Ax resume now phone number

ax resume now phone number

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Customer Types: Delicious Emilys Hopes fears Forest Picnic Customer Types diamond Requirements: level 1: keep Em Happy- make sure every customer is happy. Level 2: Not The Ice Creams!- dont let any ice creams melt. Level 3: Flower Story- patrick tells a story to paige. Bubble that appears over Patricks head to have him tell the next part of the story. Level 4: Timing It Well- serve customers within 25 seconds of each other. Level 5: making Lunch- Prepare food for the omalleys.

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Reach for the stars! each star level achieved will increase your profits and rewards! For a complete 3-star service walkthrough, consult our video guide below! Resume where you left off! If you have to leave the game at any point, dont worry! You can continue playing from whichever level you last left off. Simply use the arrow buttons located on the left and right sides of the screen to toggle between levels on the map. You can also hover your cursor on the left or right sides of the screen to move the map this way. Bonuses you can earn extra point bonuses by: movie serving complete orders collecting payment from multiple customers at once serving several orders in a single trip serving customers quickly completing the mini-challenge within a level finding the mouse upgrading your restaurant and/or placing special items. But when paige starts to show signs of a mysterious sickness, the family begins to worry.

Serving counter customers can improve the patience of other counter customers! If you have multiple customers standing next to each other at barbing the counter, and one has a flickering heart indicating waning patience, then serving the customer next to them can actually restore their patience temporarily. Try not to let these flickering hearts disappear entirely, because once theyre gone for a counter customer, they wont come back. Its better to serve people which give higher tips before people who give lower tips, and its better to serve counter customers before table customers. Entertainers can always be used to restore the patience of waiting table customers. However, dont wait too long, or you may prevent new customers from being able to sit! Struggling with a particular level or challenge? Try mixing up your menu to increase tips or preparation time as needed.

ax resume now phone number

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Listen for the mice! every time a mouse pops up, you will hear a squeaking sound. If youre not too busy, use these few seconds to seek out the mouse. If you miss them, not to worry: the mouse will pop up several times throughout the day in the same location. Use entertainers to increase customer patience! Especially if a table paper customer is waiting in line to pay for a group, you can use an entertainer on their waiting table to increase the patience of both the table, and the customer waiting in line to pay. A heart needs to be gone completely before it can be restored, so timing can be key here. Dont use an entertainer on a table if its currently at five full hearts. Its better to save them a moment longer to restore patience, or use them somewhere else.

Where possible, accept payment in groups! Its better to accept payment from multiple customers at once than a single customer. However, dont keep them waiting too long: lost patience means lost profits. Its better to check out a very happy customer quickly than to keep them waiting in hopes of a combo. However, if you see a customer which could fulfill this combo already on their way to the register, its usually safe to wait another moment. Keep those tables clean! If a table isnt clean, new customers wont sit down to eat there. Many days will feature a helper which will clean tables for you, so as soon as you see the! Icon, dont hesitate to click.

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ax resume now phone number

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Collect all the presents! Delicious Emilys Hopes and fears Presents. Additional Tips and Tricks, stack your tasks! Its always a good idea to click ahead and start on tasks, even review if your server is still resume busy. This will help keep you on task and use your time more effectively. At the start of each day, use the brief quiet as customers come in to immediately stock any and all items as much as possible.

Continue to stock items during any quiet periods throughout the day. Prepare items in advance! some items require preparation time, and this can slow you down immensely if you dont prepare them until a customer orders them. Prepare anything you can in advance, and use any burn or spill-proof items you unlock to increase your serving effectiveness. Use the cash register to navigate faster! Click on the cash register to move. You can use this tip to stay in a more central location while customers make orders.

Items you prepare will be stored here. Items or tasks which are currently queued will be visible as a transparent icon in one of these tray slots. The size of the serving tray varies per day and restaurant, generally increasing in size as time goes. Some challenges will require you to work with a smaller tray. You may choose to store more complex items that take longer to make on your tray to decrease preparation time later.

If you make a mistake and prepare the wrong item, or would like to remove an item from your tray, simply click on it to cross it off and remove. You may notice a present icon in the upper right corner of your map. Here, you may choose to purchase gifts for paige. Earn diamonds to purchase gifts. Each level and challenge offers one diamond to be earned. Their requirements are outlined in the guide below.

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Some items will increase stock, increase tips, or lessen the time needed to prepare them. Some items may even be burn or spill-proof! Customize your menu as essay needed to aid your service and achieve the highest scores possible. Customer Types, each restaurant features a unique set of customers with varying degrees of patience, order complexity, and tip amounts. These customers are shown at the start of each restaurant in the walkthrough below. Prioritizing which customers should be served in what order is essential to creating and maintaining large score combos. For example: Older customers tend to be much more patient, so if an older customer is thinking while a younger, more impatient one is walking in, theres a good chance you can serve the two together, improving your score. Highest priority should always be set on keeping your highest-tipping customers happy. The serving Tray, in the lower left corner of the screen, you will see the serving tray.

ax resume now phone number

Entertainers restore hearts lost as a customer becomes impatient, and also encourage customers to leave bigger tips. Entertainers can only be used on table customers, though if someone is waiting in line to pay, entertaining their waiting table will increase their patience as well. You will need to purchase the entertainer from your restaurant shop in order to unlock them per restaurant. Each restaurant features a shop in which you can purchase various upgrades and decorations to improve your restaurant. These upgrades can increase customer patience, happiness, tips, food preparation times, and even improve the servers speed! Purchasing these upgrades can help service scores immensely, so be sure to invest where needed. Menu, as you progress through levels, you will unlock new menu items for your restaurant. You will be given the option to make adjustments to your menu before the start of each level. Prerequisites needed to unlock locked items are displayed in the menu.

to be cooked or poured before they can be served. New menu items will be unlocked as you progress through each level. Customize your menu to increase tips, lower preparation time, or even prevent things from spilling! Cleaning, customers who eat at tables will leave their dishes once theyve finished. Bubble will pop up indicating a table needs to be cleaned. If you dont clean your tables in a timely manner, it may cause new customers to leave your restaurant. Many days will feature a dedicated cleaner who will help you with this task. Entertainment, customer patience can be increased by hiring an entertainer and directing them toward a table or customer.

Customer patience is measured in hearts. Happy customers will leave tips, while angry customers may leave altogether. Reach the target amount of points for each day while keeping customers happy to progress. Level Completion, delicious: Emilys Hopes fears features 7 restaurants, 65 levels, and 32 additional challenge levels. Each level can be completed with a one, two, or three star owl ranking depending on your score and profits for the day. Within each level is an additional mini-challenge you may choose to complete. Completing mini-challenges will reward you with additional score boosts, as well as diamonds, which can be traded to purchase gifts for paige. Preparing food, food preparation starts simple and increases in complexity as you progress through the game.

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When paige succumbs to a mysterious illness, patrick embarks in search of a cure. Join Emily and Patrick in the twelfth installment of the delicious franchise as they face Emilys lined Hopes fears. Delicious Emilys Hopes and fears, walkthrough will guide you through all 65 levels, challenge levels, 3-star rankings and mice locations. But dont wait too long; time is ticking. Contents, basic Gameplay, tips, and Tricks. Delicious Emilys Hopes and fears is a time management game in which you must complete restaurant services in order to progress. Each level consists of a single shift during which you must serve customers of various types in order to progress. Take orders, prepare food, serve customers, accept payment, and clean up in a timely manner.

Ax resume now phone number
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