Dark grey wallpaper for walls

dark grey wallpaper for walls

Wallpaper for living room walls

Grey and gold wallpaper, a partly-living wall and a pea green armchair bring the antique to modern day. Grey can make double-height living rooms majestic. A dangling cluster of pendant lights make the most of high ceilings, amongst charcoal curtains and a many-tiled wall. A stacked stone fireplace and fluffy mushroom rug make the space warmer. Pair grey with yellow for a personal touch. This lounge screams through a trio of buttercup pendants, a greco-roman bust, printed canvas of a rapper and modern wooden platform. Grey ensures its not busy with muted Roman blinds and a sofa half in colour.

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Homer peeps from a cushion on a couch in the hue, as grey stretches behind and below the sofa. Relaxed wooden furniture holds pieces in white, allowing room for a sunny yellow panel. Keep it light, bright and shiny. This almost-white living room introduces grey in a comfy corner seater, greyscale photography and zebra-striped cushions. An artistically-lined rug and black square fruit bowl tie the pieces. Grey is perfect for the minimalist living room. This space designs with angles only, bathing a block l-couch and exposed brick wall in grey. Stark monochrome finds in a tv, artwork and chair add drama to form. Grey and metallics are the best of friends. Lit up with firework chandeliers and a designer table lamp, here essay the luxurious Atollo lamp, this room screams luxury with mid-century modern pieces.

A full-length photographic decal meets our gaze beside a simple grey couch, differently-shaded cushions and summary a mottled rug. Black elements in a series of pipe lighting, a standing camera light and marble splashback make its contrasts seem natural. Like your lounge clean and spacious? Keep it tidy with grey inset shelving, a woollen rug and leather L-seater beside exposed brick. A yellow and grey abstract adds creative edge. Create contemporary drama with a living room in grey. The bold contrasts between the almost-black side wall and pendants, the light grey couch and kitchen appears almost monochrome in this design. A deep berry chair and resonating artwork avoid a clash in themes. A yellow accent living room nicely twists grey.

dark grey wallpaper for walls

Floor black dark wall metal scary grey rust wallpaper (70344)

Use grey to accentuate your lounges sense of the unusual. Ceiling-height olive trees stand tall in this two-level design, as brown leather couches catch their fall afront a stencil bookshelf. Grey colours the rug, floor, walls and chairs, creating coolness with a contemporary twist. Grey lets brighter colours shine. This lounges orange chair strikes a pose alongside hints of dusty pink and a rug, marble plinth, walls, blinds and sofa in grey. After living rooms with large wall art? This darker grey room is a lesson in using shades, as its walls stretch seamlessly across light and dark panelling. The painterly canvas finds friends in two bright orange cushions and a stencil coffee table. Monochrome prints are perfect for grey lounges.

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dark grey wallpaper for walls

Grey, wallpaper (68 images)

Draw the eye in with pops of dark grey. This mostly-wooden clad room paints a tv frame, coats an ottoman and offers a seat ramanujar in charcoal colouring. Bursts of white in a matching quilted seat and foot stool match the foreground coffee table. Grey can work with warmer colouring. This autumnal living room creates heat with an olive dark green feature wall and terracotta cushioning, as grey softens the scene with an L-seater couch, woollen rug and tv panel. A roaring fire, wood stack and two Chinese lanterns make it homely. Create a contemporary tribal look using white, green and grey.

Mid-grey walls pair with a circular charcoal art piece, grey-wooden table and stretching hover lamp. A volcanic ash vase holds sprigs of bamboo, as lush green fernery hides behind the sofa. Bring the outside. This concrete living room uses large wall panels and a grey-tiled floor to make noise between two rows of creepers. A simple wooden coffee table boasting a stone corner mingles with grey armchairs and pot plants in this 21st Century scene.

A concrete wall and polished grey floor form a slick backing canvas. Grey works with pops of colour. Paired with many different patterns and shades in pink, the shade covers the base wall, pendant and shelving niche to avoid cluttering. Use grey and a shape as your design staples. With grey colouring an exposed brick wall, rug, walls and couches, rectangles come to the party in an inset fireplace, ceiling leds and one of the longest L-seaters known to man. Grey allows your living room to host more patterns and textures.

This lounge spices it up with a wooden slat wall, quilted rug, smooth book cabinet and painterly canvases. A sprig of orchids to the side adds polish. Let texture be your focal point. Showcasing an abstract artwork at its centre, this lounges grainy wall tiles, suede seating and woollen rug keep more than a hint of the cosy in a room wide and spacious. Check out our living room wall textures post for more focused inspiration. Accent grey furniture with wooden features. This structured living room seats its almost-futon sofas on a wooden floor, its ornaments on wooden shelves and a zigzagging floor lamp against wall-to-ceiling wooden panelling.

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A potted tree in the corner speaks nature. Grey works fabulously as a minimalist shade. This smooth painted wall provides shelving behind a suede l-seater and simple grey rug. A swing arm lamp illuminates a scramble of white cushions and accessories. Go dark for the ultimate in living room class. A carved-in fireplace, led-lit shelving and charcoal leather year couches frame a black pdf velvet rug and acrylic coffee table. Lighter, textured wallpaper in the centre focuses the eye as windowed light streams. Make your bookcase a feature. The stencilled lines of this lounges black shelving hold a multitude of reads, tribal statuettes and vases, as a soft block couch and ball light enhance their enjoyment.

dark grey wallpaper for walls

A turkish rug and floral print add pattern to form. Grey walls need not be languages dark. This light and bright lounge is backgrounded by almost-white tiles, a snug suede l-seater, and pops of pastel in a pink seat and beige print. A multi-jointed lamp to the side stretches beside a paint-splashed table leg. Use many shades of grey. This room combines fingerprint artwork, a grey-tiled floor, corrugated iron wall and marble fireplace to make grey with green creepers look effortlessly sophisticated. Decorating a small space? Grey and white can make it look larger. This attic-roofed interior coats a wall and a half in mid-grey and a floor in splotches, amidst framed prints, photographs and square suede cushions.

items of interest. Go simple yet functional with a lounge in grey. The slick concrete feature wall of this black-and-grey interior is peppered with an artsy staircase, grey l-seater and abstract oval coffee tables. Grey creates space for dominant features. Mis-matching wooden floors, grey couches and muted accessories make way for a large facial abstract on an exposed brick wall. Red-lined shelving and a miniature yacht help tie the artwork. Greys a great base for a modern living room. This decor employs dangling lights to illuminate a grey couch, floor and ottoman with a matching kitchen bench and sprinkles of red and blue.

Effortlessly achieve a cool, up-to-date edge with our forty grey living rooms as your inspiration. Combine grey and green together for a look thats fresh. The tropical leaves and pineapples in this grey and white interior make a splash upon an exposed brick wall, two grey ottomans and two Scandinavian coffee tables built to match. Grey living rooms take on many styles. This light grey number simulates Scandinavia with its six monochrome prints, two square leather chairs and structured, rectangular furniture. A greek column fireplace in the corner adds a touch more character. Check out our 50 Inspirational Scandinavian-Style living rooms post for more interiors in this theme.

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Like architecture interior Design? Need to revamp your living room, but not sure where to start? Pick grey to colour. No longer associated with dungeons, dull office blocks or unpainted walls, grey is a hue perfectly understated, making your furniture look contemporary sans large risks in design. Cut Lego-style stairs into a shaft concrete wall, shredder amidst relaxed L-chairs in the hue. Go fifty shades darker, with charcoal leather couches, led-lit bookcases and a roaring fire all in tone. Brighten it up with light grey walls, framed monochrome prints and a cornered Corinthian column.

Dark grey wallpaper for walls
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  5. No longer associated with dungeons, dull office blocks or unpainted walls, grey is a hue perfectly understated, making your furniture look contemporary sans large risks in design. Wallpaper page where you will find arts and crafts wallpaper designs. Finding the right grey can be just as fraught as finding the right white. If you are looking for a neutral grey, you might like to read this article too. The wait is over. Glittering gongs have been pinned on the past years world-rockingest people, places and very particular things, as we make our cut of the best in class for the.

  6. Home wallpaper from Brewster Home fashions, a manufacturer and distributor of fine wallpaper, wallcoverings, and home d├ęcor products. A selection of gorgeous bedroom designs that use grey as a focal feature. Also includes grey -purple, grey -white and several other color pairings. Need to revamp your living room, but not sure where to start? Pick grey to colour.

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