Standard business plan pdf

standard business plan pdf

Piggery farming Business Plan (pdf ) In Nigeria

This is a conservative estimate, using the lower price offered by super Cut Ltd, the fact that some fish might weigh less than others and the fact that some fish might not be suitable for sale. This comes down to a yearly revenue of approx. The yearly costs consist of the rent of the land at 242 a year (even though we would pay for the first two years of rent the monthly salary of the supervisor on site at, the maintenance costs (including fish feed) of, miscellaneous and unforeseen. The total yearly costs will thus be 7142, which results in a yearly profit of 30,935. Long-term plan A second fish farm In anticipation of growth, a quarter acre of land was rented to allow for enough room to build a second fish farm. Furthermore, the start up costs of this would be significantly lower. Electrical installation, land, bore hole and water tank will all have already been paid for. Ideally a second fish farm would be up and running in June 2016, allowing Redhill Baraka school to benefit from four harvests of fish per year.

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All the costs shown here are final estimates, as given to us by our Kenyan partners. As can be seen, synonym the total costs of getting the first pond up and running will.148. These costs include, apart from the much needed building materials, the payment of the rent of the plot of land on which the fish farm is situated for the first two years, the payment of the loan of the guardian for the first nine months. Revenue and Profit The most important part is of course the eventual profit that will be made by this fish farm. Our Fish farm would produce about 5800 full grown Tilapia filets every half year (that is because on average 200 out of the 6000 fish will not be suitable for sale). For the sale of the fish, we have made an arrangement with the urban butchery super Cut Ltd., who are willing to buy our fish at 280 ksh paper per kilo. However, we are also looking into the possibility of selling the fish to local fishmongers in Eldoret itself, what would increase the selling price even more. When the tilapia fish are full-grown, they weigh about 1-1,5 kilos each. Taking an average weight of 1,25 kg, this would come down to a revenue of approx. 2,030,000 ksh per half year, or 4,060,000 ksh per year.

Additionally, aquaspark, a global aquaculture investment fund based in Utrecht7hj, is advising project fish farm. In the timeline, the fish farm will be fully functional by july 2015. The aim is to have two harvests of 6000 fish each per year, with the first harvest in January 2016. Tilapia legs grows to their full size, between one and one and a half kilograms in approximately 6 months. The first harvest would therefore be in January 2016. Action and Marketing Plan Start up Costs we, as Enactus University college Utrecht, will supply the redhill Baraka school with the financial means to set up the fish farm in the first place. In the table below, you can find the breakdown of all these costs.

standard business plan pdf

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Future Plans The next steps shall be the list excavation of fish farm pond that shall be 8 by 21 meters, which shall have a depth of 3 meters in the deep-end and a shallow-end.5 meters. Excavation shall be performed through voluntary manual labor. A greenhouse to further stabilize temperatures shall cover the fish tank. A borehole will need to be drilled and a water tank shall be installed; this will be the source of water for the fish farm. Fortunately, lazarus has a good working relation with Jambo fish Farm (Nairobi an expert business focused on fish farming in Africa, and through them aeration filters, greenhouse materials, and other necessary equipment shall be purchased. The project shall not be involved in breeding fish, as this would incur to many start up costs, rather juvenile fish shall be bought and developed. Initial stocks of juvenile fish, as well as fish feed shall also be purchased from Jambo. The juvenile fish will be transported from nairobi to Eldoret using the school bus, whereas the fish feed, which shall be bought in bulk every two weeks, shall be transported on shuttles (a transport system used to transport goods in Kenya) from nairobi to Eldoret.

After re-evaluating, a decision was made to build the fish farm, on a quarter acre plot in Eldoret, west Kenya. Eldoret is currently the fastest growing urban center in Kenya and the fifth largest city in the country. Re-locating the fish farm to Eldoret was a strategic move, which significantly cut costs of rent, as well as Eldoret having a suitable temperature for growth of tilapia. In the model, the fish farm project should be up and running around June/July. Having recently invested 2500, land has been rented and fenced off. An employee, kalistas, with previous experience in fish farming, has been hired and placed on site, where he shall continue with preparations of the startup of the farm. Here a house and toilet have also been built to accommodate him, as he shall be working here fulltime. Through the help of a government initiative; a rural electrification program, there has been power installation.

Free, poultry farming Business Plan

standard business plan pdf

Sample fish Farming, business Plan

The startup capital that is needed for this fish farming business to start is a total sum of 550,000, which will be sourced from various sources. Sample 2 Free sample business Plan in Fish Farming: Fish Farming Business Plan Template Executive summary commercial fish farming business plan free download sample Enactus is an international student run non-profit organization focused on improving the statement quality of life and living standards for those. With the aid of academic advisors and business experts students aim to design sustainable projects for target groups, focused on empowering and improving their lives. Integrated fish farm business plan In contrast to other forms of humanitarian organisations, Enactus aims to empower the target communities through the use of social entrepreneurship. Guided by academic advisors and business experts students of Enactus design a business approach which will provide the target groups with the necessary skills and resources for self-sufficiency. We, at University college Utrecht, are one of the 17 Enactus teams based in the netherlands. We are part of the fish Farm Project, a project focused on building house a fishfarm for Red Hill Baraka school to generate income to fund scholarships for orphaned and needy children.

Fish farm Business Plan Recently the school has started fish-farming tilapia, to feed the children at school. This led to the idea that fish farming could be used to help the school less reliant on sponsorship. If the fish farm could be expanded to a larger scale it would be able to be turned into a business which should be able to generate profit that would enable the school to become more self-sufficient. This is where Enactus ucu came. Through personal connections a board member came into contact with lazarus and proposed a project wherein Enactus ucu would design a recirculating tilapia fish farm business plan and help raise funds to make fish farming a sustainable source of income for the school. Design and development Current Situation Initially the plan was to build the plan was to build a fish farm on the compound of the school, this was however was not possible.

We will create a website for our fish farming business, and take advantage of the internet and social media platforms such as Facebook in promoting our business. We will create special promo and loyalty programmes to build a good customer base. Sales forecast below is the sales forecast for our fish farming business for the next three years: year One 280,000 year Two 560,000 year Three 850,000 This sales forecast is a calculated estimate which is only based on some reliable sources. Financial plan source of Startup Capital A total sum of 550,000 is what we will require to start up our fish farming business in Arizona. This startup capital will be used properly to get all the needed equipment and resources in place to get started with our fish farming business. The startup capital will be sourced from our savings in the bank, from my extended family and from my trusted friends.

We have been able to come up with 200,000, which we hope to raise to 250,000 as part of our contributions. 200,000 will be borrowed from my extended family, while the final 100,000 will be borrowed from both of my close friends, teague and louis. Conclusion this business plan is a fish farming business plan. It bears the business title holly family farms Ltd. The fish farming business will be owned by the james Hamilton family. It will be located at a very large plot located in inner city, arizona, united States.

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Market analysis market Trend One notable trend in the industry is the fact that fish farmers and health experts leverage on the health benefits of fish and sea foods in promoting the fish farming business and products. Fish is not only a very great source of protein, but also a very healthy source of fats and omega fatty acids. Target Market Our target market encompasses the following groups of people: Consumers Industries Distributors Agriculture merchants. Sales and marketing strategy in the course of running our fish farming business, we entry have been able to hire experts who will provide their services in setting out fine fish sales and marketing strategies to help us beat the competition and always stay ahead. We have been able to come up with the following strategies to promote our fish farming business : we will ensure to first introduce our fish farming business to prospective customers in the whole of Arizona. We will do this by handing out our business fliers and encouraging our friends and family to make use of word of mouth to help us promote our business. We will place adverts on business magazines, local newspapers, and radio and television stations in Arizona.

standard business plan pdf

Mission statement our fish farming business will be a standard fish farm which will be focused on providing quality products and services, that cannot be found anywhere else, to customers. We will be solely focused on providing nothing short of the best of our products a variety of species to our customers wherever they are in the United States. Our products and services will be distinct from the usual ones customers get from other fish farms. Business structure holly fish and sea foods Ltd is a fish farming business that will be a private owned business. We have established the structure of the business in such a way as to facilitate our business growth and success. The fish farming business will be owned by the james Hamilton Family. The business will first be run and operated by Mr and Mrs James Hamilton within the first five years, after biography which, more employees will be employed to handle the business as it continues to expand. In view of the above, we will hire employees to take up the following positions: Fish and sea food Farm Manager. Cashier / Accountant Sales Executives field Employees.

sum of 550,000 will be needed to startup our fish farming business. Our products and services holly fish and sea foods Ltd is a fish farming business that will put everything in place for the raising of fish and the sales of sea foods to consumers all over Arizona and the United States. In the course of running our fish farming business, we will focus on the following: Growing and selling of finfish such as catfish, tilapia, trout, etc. Growing and selling of ornamental fish such as goldfish. Growing and selling of shellfish such as oysters, shrimp, mollusc, clams, etc. Vision statement our vision in the fish farming industry is to establish a business which will become reputed as the number one leading fish farming business in Arizona, and among the top five (5) leading fish farming brands in the whole of the United States. We have set out some business objectives which we hope to accomplish as best as possible: to provide shipping services to our customers at affordable fees. To report more than 15,000 in sales every month. To sustain an inventory revenue ratio of six.

See: how to starait shop. Let us begin with the fish farming business plan. Business, nAME: Holly fish and sea foods Ltd. Table of Content, executive summary, our Products and Services. Vision Statement, mission Statement, business Structure market Analysis Sales and Marketing Strategy sales Forecast Financial Plan Conclusion sample business plan business foish pond business executive summary holly fish and sea foods Ltd is a duly registered and licensed business that is set to operate in inner. The business is a private owned fish farming business that will be owned and managed by the james Hamilton family. The business will focus on raising various species of fish, and the sales of numerous sea foods such as oysters, shrimp, molluscs, clams, goldfish, etc. In our first five years, we will operate on a medium-scale, after which, we will expand our fish farming business into a much grander scale; providing our products and services to customers all over the United States.

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If you are looking for write a sample fish farming business plan template, here is a business plan for starting a fish farm and free feasibility study example you can download. Are you searching for a business plan sample for your fish farming business? This article presents you with a fish farming business plan sample that you can easily use as a template to write one for your business. Guide: fish feed formulation methods, here is a comprehensive business plan for fish farming. The fish farming business is a very profitable one, yet, it is not very capital-intensive. Basically, fish farming is a subset of the agriculture industry. This business chiefly focuses on the raising of various species of fish, as well as other sea foods.

Standard business plan pdf
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