Human development essay

human development essay

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Human resource combined with financial and material resources forms one of the most vital factors to accelerate socio-economic development. Unfortunately, pakistan has not given much importance to this vital factor. High growth of population, illiteracy, health problem, unskilled labour force with limited available physical resources, lack of women empowerment etc. Has further compounded this problem. This paper will examine the human resource conditions in pakistan, highlight the underlying challenges and recommend a viable strategic agenda for development and effective utilization of the human capital towards sustainable socio-economic development and national security. S/no, contents, page.

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This step helps in measuring productivity of team members and any improvements in the same will lead thesis to greater achievement and a feeling of pride within team members. Article name: Human Behaviour And team development Management essay, research paper, dissertation. Submitted by, amer altaf, mba, submitted. Dr ozcan ertuna, certificate, a seminar paper submitted to the faculty of Istanbul Aydin University in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the university curriculum for mba. I certify that the contents reflect my personal views. To accomplish the objectives of this seminar paper, a systematic content analysis of the literature has been undertaken, using secondary data which includes books, journal articles, public documents, dissertations, web sources and reviews. This research is based on qualitative study and after conducting detailed literature survey, the available information was categorized according to the areas as mentioned in the scope. Mba, istanbul Aydin University, april, 2013 Istanbul, turkey, theme, houston perhaps the greatest test for human society as it confronts the 21st century is how to use "the power of population". Human resource of a nation in a most efficient and effective way to meet the demands thrown up by the "power of technology". Technological advancements in all fields in this globalized era. Underdeveloped human resource in developing countries in large number is a great hindrance in the socio-economic development of those countries.

Team members feel very motivated Individuals defer to team needs no surprises Very efficient team operations team members have objective outlook members should celebrate other people's book success The orientation of team members should change from "I" to "We" High pride in team High openness and. At this stage the members should be proud of their achievement and also glad to be a part of such a team. The recognition of what has been achieved is necessary and then they should move on in life. Conclusion Managers need to understand the behaviour patterns of their employees and tukman's Behaviour Model plays an important role in helping a manager understanding his employee better and ensuring great team bonding and healthy relationship in the group. Stage theme task outcome relationship outcome forming Awareness Commitment Acceptance Storming Conflict Clarification Belonging Norming cooperation Involvement Support Performing Productivity Achievement Pride managers get the awareness about their team from the forming stage; they can implant commitment within the team and can expect a general. Storming can be used effectively for detecting any conflicts in team, these conflicts can be sorted out by clarification and the final outcome is a feeling of belonging in the team. Norming can be used by managers for detecting any lack of cooperation within team, this can be sorted out by ensuring greater involvement of all members within a team which will in-turn result in support of all members of team. After all the above issues are taken care of by a manager, it's time for the final step named performing.

human development essay

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Conflict has been acknowledged and dealt with, and each member respects others' viewpoints. Team members now are ready to get involved with each other and give needed support. They have learned to appreciate the fact that feedback is a necessary element of teamwork. Problem solving requires that members agree about their roles and processes Decisions are made through negotiations and consensus building Performing: fourth stage and is the point at which team members are able to work together productively. With the team's goals clearly in mind, team members actively pursue the final objective. Achieve effective and satisfying results Members find solutions to problem using appropriate controls Members work collaboratively members care about each other The group book establishes a unique identity members are interdependent.3 Application of Human Behaviour in team development Stage 1: "Forming" In this step first. Some of the behaviour traits of employees are listed below: Individuals are not clear on what they are supposed. There is no common target for the group Wondering where we are going no trust yet High learning no group history and unfamiliar with group members Norms of the team not established people check one another out people not committed to the team After studying. Success occurs team has all the resources for doing the job summary Appreciation and trust building Purpose is well defined feedback is high, well received, and objective team confidence is high leader reinforces team behaviour Members self-reinforce team norms Hidden agendas become open team is creative.

Making contract and bonding, trust building, members Dependent. Storming: Second stage in which conflict will emerge naturally. Team members should view this conflict as constructive. This type of conflict serves a purpose in that it helps to clarify the situation to all of the team members. Identifying power and control issues, gaining skills in communication, identifying resources. Expressing differences of ideas, feelings, and opinions. Reacting to leadership Members independent or counter dependent Norming: Third state in which cooperation emerges.

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human development essay

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The implications for organizations are important. It means that large areas of human behaviour are modifiable. Organizational design, training and development can have a profound impact on the behaviour of the members of an organization. Theories of team development, as teams progress, they evolve through four phases of development. (Forming, Storming, norming performing) (Tuckman's Model of team development). Each step pdf builds on the previous step. Each step prepares for the performing stage.

Skipping any step effect performing negatively. The process is repeated with every new challenge. Forming: First stage of team development. During this stage, team members become acquainted with each other and set goals and objectives. Establish base level expectation, identify similarities, agreement on common goals.

Ultimately human beings have to be treated with respect only then you can expect effective performance. Behaviour, relationship found, tolerance for conflict, perceived role conflict. Less role conflict with greater tolerance for conflict. Relative importance, expressed job satisfaction, extrinsic Managers expressed less job satisfaction extrinsic versus intrinsic rewards. Value or work ethic, attendance, stronger work ethic associated with greater attendance.

Diversity of interests, salary based measure, high general interest of performance diversity associated with better performance. Locus of control, experienced job stress, more stress with emphasis on external locus of control. Human Behaviour in team, behaviour of individuals is caused, and follows a pattern, because of this, behaviour is unpredictable. Study of behaviour is however, rewarding and necessary for management. It is doubtful whether the manager can perform his tasks satisfactorily without developing a fair degree of understanding of the people around him. Any attempt to understand the behaviour of people in organizations requires some understanding of individual differences. Managers spend considerable time making judgments about the fit between individuals, job tasks and from these approaches it can be concluded that there is an overwhelming consensus that the, environment has a much greater effect than it is believed.

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Caused behaviour, motivated behaviour, goal oriented summary behaviour, from these observations it can be understood that behaviour is a dependent factor. By understanding behaviour one can predict, direct, change and control behaviour of individuals or group. There are generally four basic assumptions regarding nature of people: individual differences, a whole person, caused behaviour (motivation) and value of the person (human dignity). In an organizational set up it is essential for managers to understand behaviour, as they are constantly with people, interacting with them in terms of communication (either written or oral) in terms of work (either by specifying the work and getting things done). Another skill which an effective manager or leader needs is the ability to direct, change and control behaviour. Managers have to understand that there are-going to be individual differences among the employees, as no individual is similar to other. Each individual is unique by themselves. Then one has to understand that each individual has to be taken care of as a whole person by taking care of his needs as well as training and making him up to date in terms of work.

human development essay

Behaviour is a process, not a thing; it cannot be held still for observation. It is important to understand human homework behaviour in today's world as the existence of the organization depends on its employees. Without understanding human behaviour, it is very difficult to work in an organization. In order to understand human behaviour let's see how human perception has changed from time to time. Human Behaviour and team development, human behaviour is very much unpredictable. In behaviour we cannot assume one set pattern of behaviour. Lavitt (Pentland, 2012) classified behaviour.

environment for the people to enjoy ion healthy and creative lives and that the statistical aggregates to measure national income and its. Description author Name author Email. Drop files here or, captcha, comments, this field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged). Behaviour can be defined as a responses which is observed directly indirectly. Human behaviour is the evolution of humans way to reason. In other words, logic and knowledge from birth to baby to kid to teenager to adult to old age to death. That human went through countless experiences and those experiences are the factors for that human's behaviour. Behaviour is a difficult subject matter, not because it is inaccessible, but because it is extremely complex (Randolph, 1989).

The realisation is that economic growth is essential for humanity but it should be seen only as a essay means to improve human choices. Advertisements: The essential truth that people must be at the centre of all development can be stabilised in this process. The purpose of development is to offer people more options. One of their options is access to income not as an end in itself but as a means of acquiring human well being. But there are other options as well, including long life, knowledge, political freedom, personal security, community participation and guaranteed human rights. People cannot be reduced to a single dimension as an economic creature. What makes them and the.

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Advertisements: This essay provides information about the business trends of development: development is always deliberated with economic connotations and it is referred to as an increase in the gross national product or in per capita income. In this understanding, development is equated with growth and it is envisioned that a quantum increase in the production of goods and services would bring development. Image courtesy : g, advertisements: It was also assumed that the trickledown effect of growth would lead to an equitable sharing of benefits resources and opportunities in society. This process of development, however, has not been able to yield the desired result to humanity, especially in the developing countries. Development pattern of the past few decades have shown the following trends: The high Gross National Product (GNP) growth of the fast growing developing countries has failed to reduce the socio-economic deprivation of substantial sections of their population. High income for the industrialised countries has not been able to provide protection against the rapid spread of social concerns like drug addiction and alcoholism, aids, homelessness, violence and the breakdown of family relations. Significantly, some low-income countries have demonstrated that it is possible to achieve a high level of human development if they skillfully use the available means to expand basic human capabilities. Against this backdrop, there has been a perceptive shift in conceptualising development.

Human development essay
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  5. Psychology human development Essays On Global Warming. Argumentative essay on drunk driving laws, Article on global warming caused by humans Virtually. Human Rights Essay 1 (200 words). To act in a positive and interventionist way in order to devise conditions required for human life and development. Essay on Human development : The major Changes that Occur Within Each of the Three prenatal Periods.

  6. Psychology 103, human project assignment joan. Development : Essay. Upload and Share your Article. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Article name: Human Behaviour And team development Management essay, research paper, dissertation. Introduction to human development - columbia universityintroduction to human development zygote: 100 words essay on bhagat singh in hindi a diploid.

  7. Human, development, essay, research Paper, human development ". Human, resource, development, for Economic Growth Economics, essay. Human, development, essay, research Paper, human development. Child, development, essay, research Paper Physical development. Human, development, early Adulthood, essay - 1273 Words.

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