Essay on likes and dislikes of a teenager

essay on likes and dislikes of a teenager

668 Words, essay on my, likes and Dislikes (free to read)

Many people act like spies. Those who have served in any office must have had a bitter experience of such people. They are known as black-sheep. Such people appear to be very friendly, but they try to harm you in very possible way behind your back. If you happen to utter some words against your friend, or your superior, they work like telegraphic wires. I always avoid the company of such people.

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Even mature and responsible people behave in an essay indiscipline way go to the office, or the railway station, or the cinema hall and you will find men of position behaving in an in disciplined way. They think it an insult to stand in the queue. They pushed others and try to get their work done at earliest. I dislike such in disciplined persons. I am very particular about good manners. So those who are ill-mannered are not liked. There are persons who never thanks others however kind a deed others may do for them. Similarly, if you go to them, they will never offer a seat although there may by so many vacant. They do not address their juniors and sub-ordinates properly. They do not show even ordinary courtesy to others. Such discourteous and ill-mannered people are never tolerated.

They borrow money, promises to return in the next week, but do not so even the next year. Students borrow books from their friends for a day, but do not return them ever after a month. I do not like this remote habit. Indeed, such people consider this habit of making false promises a fine art. They do not think about the loss which they cause to others. I always try to keep such people at an arms length. The problem of indiscipline is not confined to the class rooms or to the school and colleges alone.

essay on likes and dislikes of a teenager

Essay on my, likes and Dislikes, complete, essay for Class

Wherever you go smokes will be there with cigarettes in their mouth. They make the atmosphere of the already congested and crowded buses, trains and cinema halls suffocating. They may not smoke lined outside of the cinema halls but they cannot help smoking as soon as they occupy their seats there. They care neither for the law which prohibits them from smoking at such places nor the displeasure of their neighbors. Some are so obstinate that they do not stop smoking, even if essays they are requested to do so by some non-smoker. I do not simple dislike such people, i heat them. There are people who make promises but do not keep them.

I have seen people who talk in English even to those who know little. They want to impose and show their superiority over others by doing. I consider this habit, mean and objectionable. Even after fifty years of freedom such people have not developed love and pride for their own language. They have slavish mentality. Hence they are the objects of my dislike. Advertisements: Of the various evils of which we have become victims, smoking is one.

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essay on likes and dislikes of a teenager

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Students come to the classes with combs in their pockets. They comb their hair while the professor is lecturing. Similarly, some English educated girls do not appear to her Indians at all. They madly copy the western culture. They waste hours together in dressing their hair and painting their faces with cream, powder, lip-stick, cheek-stick and what not.

Such people, who go beyond their means to satisfy their craze for fashion, are not liked. Moreover, in their lust for fashion, our young men often show a womanish character and they take pride. Such people are dislike. I am not against English literature, or the English language itself. But at the same time i abhor those who talk in English even in their homes.

People differ widely in their nature. Some people are of sweet nature. They are loved by all. Everyone wants to win their friendship. On the other hand, there are people who are ill-tempered. They easily offend others.

Birds of a feather flock together, is an oft"d saying. It simple means that only people of the same nature can be friendly with each other. Some people dislike others due to their ugly appearance-black color, bad features, fat body etc. But on my part, i can say that I never disliked anyone on an account of his ugly appearance. I only dislike those nature is not good and who have a defective character. Thus, i dislike ill-tempered people. Image source: g, fashion is another of my pet aversions. Now-a-days people are becoming more and more fashion-minded. They may not eat well, but they like to put on costly dresses.

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I can forgive kids doing that. They are just being kids and acting their age. But seeing/hearing older teens and adults doing that just touches my nerves o another level. Smacking gum isnt my only pet peeve, chewing with your mouth open also gets on my nerves very bad. Is it okay for people to eat with their mouths open? Is it okay for people to burp out loud? When people are working they should be considerate of other people and not make annoying noises. All in all, just be aware that people around revelation you may not like smacking whether you like it or not. No two men are alike.

essay on likes and dislikes of a teenager

Music is an accessible art that makes a critic out of everyone. Music was my first love and it will most definitely be my last. Without having music as part of my life, i dont know what I would do with myself. Last but not least, i have a pet peeve that I cannot stand when someone does, and that is smacking your gum. As a kid for and until about age 13 I was that person who loved to smack their gum. I loved to loudly pop my gum and blow huge bubbles. I eventually grew out. Now I cant stand to see anybody doing that!

they cant be altered or erased, and music takes me back. I love the way music can help me zone out and refocus. The way it can put me out of touch with my own body, to the point of grace (I can dance like a fool and feel utterly free to look however silly it is I look). I love the way music connects me with closest friends. The words weve never spoken to each other travel over hummed bars of loved tracks. I love music because its never boring, and like art, is subjective and thats what makes it interesting. Sound is more offensive than visual stimuli, which is why i think certain musical artists have such a bad rap, where a painter or sculptor would be off the hook for a bad portrait or likeness.

Life to me means friends and family who you can trust and who trusts you. I am pretty much on the happy side of life, but like all teens I do i have my days. That means I do have some sad days or depressed days. I have a few friends I chill with that sort of look out for me and when i am having a bad day, i also have someone here at school to talk. I make my school days go by thinking of either the next hour or what I will do when I get home or what I will do when the weekend comes around the corner. I mean if you think about it, you wouldnt be a happy person if you didnt live your life like you wanted. Ive set aside time each day to listen statement to music for the last five years. I listen to music so often that when Im not listening to it, i find rhythms in footsteps and doors closing and the sound of traffic. Honestly, music to me is home, a constant.

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Likes/Dislikes or Hobbies There are many things I like to do in this big World of ours. There are also many things I do not like to do or dont care for doing. However, the main thing i enjoy doing most is playing basketball. In my spare time i go outside my house and shoot around or I go to the eastover Recreation Center and play basketball in their gym. Also, i play basketball for Eastover Parks presentation and Recreation during the winter months. I enjoy playing basketball so much because it gives me a way to relieve a lot of my stress and anger. Something unique about me is that i actually enjoy life itself. We will write a custom essay sample. Likes and Dislikes or any similar topic specifically for you.

Essay on likes and dislikes of a teenager
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As for me, i would better spend little more time cooking something, than to damage my health. Need Help Writing an Essay. Neither is there any danger of eventually ingesting some healthy food during Hogsmeade weekends.

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  2. Trees are my best friend essay in marathi. You can do a descriptive essay about my best friend whatever she. Essay likes and dislikes of a person essay for college gre argument essay bill nye biography essay admission essay writing service names what. All in all, when studying abroad is involved with many likes and dislikes. Toefl essay : Some young adults want independence from their parents as soon).

  3. The way it can put me out of touch with my own body, to the point of grace (I can dance like a fool and feel utterly free to look. We all do some kind of a work either to earn our live hood or to make a career. We all have our likes and dislike. What your friend likes and dislike about your city. Important qualities of a good son or daughter small class or large one? Essay on likes and dislikes of a teenager.

  4. Birds of a feather flock together, is an oft"d saying. Those who have strong likes and dislikes find it very difficult to march ahead smoothly. Rad astrology on Twitter: " likes and dislikes of the signs (http. Essay on, my, likes and, dislikes (free to read). Essay thesis religion symbol the road essay essay on likes and dislikes of school everyday use symbolism essay on dead advanced essay writing update.

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