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response to proposal

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Media enquiries: please contact coast Communications Website.  ap photo/Massoud Hossaini, moscow, september. Nato has not responded to the proposal of the collective security Treaty Organization (csto) on cooperation in the fight against terrorism in Afghanistan, csto secretary general nikolai bordyuzha told reporters on tuesday. "We have proposed to nato to develop cooperation in the fight against terrorism in Afghanistan and against the terrorist threat to other countries emanating from. Our proposal (to nato) was as follows: you act there, inside the country, and well defend the border. Weve got no response from nato the csto secretary general said. Show more, in other media.

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We really don't know about their work and donts their activities. So i can't say much about them, nazrul Islam said. Independent estimates have put the number of underground Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh at around.5 million. They have arrived in Bangladesh after allegedly fleeing what has been described as textbook ethnic cleansing in neighboring myanmar. Refugees in Bangladesh are mostly stranded in the southern areas of Shah Puri Dwip, sabrang, Shamlapur and Coxs bazar. The government of Bangladesh also runs huge camps in Kutupalong and Balukhali. Media reports emanating from Bangladesh suggest refugees who are not lucky enough to get space in government camps are living along the sides of roads, in mosques, in forests, and in plastic huts. Adept response to Proposal to Amend Legislation Relating to combined Authorities and Economic Prosperity boards adept. Skip to main content, accessibility, adept response to Proposal to Amend Legislation Relating to combined Authorities and Economic Prosperity boards. Category: Consultations, date:, adept response to Proposal to Amend Legislation Relating to combined Authorities and Economic Prosperity boards.

We can only expect that persecution will not be repeated. This time the whole world is against such persecution. The entire international community is against the atrocities committed by about Burma. I think that it should not happen again. Meanwhile, bangladesh has denied having any significant information about the Arakan Rohingya salvation Army (arsa) which is reportedly fighting an armed war against the myanmar military. Myanmar has accused arsa of using Bangladeshi soil to carry out insurgent activities. We have heard about arsa only recently.

response to proposal

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The myanmar Deputy minister said that they will examine the modality given by our side. And we are waiting for Myanmars response, he added. The bangladeshi bureaucrat was hopeful that all the rohingya refugees would eventually go back to Myanmar although he agreed that identifying refugees was a major challenge for the bangladeshi government. Bangladesh expects myanmar to repatriate all the rohingya refugees who have arrived in Bangladesh. Rohingyas who came here do not have an identity card. How can they prove barbing whether they are indeed citizens of Rakhine? From our side, we are making a registration of all foreigners who arrive in Bangladesh illegally, nazrul Islam said. On the safety of the rohingyas after their repatriation, he said, It is very difficult to say.

A wide variety of summary statistics have been publicly available without click-through agreements for many years, including Exac and gnomad, and no harm of any kind has ever been done to any participant whose data is aggregated in those summary statistics in that time. I urge the nih to modify this proposal, and to designate summary statistics as open access, with the exception of communities and populations who believe that they are especially vulnerable to harm from possible reidentification. Bangladesh has proposed a plan for peaceful repatriation of Rohingya refugees but says it is not sure whether they will be persecuted again once they reach myanmar. New Delhi (Sputnik) — bangladesh is awaiting myanmars response to its proposal on the peaceful repatriation of Rohingya refugees to Myanmar. Deputy Press Secretary to Prime minister of Bangladesh nazrul Islam, in an exclusive interview with Sputnik, said that though Bangladesh has made the proposal in earnest, myanmar government has not displayed any seriousness on the issue so far. Officially bangladesh has offered the proposal of repatriation. But whether they are really serious in repatriation or just buying or killing time, it will be clear after some time, nazrul Islam said. Bangladesh has outlined a concrete modality on how their citizens will be repatriated to their country.

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response to proposal

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Instead, we suggest that the nih require clear wording about the responsible use of media aggregate data (such as avoiding reidentification) on all websites sharing aggregate genetic data, perhaps with a link on every page, but with no click-through barrier. This would provide a reasonable balance between serving the needs of the research community and protecting the public trust. A request for gnomad users and supporters. For any member of the ExAC/gnomAD community who agrees that the public sharing of summary statistics is both harmless to participants and of great benefit to science, we urge you to read hood the new policy proposal here, and to respond to the nihs Request for. Feel free to edit or use the text below: i am writing as an avid user of the Exac and gnomAD databases.

Please provide a brief description of your use of these resources and their benefits to your research. I believe that the new Proposal to Update data management of Genomic Summary results Under the nih genomic Data Sharing Policy is a step in the right direction there is no evidence that controlled-access of summary statistics prevents any harm to participants, and the open. However, i am concerned about the proposal to create a new rapid-access category for summary statistics that would require the use of click-through agreements. These agreements make it difficult to reuse summary statistics and to access data programmatically. Most importantly, there is no evidence that they prevent harm to participants.

Most implementations of click-through agreements will prevent or greatly complicate any form of programmatic access. There are possible technical workarounds, but all of them result in some kind of barrier to programmatic access. Probably the single biggest obstacle created by click-through agreements is that they prevent or substantially complicate data re-use. Right now anyone can download the complete list of frequencies from gnomad and load it up in another website, or use it to build other useful web services (the complete ExAC data set has been downloaded thousands of times). With any kind of click-through agreement they either couldnt do that at all, or would have to incorporate the same agreement in their usage policy, which may be incompatible with their proposed usage. Most importantly, click-through agreements do nothing to prevent the types of usage that are most likely to be harmful.

It is worth noting that Exac and gnomAD have existed on the web for almost 3 years and been accessed more than 10 million times without us being aware of a single incident that has any risk of harming participants. The vast majority of users are simply interested in using the data in their research. The theoretical bad actor who is interested in malicious usage is extremely unlikely to be dissuaded by a click-through agreement, nor does the click-through agreement offer any real after-the-fact protection if a malicious actor decides to do harm. In summary, click-through agreements will degrade or destroy programmatic access and data reuse, without having any meaningful effect on participant safety. Any policy that advocates for click-through agreements as a solution should spell out explicitly exactly what types of misuse the click-through will prevent, and should justify the barriers to data usage that would result. We believe it would be a mistake to incorporate click-through agreements into any nih-wide policy.

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However, we are still very concerned by one aspect of the new Genomic Summary results Data Sharing Policy the creation of a new tier of access, rapid-access, which requires a click-through agreement to gain access to summary statistics. These daddy concerns can be summarized as follows: (1) Click-throughs make programmatic access to data-sets challenging; (2) they greatly complicate or prevent multiple important types of re-use of the data; and (3) they are highly unlikely to deter anyone with genuine malicious intent. Overall, our position is that click-through agreements are a security fig leaf that gives the impression of extra protection, but actually do no good and can do non-trivial harm. And we would like to emphasize that Exac and gnomad, along with other aggregate data sharing sites such as the Exome variant Server, do not and never have biography had click-through agreements, and to the best of our knowledge no harm has ever come to participants. To explain those points in a bit more detail: It is critical for summary statistic resources such as gnomAD that we allow access through programmatic interfaces (APIs) so that people can query them using software (e.g. Pull out just a targeted slice of the data) and perform automated queries (e.g. Pull out the frequency of a specific variant when a user loads a different web page about that variant).

response to proposal

Our draft response to the request for Comments is below. If you agree with our concern, please consider replying to the request for Comments yourself, using the template text at the end of this post if useful. Draft response to request for Comments. We would like to applaud the nih for moving in the right direction with its new. Proposal to Update data management of Genomic Summary results Under the nih genomic Data Sharing Policy. The rapid and open sharing of summary statistics from aggregate genomic data brings tremendous benefit to the scientific community, and the potential harms of such sharing are largely theoretical. Our own experience with the Exac and gnomAD public variant essay frequency databases has shown that the benefits to academic, clinical and pharmaceutical scientists from sharing of aggregate data are substantial: The browsers have had over 10 million page views by over 200,000 unique users from. Even greater value will arise as a result of broader sharing of aggregate statistics as empowered by the new policy.

Custom Proposal Writing, if you're a government contractor, we can also ensure your government contract Request for Proposal bid response has the best opporutnity to get noticed, reviewed, and accepted. This is our primary mission and highest priority! The rfp firm provides proposal writing and government contract consulting services to federal contractors and vendors across the country including Alaska, arizona, arkansas, california, colorado, chicago, connecticut, delaware, florida, georgia, hawaii, illinois, Indiana, kansas, louisiana, maine, maryland, massachusetts, michigan, minnesota, mississippi, missouri, montana, nebraska, nevada. Executive summary: the nih is seeking comments on a new proposed policy on genomic data sharing. While there is much to like about the new policy, we are very concerned about the proposed requirement for a click-through agreement on all aggregate genomic resources (which would include heavily-used databases such as Exac and gnomAD).

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This document (EPC467-10) details the amendments suggested by the european payments yardage council to the european Commission's proposal for a regulation of the european Parliament and of the council establishing technical requirements for credit transfers and direct debits in euros and amending Regulation (EC) no 924/2009. Version.0 of the response to the proposal was published in February 2011. Version.0 of this response is published in March 2011. Following further evaluation of the possible implications of the proposal on the direct Debit business model, the Plenary at its meeting on opted the position that article 6 (and related articles and recitals) should be removed from the proposal, and that the 'november 2012' date. Click here to edit contents of this page. Click here to toggle editing of individual sections of the page (if possible). Watch headings for an "edit" link when available. Append content without editing the whole page source.

Response to proposal
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  4. Response to, proposal to, amend Legislation Relating to combined Authorities and Economic Prosperity boards. New Delhi (Sputnik) — bangladesh is awaiting myanmars response to its proposal on the peaceful repatriation of Rohingya refugees to myanmar. Our draft response to the request for Comments. We would like to applaud the nih for moving in the right direction with its new. Proposal to, update data.

  5. An update - epc. Response to the, proposal for a sepa regulation. This document (EPC467-10) details the amendments suggested by the european payments. Recently, legislation has been proposed in various places which would make discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation illegal. Nato gives no response to, csto proposal on anti-terror cooperation in Afghanistan. Security situation in Afghanistan deteriorating — russian nato.

  6. A response to proposal letter is a document written in reply to any proposal. The firm which has been approached with an offer must write back to the. Unfold Re: Documents - response to proposal by laura cull, 07:01. Patriot Box Office media player (PBO). In addition, when you submit a response to a government Request for, proposal, you must have more than just technical writing ability to stand a chance.

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