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Often times, it'd be wise to run your giveaway together with other events or promotions such as a blog tour where you can leverage the attention the event is already getting. Promote your giveaway on social media too, or you can always go on giveaway sites to list your book giveaway. Authors Note At The End Of your book its common to include an authors note at the end of your book. It doesnt have to be excessive, though. All you have to do is thank your reader and encourage them to leave a review on Amazon. Youll be surprised by an explicit call to action like this can sometimes be very effective. Try to make your note personal and also, express that you hope your reader has enjoyed this journey with you (see above).

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Does it actually help you sell books? . Short answer is: no, not really. Ever heard of a huge launch where Twitter played a big part in getting downloads? No, i didn't think. But think of social as another piece of the puzzle, every little brick helps in creating your author platform. Some of your readers might want to use this channel to communicate with you, so why not give them the chance? After all, setting up accounts with the different networks is so easy these days. (and so is scheduling posts). Book giveaways Who doesn't love a free good book? Organize an interesting giveaway to get more attention and entice your book summer giveaway winners to return the favor by giving you some feedback.

Check the site's traffic too! You can assignment do this by looking at their Alexa rank, with a lower number being better. Combine this with their social media traffic and shares or comments to see a general estimate of how many people might learn about your book. Don't just pick blogs that are more popular though; just because a website is more popular doesn't mean it can influence its readers as well. It might even be harder to obtain a review from those sites anyway! Last but not least, thank everyone for the time they take to review your book. This isn't only a common courtesy, but an excellent way to keep your contacts! Next time you need to contact them, you'll know that you're on good terms. Social Media publishing gurus have been skeptical about social media lately.

gett reviews

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Provide the blogger with basic information about your book like the title, genre, number of pages, and a short summary. It also helps to tell them if its in print or as an ebook, the publisher and what the release date. As an author, a website helps you a lot too father's biography for various reasons, but send it along as well. Before you send out that email pitch though, make sure you personalize it! Take a look at other books theyve reviewed and be sure they specialize in what youre pitching. Use their name too in order to make it more personal, and if youre an active member of their community, mention that too. Keep track of their turnaround times and reviewing style as well, along with their to be read lists. Take a look at where their reviews are usually posted.

Here's a step-by-step plan to get you on book bloggers' radars. Start small and first make a list of bloggers that match your genre. You can start by looking at the lists created by derek murphy. Click here for fiction and here for non-fiction. Ensure that you follow any submission guidelines and policies given by these book bloggers. You want to stay on their good side after all. When you submit a pitch, talk just a little about who you are and what youre offering for a review. Have you ever submitted a query letter? This is a little bit like that.

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gett reviews

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This gives you direct contact with these readers, whom you can ask for a review when the time comes. If you need a primer on list building for authors, check out Kirsten Oliphant's book: Email Lists Made easy for Writers and Bloggers. It's one of the best I read on the subject. Promotional Links essay in Free ebooks If you already give out freebies on your website in exchange for your reader's email, this is an excellent way to leverage that to get more reviewers. Include a link in the back of your ebook or even within it with a simple review request. It's a lot easier for people to click on a link than for them to go to your Amazon page themselves, and it can still be just as effective.

Pro tip Don't just include a generic link pointing to your book's page. Use a specific link that takes them to your book's review page, where they can start typing directly without having to scroll to the bottom. Use this link and replace the asin number at the end with your book's own: m/review/create-review? Asin Use book bloggers Here are some people youll surely want on your side: bloggers. Bloggers are known for having built strong relationships with their own pool of readers and other fellow book bloggers. The only problem is that there is an increasing demand to have books reviewed. You may be wise to cultivate relationships with bloggers early on by engaging with them and their community, or by asking and responding to questions on topics of importance to your genre.

This is quite a difficult question to answer. So, let's turn to Amazon's own Terms and Conditions and see what they say about this: we do not permit reviews or votes on the helpfulness of reviews that are posted in exchange for compensation of any kind, including payment (whether in the form. Someone who wrote the Amazon tos. So, in essence, no - you shouldn't. However, some people who are extremely clever (much more than me came up with intelligent and - most importantly - legal ways of getting you more reviews for your book. Ways that actually comply with Amazon's rules and don't cause your account to be shut down.

For some recommendations on which book review service to choose, scroll to the bottom of the post. How to get reviews For your book: a framework. Develop a list as Early as Possible. Building connections from the get-go is crucial. The problem with waiting until the last moment is that you'll always be rushing to get things moving in terms of marketing, and unfortunately more often than not this means settling for lower quality. Whenever you make contact with a potential reader/customer (be it in real life (!) or through your personal blog ask to add them to your list either personally or through opt-in forms on your website. While you can communicate with your readers on social media too, there is nothing that comes close to owning your own email list.

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Amazon Verified Purchase reviews Vs Generic reviews. If you want, as a customer, you can review any product on Amazon, even if you haven't actually bought. But if you have, your review will be marked as a 'verified Purchase'. Understandably, amazon gives more significance to the presentation latter: they obviously prioritise people who have actually bought the item, over those who may just be fooling around leaving fake reviews. This shows you a review is 'verified'. However, you should business never dismiss 'unverified' reviews. After all, they do add up to your total count, and very few people are going to notice the difference (having a higher number of reviews is beneficial. Can i pay for book reviews?

gett reviews

Title and subtitle does your book have strong keywords in its title or even subtitle to think help the algorithm categorise it clearly and easily? If you need help with coming up with your keywords, check out. Ctr (Click Through Rate) It's the number of clicks your book receives in the listings divided by the time it's shown on Amazon. Sales in the last 24 hours In comparison to other similar books in your category, how many sales has your masterpiece made in the last 24 hours? Number of Verified reviews, helpful reviews and New reviews (less than a month old) The number of reviews will help with your books ranking on Amazon. Do note that unverified reviews are not taken into consideration in this case. However, they do help as social proof and do encourage Amazon customers to click through to your product listing (which can then help with ranking, as per the Click Through Rate point above).

they include the best feedback you can use to improve various aspects of your book (cover, editing, etc.). Don't worry to much about 1 star reviews: there are many 'trolls' out there, and these reviews are usually not very constructive. Plus, getting a 1 star is considered a 'right of passage' from being an amateur to entering the pro level of your career. It Helps your book rank better In Amazons Algorithm. I mean: can reviews alone help you rank better in Amazon, so you can reach more readers? As with any insanely complex algorithm, there is a myriad of factors that are computed into the infamous A9" (that's what it's called). Here are some of the other ranking factors that Amazon itself covers in its documentation: Price point When compared to its competitors in the same category, your book must be "priced well in such a way that it gives more profit." For more tips.

They are essential to your book page and to you marketing in general. In this article, word well discuss exactly that: how you can leverage reviews to promote your book and how you can generate these reviews. Well also reveal some guidelines which will be especially helpful for those just starting out. Are They all That Important? Better Sales, having good reviews for your book can almost act like a vouch of confidence for your work. According to a study done in 2006 on online recommendations, sociologists have found that reviews do have causal and even positive impacts on the sale of products. In other words, books with more positive reviews, do sell better. Source of feedback, in addition to acting as a form of social proof for your work, reviews (both positive and negative) provide the author with an excellent chance to have their book evaluated. Needless to say, everyone likes good feedback (good for the ego after all but sometimes, there is a place for meaningful critique.

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Warning - this Post is Long! In it, i've tried to condense all that i know about plan getting reviews for your book. If you can't read it all right now, scroll to the bottom of the page and you'll be able to download a pdf version. One of the most dreaded elements of the whole process. "Should i only read my good reviews"? said the worried writer. "I won't read my bad reviews" - said the anxious writer. "reviews are not that important after all" - said the inexperienced writer. And they are so much more than just vanity metrics.

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