Stakeholder engagement presentation

stakeholder engagement presentation

Coac quarterly meeting, October 7, 2014-Washington

The fund will invest 400,000 per year over the next 25 years in local projects focussed on areas such as; environment and sustainability, sports and recreation, social inclusion and community development, health and wellbeing, and culture and heritage. The new Community fund will support local projects in the neighbouring communities around Dublin Airport from Santry south of the airport, to rolestown in the north and from Tyrrelstown on the west, to portmarnock on the east. Further information on how you can apply for funding is available here. Contact Us, please feel free to contact us directly if you would like a group or one to one briefing on North Runway. Ultralight photograph of the santa Cruz river facing northwest over the northern portion of rio rico. Project Summary, planning to meet water demands in semi-arid regions is particularly challenging for groundwater dependent communities where aquifers are being replenished by intermittent streamflow events. . Projected and observed climatic changes for the southwest increase uncertainties.

Six high level insights of the seminar

We are passionate about engaging in open, honest and genuine conversation with our neighbouring communities. . In king this regard, we are happy to meet with any individuals or community groups who would like an in depth briefing and more information on the project. Community liaison Group, as stipulated under the current planning conditions, a community liaison Group (CLG) has been established with representation from. Margarets, fingal county council and daa. Click here to view further information on the clg. Public Consultation, in June and July 2016, members of the public apa and other relevant stakeholders were invited to participate in a consultation process relating to the scoping activity of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). The eis will support the application for the Proposed Change to permitted Operations. A second round of public consultation was held at the end of October 2016 where we provided further information on the eis process and invited interested stakeholders to assist in the process of selecting between emerging options for future flight paths. Click here for further information on the public consultation process. Dublin Airport Community fund, as part of the north Runway project, we committed to establishing a formal Community fund for local communities. Taking this commitment into consideration and building on decades of previous investment in local initiatives, the dublin Airport Community fund was launched in June 2017.

Crane and shredder Matten in their book business Ethics - managing corporate citizenship and sustainability in the age of globalization - 2007, described the effect this controversy had on Shells decision making processes: Shell decided that its reliance on its traditional scientific decision-making and justification was. As Shell put it, its decision processes had been transformed from. decide, announce, defend. dialogue, decide, deliver. Managing Partner at Ogilvie, ogilvie company. Looking for more of the latest headlines on LinkedIn? Since we announced our plans for North Runway, we have met with a large number of community groups and individuals as part of our communications plan and ongoing engagement for this project. We want to make sure that you are equipped with all the information you need about this significant piece of strategic infrastructure for Fingal and Ireland.

stakeholder engagement presentation

Stakeholder engagement / Stakeholders

This come let us sit down and reason together approach took the better part of a year and ended up producing a mutually agreed approach. Implementation has been another matter! In concluding this rant about the.A.D model, let me mention the Shell brent Spar controversy in the 90s and Shells adoption of the. Brent Spar was a north sea oil storage and tanker loading buoy operated by Shell. Brent Spar became pdf an issue of public concern when the British government approved Shells application for its disposal in deep Atlantic waters. The proposed disposal was the result of four years of study. Greenpeace galvanized community opposition to the project, and compelled Shell to halt the project. Shell estimated that the direct cost to change the disposal decision was 200 million. The subsequent stakeholder dialogue meetings between Shell and its key stakeholders, including Greenpeace, resulted in the Brent spar platform being recycled as a base for a quay in Norway.

In this instance, the expert testimony on vibration and its impact on residents and their homes left the residents rolling their eyes in disbelief and, for many, discredited the whole proposal. Once you stick your neck out and commit yourself to a specific solution, you better have credible and convincing arguments and experts to support the preferred solution. But to be fair, i have also been involved in assignments that used the. Yes, the proponent figured out what they wanted to do in a closet and then paraded this preferred out for the stakeholders to view and critique. The difference was they focussed on the problem, the need and justification, the principles and design requirements that needed to be met by the eventual solution/proposal/project. The proponent wanted to widen the 2 lane Steeles avenue from Markham road to Scarborough Pickering Townline but wisely understood the sanctity of the rouge park. . The proponent and her consultants knew they wanted to widen the road and that their approach to the stakeholders had to deal with the opponents of the widening in a manner that did not result in a public impasse. We formed an advisory group of residents, planners, commuters and supporters of the rouge park. And without jamming the widening down their throats, we began a series of meetings that engaged the stakeholders in an open and meaningful dialogue about the problems with the 2 lane road, the importance of the rouge park and the need for a mutually agreeable.

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stakeholder engagement presentation

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The residents were concerned about the nikola risks of radiation exposure that might occur as a result of the relocation and reconstruction activities proposed for the site. Just the mention of the words nuclear waste is often enough to create a major controversy with the stakeholders, especially residents who live nearby. As with most. Model approaches, the stakeholders/residents found the proponents scientific arguments wanting, in spite of the proponents subsequent use of of a peer review panel. As is common in cases like this, the use of the. Model got mired down in the defend stage. A commuter rail summary transit proponent wanted to add a 3rd rail line to existing network.

The proponents consultants presented the stakeholders with the need and justification for the 3rd rail option and in a series of open house/q a sessions tried to convince the residents living beside the existing tracks in the wisdom of their proposal. Although some people get upset when I call this style of presentation the strip tease approach, like gypsy rose lee and her famous feather dance, the proposed option is revealed slowly, bit by bit. But unlike the audience of a strip tease, the audience in this case became upset and frustrated with the incomplete answers to their questions and responses like we are still studying that and will have more answers for you at future meetings. One of the things that the. Model rests on is the veracity of the consultants and experts used to defend the proposed solution and their ability to discount and discredit competing solutions.

Cloaking themselves with their chosen words, talking points and even slogans, they are at last ready to confront and do battle with the stakeholders/public. This is the typical attitude and behaviour of a command and control organization. In fact, most corporate, political and bureaucratic masters of these organizations will not allow a project to proceed until they have determined and approved a preferred solution. And lets be honest, most organizations are command and control in spite of the management experts who preach the benefits of a horizontal, participatory and open style of decision-making. Now even if one agreed with the concept.

(and many people do the way proponents Announce and Defend the proposal/project leaves much to be desired. All three stages are usually compressed into a 2 to 2 1/2 hour time frame in the early evening of some weeknight that has a playoff game on tv, or a school presentation, etc. Please keep in mind that the proponent and the consultants probably took weeks, if not months, to develop the proposal/project which they now expect the stakeholders/public to understand and respond positively to in 2 hours! The principal communication tool used by the consultants are powerPoint slides that are text-heavy in a font size that can barely be read at 15 feet, let alone from the back of the room. The speeches accompanying the slides are filled with technical jargon and delivered in a monotone that induces sleep rather than enlightenment. And the icing on the cake is that the presentation consumes most of the 2 to 2 1/2 hours leaving a minimal amount of time for questions from the audience! Let me use a couple of our assignments to illustrate some of the challenges and limitations of the. A nuclear waste storage site in a rural area of eastern Ontario was in need of repair and the proponent was proposing to relocate the radioactive waste to a new state-of-the-art engineered above ground mound away from the existing on the shores of lake ontario but. This nuclear waste storage site had been a source of contention with the residents for more than a decade and there was a lot of bad blood between the residents and the proponent and the regulators.

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The ads announcing the public forum were usually brief and generally vague. The room was often awash in presentation panels and were accompanied by the greeters who offered to explain the finer points of the proposal/project. These evening sessions usually started with a slide presentation followed by a facilitated q a session. These evening sessions usually concluded by inviting the stakeholders/public to stay behind and talk to the consulting team about any further questions or issues they had. These types of sessions were based on the. Model - decide, announce and Defend. The proponents proposal want to decide on their preferred solution (having had sufficient time to think about it) before sharing it with any stakeholders/public. Having decided on the preferred solution, the proponents efforts then focus on deciding how best to announce their decision and how to argue the pros and discount the cons. .

stakeholder engagement presentation

Philips Innovation Services accelerates innovation with development, realization and consultancy in 8 key areas of expertise: Medical devices Design engineering, high Precision Engineering, connected Systems iot, mems micro devices, manufacturing Processes systems, design for taken Reliability solutions, Industry consulting, and Environment, health safety. Subscribe to Philips Innovation Services newsletters for events, news and updates. Find more news from Philips Innovation Services at the news center. . Connect with Philips Innovation Services. Public Information Forum (2007) - comprehensive broader Scale Environmental Study of the caledon Aggregate resource Area 9-A. Published on november 12, 2016, managing Partner at Ogilvie, ogilvie company. Many of our assignments to engage stakeholders on behalf of a proponent were structured by the proponent to get the stakeholders/public to buy into their proposal. The proponent and their consultants developed their proposal in a closet and then unveiled in some type of public forum. .

shared (on scaling up strategic partnerships, successful stakeholder dialogue, collaboration and stakeholder engagement approach). More details are available in the full report. This seminar received positive feedback from the participants. This encourages us to continue organizing similar seminars. Our next seminar will take place in September. Should you want to share ideas or you want more information about upcoming events, feel free to contact our. About Philips Innovation Services, the mission of Philips Innovation Services is to accelerate innovation. Inside and outside Philips, from start-up to multinational. Globally active with 1,000 specialized experts and 10,000 m of high tech infrastructure.

For those who wish to make a complaint/request, a toll-free number ( ) has been created for the Project, and an online registration Form has been created. A new Environment safety seminar took place at the Philips Fruittuin in Eindhoven with around 30 people attending. The main objectives of this seminar were to share experiences and best practices between sustainability practitioners from various companies. The topic of the seminar was. Stakeholder first engagement approach adding business value and advancing sustainability performance. Three speakers from, vodafone, dsm and Philips shared their view, provided internal recipes and tips tricks which stimulated a lively discussion afterwards in small groups. Six high level insights from the speakers and discussions of the seminar Stakeholder engagement approach: Check first where you are on the path of integrating stakeholder engagement (from reactive to proactive approach). You might already do more than you think and you can frame it in context of sustainability; Structure helps making the first steps for a company for which stakeholder is not the core business; For a more integrated approach of stakeholder engagement, involvement and commitment.

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Stakeholder Engagement, the tanap natural Gas Transmission Company cares about engaging the public and all other stakeholders in every aspect of the project, and therefore stakeholder engagement in all phases is a write most important factor. Tanap has adopted a strategic and structured approach to create and maintain constructive relationships with all stakeholders. Tanap has developed a detailed Stakeholder Engagement Plan which will serve as a reference for interaction with stakeholders. All people, both as communities and individuals, affected by the tanap project and other stakeholders will be able to share their concerns and complaints, communally and personally, and to this end, a mutually acceptable Grievance management Procedure has been created. The basic steps for complaint management are as follows: All complaints are recorded and added to the system within 2 work days. Upon being added to the system, within 10 work days, the complaint will be evaluated by experts and necessary research will be carried out. Complaints will be resolved within 30 work days with the complainant receiving a prompt response.

Stakeholder engagement presentation
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  5. Stakeholder, engagement, plan which will serve as a reference for interaction with stakeholders. The webinar, which was attended by a global audience, included a short presentation on the aa1000ses (2015. On, stakeholder, engagement practices and. The project, Incorporating Climate Information and. Stakeholder, engagement in Groundwater Resources Planning. Presentation : noaa-sarp sponsored webinar).

  6. Since we announced our plans for North Runway, we have met with a large number of community groups and individuals as part. As a member of the global citizen, nanya technology corporation (NTC) realizes that it is very important to be responsible for. More than 100 clients are using Boréalis worldwide to help them ensure they stay on top of all of their stakeholder engagement programs and data. Download the presentation slides. During the group discussions, many different views on stakeholder engagement levels were shared (on scaling. Tanap has developed a detailed.

  7. Our role in society. 2020 sustainability and responsibility targets. External policy and operating environments. The room was often awash in presentation panels and were accompanied by the greeters who offered. The subsequent stakeholder dialogue meetings between.

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