility, and hence over the size of their families. Aside from statistical commentary, it is often individual cases that can educate people about the need, however unfortunate, for abortions to be available at proper medical institutions. Kressel relates a story about an American woman who "now believes abortion rights are an important component of American civil rights and that physicians have a moral obligation to make them available, even if at considerable risk to themselves.

Her change of heart came partly from experiences during her medical training, including one occasion when she had to counsel an eleven-year-old girl. The doctor recalls: 'It soon became obvious that she had no understanding of sex - she didn't really understand that she'd even had it, or that it had any connection to her pregnancy". In the real-world, the moral arguments are strongly in favour of those who defend the right of women and doctors to be able to freely use abortion as one of their possible methods of preventing harm. Anti-condom luxury Pseudoscience condoms are scientifically proven to be superior methods of preventing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and are effective methods of birth control. But, for superstitious reasons, some religions such as the catholic Church and a mixture of other fundamentalist groups have run (and still run) long campaigns against their use. Their ideology not only prevents them from using effective anti-disease contraception, but it causes them to also (a) deny its effectiveness (b) emphasize problems with condoms and (c) actively campaign against others' use of it, and even to the extent of sabotaging the distribution. Catholic agencies in Africa have committed such horrors as instructing all condoms to be stapled (piercing them and Christian leaders are regularly caught teaching that condoms don't work and recently, that Westerners are distributing hiv-ridden condoms that will give their users aids.

It shows that the effects of religious prohibitions against birth control are clear on the international scale. No country that is either less than 40 religious, or has less than a 40 rate of belief in God, has a fertility rate of over.0. Conversely, every country that has a fertility rate of over.0 is over 80 in terms of both belief in God and in the rate at which they say they are religious. On account of all of this, in ". Why i am not a christian " by bertrand Russell (1957) the author takes a moral stance against the Church: I begin with contraception, because here the influence of superstition is particularly noteworthy. If either of the parents has venereal disease, the child is likely to inherit.

If they already have too many children for the family income, there will be poverty, underfeeding, overcrowding, very likely incest. To please the anti-contraception religious types a life of torture is inflicted upon millions of human beings. Merely because it is supposed that sexual intercourse is wicked unless accompanied by desire for offspring. If they had even the smallest spark of love or pity for children they could not adhere to a moral code involving this fiendish cruelty. To be killed suddenly and then eaten, which was the fate of the aztecs' victims, is a far less degree of suffering than is inflicted upon a child born in miserable surroundings and tainted with venereal disease. Yet it is the greater suffering which is deliberately inflicted by bishops and politicians in the name of morality. Simple contraceptive measures such as condoms can be used to prevent long-term suffering and control population growth, but also endows families with shorter term relief from suffering, and it is for these reasons that Bertrand Russell above states that Aztec cannibalism produced less suffering than. The availability of methods to control family size is one of the biggest factors in being able to escape poverty. In the world as a whole, a stunning 135m people escaped dire poverty between.

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The roman Catholic Church is the most notable, powerful and active organisation that lobbies against birth-control wherever it can, internationally. Thankfully most Catholics routinely ignore the Church on this issue, especially in educated and developed golf countries, but there are still plenty of fast-growing countries where the catholic Church is still prospering the old-fashioned way. It took the government of the. Philippines 13 years to force through legislation to allow government-funded contraception and for sex education in schools because of the strength of the opposition of the catholic Church there - in a country where 11 women die of pregnancy-related problems every day. The catholic Church " ferociously " opposed it, warning of moral and social collapse, the destruction of family life, and divine wrath, if it was passed. The bill is considered "a major step toward reducing maternal deaths and promoting family planning in the impoverished country, which has one of Asia's fastest-growing populations. The United Nations said early this year that the bill would help reduce an alarming number of pregnancy-related deaths, prevent life-threatening abortions and slow the spread of aids". The graph to the right can be clicked to view the full size version.

reasons against abortion essay

Religious opposition to abortion, birth control and contraception: Despite the practical necessity of birth control, the benefits of disease prevention, the moral responsibility we have towards the future of our children and the responsibility we have with regards to the stewardship of our planet, many. On the other side of the fence, it is worth knowing that all of the pioneers of contraception were freethinkers 3, 4 (that is, people who are opposed to the influence of organized religion on peopleĀ“s opinions and beliefs). Why have religions determined to prevent family planning? The answer is in a kind of survival of the fittest amongst religions themselves. As most religious people simply abide by the religion of their parents 5, religions that encourage parents to have more children will attain a stronger and longer-lasting base of adherents. Barber (2011) notes that religions promote fertility by encouraging marriage essay at a much earlier age than amongst the non-religious. Bearing this out is Catholicism, which has an infamously strict suite of dogmas that forbid all kinds of birth control.

innocent. Babies are frequently infected with the diseases of the parents; in this way, the prevention of disease with contraception is vital because once women in a local area are infected with a disease, children will also be directly infected. In the case of incurable diseases, such an event can lead to unsurmountable suffering. Such a terrible state of affairs is prevented by the correct use of contraceptives such as condoms. The number of women with unmet needs for contraception in the developing world is still increasing - between 20 the figure rose from 153 million to 162 million. Those 69 countries are the ones that are least able to support growing populations. Some of the religious traditions have presented recurring obstacles to open discussion of certain kinds of birth control at un population conferences. These religious groups are associated largely with Islam, roman Catholicism, and evangelical Christianity.

A recent study showed that if all births were spaced at least two years apart, the number of deaths among children younger than five would decline. The number would decline by 25 if there were a three-year gap between births ". Making birth control accessible to all is a moral requirement for anyone who has the power to help. It is inconsistent, for example, to say that contraception and abortion is "murder" whilst ignoring the fact that poverty and overpopulation are far bigger killers. Aside from population control, " the health benefits of contraceptive use are substantial. Contraceptives prevent unintended pregnancies, reduce the number of abortions, and lower the incidence of death and disability related to complications of pregnancy and childbirth ". The numbers of abortions that are prevented by contraception is staggering. A guttmacher Institute report on the developing world predicts that " in 2012, use of modern contraceptives in the developing world will prevent 218 paper million unintended pregnancies, which, in turn, will avert 55 million unplanned births, 138 million abortions (40 million of them unsafe. It will also prevent an estimated.1 million neonatal deaths (those within 28 days of birth) and 700,000 postneonatal infant deaths (those from 28 days to one year of age) ".

Abortion should be illegal argument essay

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Reasons against abortion essay
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  4. The conventional wisdom about nifla cerra, a legal challenge to californias regulation of crisis pregnancy centers, is that it isnt actually an abortion case. The graph to the right can be clicked to view the full size version. It shows that the effects of religious prohibitions against birth control are clear on the international scale. 176 Snyder feminist political. In other words, third-wave feminism rejects grand nar-ratives for a feminism that operates as a hermeneutics of critique within. Re possible reasons for passivism: my personal one is that I had tried activism a few times over the years, and it backfired in various traumatic and unexpected ways, even though my words and actions were indistinguishable (to me) from those taken by other, much.

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