Snow day essay

snow day essay

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Check with the help Desk at (860) for current hours. Student Activities The Student Activities Office brings fun, enrichment and involvement to the MxCC campus! The office works with the Student Senate, campus clubs and organizations to assist in the administration and planning of co-curricular activities designed to enhance the classroom experience and to provide opportunities for student leadership development. Student Retention Services This service assists students who need one-on-one attention while enrolled at the college and those struggling with issues that could interfere with their attendance and/or progress at the college. Support for Students with Disabilities MxCC students who may require special accommodations should contact the Office of Disability support Services at (860) 343-5879. Students are also encouraged to disclose their disability to the dean of learning and Student development at (860) upon notification of admission to the college, so that our support staff is able to provide appropriate assistance. Off-Campus Resources Mxcc presentation is fortunate to be located in towns that provide exceptional community services. . Please feel free to contact any service for support you may need. . we are happy to make the first call for you, if necessary.

snow day essay

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Students interested in applying for veterans benefits should contact the records Office at (860)343-5724. Mxcc academic Success Center The Academic Success Center provides academic support including free one-on-one tutoring, or group tutoring, a library of academic and assignment skill-building resources, and placement testing. We also help students set up an account for free, 24-hour online tutoring in math, writing, accounting, biology, chemistry, and anatomy and physiology, through utoring. This service also will review student papers (usually returned within 24 hours) during the fall and spring semesters. Our computers with various applications are available for student use during our regular office hours. Visit us in Chapman Hall, room 711 on the middletown campus, (860) ; or, in the Administration Offices on the meriden campus, (203) 608-3050. Mxcc computer Labs The Mxcc computer Labs are located in Wheaton Hall, room 305, Snow Hall, room 412, and jean Burr Smith Library on the middletown campus, and in rooms 217 b c at MxCC@Platt. . These labs are available to any student who has an active netid and password, and provide access to current versions of software that are used in courses taught at the college including word processing, graphic design, multimedia, programming, accounting, and computer aided drafting (scanners are.

Mxcc foundation Scholarships are given out each spring. Eligible students must apply to be considered. To view the scholarships applications and get more information please visit the foundations website. . The application form lists criteria and required materials that must accompany a completed application. Jean Burr Smith Library welcome to the Mxcc library military and Veterans Support The veterans oasis center is located in Chapman Hall, room. It is open Monday-thursday.m.-8p.m., Friday.m.-4:30p.m., and Saturday.m.-1:30p.m. For additional information please contact, peter Galgano at (860)343-5797.

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snow day essay

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This is a huge resource for students! (you can find out who your advisor is by logging on to your myCommNet account. Once logged on click on Banner Self-Service student Records view student information select the term Spring 2016 only Scroll down to primary advisor.) Academic Advising week is a time for all students to schedule meetings with their advisor to discuss their progress at Mxcc, career. Sign-up sheets are posted at least one week prior to Advising week. Career development and counseling Center The career development and counseling Center provides comprehensive career, academic, transfer and guidance services for all MxCC students. Professional counselors are available to assist students with wide range of questions and concerns throughout their academic careers. The center is located in founders Hall, room 121.

Click career and Transfer Planning on the MxCC web site to learn more about our services. Students also are encouraged to stop by the office or call (860) to schedule an appointment. Financial Assistance work-Study may be awarded as part of a students financial aid package. The federal and cap work program provides funds for students to be employed while enrolled, at least half-time per semester, in an eligible program of study. Students may gain part-time work experience through employment opportunities at the middletown campus or through Community service Program (off campus). For additional information please contact report the financial Aid Office at (860)343-5741 or visit them in founders Hall, room 132.

  An in-depth resource! Mindtools : Essential skills for an excellent career m : Expert guides on how to study for college Essential tools Student Handbook goal Setting Calculating your gpa the grade point average is a numeric representation of your cumulative performance at MxCC. To calculate your gpa, multiply the grade point for each course, add up all the resulting grade point totals and divide by the total number of credits. For example, in one semester you take five 3-credits courses and receive an a, b, b, c, and. To calculate your semester gpa, multiply each grade point by the number of credits: (A).0 x.0 (B).3 x.9 (B).0 x.0 (C).3 x.9 (C).0 x.0 Total.8 divide the total.8 by 15 credits (total credits for the. Your Syllabus: learn to love it Grade Tracker The Grade Tracker tool allows you to keep track of your grades so you know exactly how you are doing in your classes.

It is also a way to help you be proactive and reach out for help when you receive a poor grade. There are many ways to reach out for help at Mxcc a few would be setting up a meeting with your professor, using our free tutoring or meeting with our retention specialist. Blank Grade Tracker Sample Grade Tracker Online Schedule maker 1 Online Schedule maker 2 Semester @ a glance calendar This time management tool allows you to see the whole semester. Students input their syllabus/work assignments for each class and record due dates of all assignments. This allows you to see the big picture and plan ahead. Blank semester at a glance worksheet (Spring 2018) Sample semester Glance Study habits Tips For Catching Up How to e-mail your Professor Support at Mxcc academic Advising at Mxcc get to know your advisor! All MxCC students are assigned a faculty advisor who helps students make an Academic Plan of the best course selections for his or her degree. .

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Categories include: Handling the workload, Choosing your Academic barbing Path, Interacting with Professors, overcoming Challenges Along the way, Finding Balance. Not being as productive as you can be? give yourself a tune-up. Assess your Study skills: m, a great tool! Easy to Use. Extremely useful. The eisenhower Matrix Important/ Urgent Time management tool m business pdf students: Business Degree guide college resource has study resources with video instruction, over 80 video lectures on leadership, fundraising, sales more, (very cool) business books for students and an updated ranking of online business schools.

snow day essay

Recommended Resources, check out the m website. Thomas Frank has amazing videos, podcasts, blog posts, tools and resources to help college students! Read his free book, 10 Steps to earning Awesome Grades (while studying less). The cig knows the best apps to use gym too! For helpful study guides and tips, click here and here. For Subject Specific Study sites, click here. M, a broad set of college life categories of short articles. For example: Should i be withdrawing from a class? Article topics you cant easily find elsewhere.

me an advisee, i remember you said that at Orientation; I wish I had listened. a continuing student, thank you so much for all your help, your kind words and encouragement, and most of all, for listening. Thank you for all your help this semester and believing. Thanks so much for helping me with this process.  you were of great help and made this whole process a lot easier to understand and go through.  I cant thank you enough. an MxCC graduate, judy mazgulski. To make an appointment, please contact: Judy mazgulski, retention Specialist, phone:, email: Office location: founders Hall, room 131.

Students who have used my services say. I was having personal issues that were affecting my academics. The retention business Specialist provided me with some referrals in my community that helped get my life back on track. Now Im doing much better in college. returning MxCC student, the retention Specialist provided me with tools that helped improve my time management skills. Being a single mom, working and going to school doesnt seem as overwhelming. returning adult MxCC student, after my first semester of failing, i convinced myself that I didnt need to speak with any counselors and certainly not a retention Specialist; I could find academic success on my own. . Little did i know, thats exactly what I needed, support. .

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Are you, concerned about your academic progress? Having difficulty in fuller any of your classes? In need of assistance with study skills (note taking, memory, reading, test taking)? Facing personal issues that are affecting your academics? Finding it hard to balance school, work and personal life? Struggling with getting it all done (time management)? Unsure of what to major in? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then, come visit the Mxcc student Retention Services office! I am here to help all MxCC students start and continue their college career on the right path and to offer support along the way. .

Snow day essay
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  5. Snow wrote a letter to her son. For those of you who dont know who she is, aurora. Snow is a retired (aged out).

  6. Are you concerned about your academic progress? Having difficulty in any of your classes? In need of assistance with study skills (note taking, memory, reading, test. Learning how to write a persuasive essay is an essential skill that people use every day in fields from business to law to media and entertainment. Back in 2013, aurora.

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