Rain man and autism essay

rain man and autism essay

Rain man and autism essay paper, creative writing as, creative

Rajalakshmi explains some parents noticed their childsloss of certain transcendent skills or abilities (savant skill) once an improvement was made inanother area. For example, one parent said her son was able to hear the sound of his fathersscooter when he was quite a distance away and would be at the gate waiting for him, whereas theparent was not able to hear the sound. When the childs speech and communication improvedafter homeopathic treatment, he was no longer able to hear the scooter. Indeed, raymond wouldbenefit from this sort of treatment. In conclusion, this essay uses the dsmto simulate a diagnosis for raymond. It exploreswhat savant skills and traits are, and it examines the way raymond possesses these skills andtraits.

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Hypothetically, if one were teaching raymond, they wouldsuggest the answer to flags him, wallbrook. If the child repeats the desired response, wallbrook, thenhe should be reinforced to develop a learned behaviour. This method is proven for the treatmentof autism and an alternative to the biological approach. Raymonds level of functioning couldperhaps be improved using this approach. Although raymond does not take prescription medication, a biological approach totreatment is an option. Homeopathic treatment involves the administration of drugs in minute. A recent study performed by rajalakshmi (2009) validates the effectiveness of thismethod for autism. Rajalakshmi implemented the autism Behaviour Composite Checklist andProfile (abccp) as a pre and post-treatment evaluation. Drug administration was based onhomeopathic principles, which suggest the same drug be repeated till improvement discontinues(usually 15 to 30 days and doses be prescribed in low to medium potencies. Comparisons fromthe pre and post-treatment evaluation indicated receding behaviours from severe to mild andeven disappeared in some cases. It was also dragon gathered that two autistic people that were non-verbal developed a low level of speech.

Children in the United States areimmunized mini against 14 different diseases. Kemp and Hart further maintainbetween 1998 and2007, the number of 6 to 21-year-old patients receiving services from pdd in public specialeducation programs increased from 54,064 to 258,305; and in 2006, the incidence of autism was1 in every 110 persons. Perhaps, although it is not explicitly stated, this is how raymonddeveloped autism. Treatment The prevailing method for treating autism is psychological therapy. More specifically, itis a psycho-behavioural therapy called Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). Psycho-behaviouraltherapies rely upon reinforcing behaviour appropriate to the individuals development and inturn, changing behaviours which are maladaptive (Susan hoeksema, 2008). An aba methodsuggests a maladaptive behaviour first be identified. For example, raymonds maladaptiveresponse, i dont know, to his brothers question, Where do you live? Illustrates thatRaymond has maladaptive behaviour because he obviously knows where he lives, but he isunwilling to answer his brother.

rain man and autism essay

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Of these autistic people, 14 had calendriccalculating skills; 4 had computational skills; 3 had visuospatial skills; 1 had musical skills; 1had artistic skills; and 1 had both memory and artistic skills. This study, when compared to themovie rain Man, indicates raymonds case is rare because only 2 out of 24 persons wereidentified as having a savant skill pertaining biography to memory, but it proves the movie is notcompletely inaccurate because savant memory skills do in fact exist. Cause In 1998,. Andrew wakefield published an influential article suggesting a link betweenmrr vaccines and the development of autism. Although this is still an issue of debate, there isstrong evidence to support his theory. According to kemp and Hart (2010 autism is often. Rain man 5diagnosed at 15 to 20 months of age, soon after the mmr vaccine is given. Because of thiscorrelation, some suspect the vaccine causes autism. Another proponent of this theory states apositive correlation between autism and immunization rates.

Being a savant orpossessing some of the attributes is not one of the twelve criterions in the dsm. This indicatesthat being a savant is not absolutely correlative to being autistic; rather, it is an accessory trait ofautism. In raymonds case, his surpassing ability to recollect information is a trait of is is evident when he identifies a waitresss phone number by associating her name to aphone book he memorized the previous night. Yes, this is a characteristic of savant autism;however, it seems exaggeratedhe would be abletomemorize a phonebook up to the letter g in asingle night. Howlin, goode, hutton, and Rutter (2009) considersavant autism in the following e study surveyed parents of autistic persons (average age 34 years). Parents of autistic personsreceived questionnaires concerning the outstanding presence of certain skills. Parents listed whatsavant character traits their children displayed andresearcher assess if the skills were traits ofsavant autism. Data was gathered from 93 returned questionnaires. According to the survey, 24(26) autistic persons had some form of savant skill.

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rain man and autism essay

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Rain man 3 Apparently inflexible adherence to specific, non-functional routines orrituals(American Psychiatric Association, 2010, iscriterion clearly defines raymondsbehaviour. Consider how raymonds routine under his guardians care was to have toothpicksand maple-syrup ready in front of him before pancakes arrived. Unfortunately, this practice wasnot encouraged by his brother, Charlie, which resulted in raymond obsessing over the walk iterion 2 Stereotyped and repetitive use of language or idiosyncratic language(AmericanPsychiatric Association, 2010,.71)also applies to raymonds behaviour. Raymond exhibits thisbehaviour during a car ride though the city. He imitates the howling noise produced by the windand tires and compulsively repeats the radio stations trademark phrase: 97 x bam!

The futureof rock and roll(Morrow,., bass,., levinson, b, 1988). Indeed, a clinicianwoulddiagnoseraymond as using repetitive and idiosyncratic iterion 3 Lack of social or emotional reciprocity(American Psychiatric Association, 2010,p.71)is evident from his inability to communicate appropriately with his brothers girlfriend, Susanna. In one ironic scene, susannaobserves a collection of baseball cards in raymondsroom. Raymonds reaction to this perceived invasion para of privacy was, Are you on anymedication? Obviously, raymond does not treat Susanna with social or emotional reciprocity inthis scene. Discussion The American Association on Mental Deficiencies (aamd) definessavants as personswith obvious mental retardation who are capable of performing in sharply circumscribed areas ata remarkably high level (Grossman, 1983, as cited in Howlin, goode, hutton, rutter, 2009). Rain man 4These circumscribed areas may be music, memory, calculation, spelling, or art.

Rain man an autistic character, upcoming SlideShare, loading. No downloads, no notes for slide. Running head: rain man 1 rain Man:An Autistic Character Justin Perreault Lethbridge college. Rain man 2 rain Man:An Autistic Character According to the diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders (dsm raymond would be diagnosed with Autism inthe motion picture rain Man. To support thisclaim, raymond is diagnosed using this use andtreatment are also discussed.

The non-psychiatric definition of autism is thetendency to view life in terms of onesown needs and desires (Stein, 2001,.139). Clinically, though, autism is recognized as a mentaldisorder by the American Psychiatric Association (2010). This association places autism in acategory called Pervasive developmental Disorders, which is defined as any disordercharacterized by severe deficits and pervasive impairment in multiple areas eas include reciprocal social interaction, impairment in communication, and thepresence of stereotyped behaviour, interests, and activities(American Psychiatric Association,2010,.38). Synopsis of rain Man rain Man is a film about a self-centered individual, Charlie (Tom Cruise who kidnapshis estranged autistic brother, raymond (Dustin Hoffman in order to gain the inheritancemoney bequeathed to raymond by his father. The two brothers are forced to bond together, andCharlie discovers his love for raymond. In the end, Charlie cares for hisbrother in favour ofmaterial advantage. Diagnosis Clinicians must identify twelve criterions before diagnosing a patient with autism. For thesake of brevity, however, this work will explicate three out of the twelve iterion.

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He is older than Charlie, at my own best guess at least 35 or 40, and since he has been at his institution he has had the same routine every single day. His socks must be bought from a certain aisle at Kmart, for example. He protests and almost starts to cry when Charlie, fed up with his needy brother, tells him that Kmart sucks, raymond! he also refuses to get on any airplane unless it is owned by the qantas airline, on the ground that every airline has had planes biography crash except them. In short, raymond needs it how raymond wants. Although, he wins wads of money at a vegas casino by card counting, an extremely difficult process, and he knows the every line of many famous flicks including the famous Whos on First? He proves to be a burden and a blessing to young Charlie, who realizes that there are things more important than money in life. Hoffman plays an autistic savant flawlessly, right down to the mannerisms, dull tone of voice and need for love from his idolized younger brother. Successfully reported this slideshow.

rain man and autism essay

Charlie has just discovered that the rain Man (whose real name is raymond) is his long-lost brother. Charlie was thrown out of his house by his father as a teenager and had all but completely lost contact with his dad up until his death. In his last will and testament, Charlies father left him a bed of roses and 48 buick convertible that Charlie had long coveted. Charlie later discovers that nearly 3 million dollars of the will were put into a trust fund for an unknown person. Charlie goes on the hunt for the man with his money, and discovers his simple brother, raymond, whom Charlie had never known existed. Raymond has the gifts of being extremely mathematically gifted as well as knowing random, useless facts.

Presidents, random trivia, license plate numbers or outstanding understanding of mathematical equations, turning he/she into a human calculator. One man has been known to hear a piano concerto but a single time, and play it flawlessly right back. But only about half of the people who suffer from savant are also autistic. Males are known to be more prone to savant Syndrome than females. In many common cases the victim is born with it, or it can be developed following severe brain trauma london or with a specific type of dementia. People with savant-like symptoms are described in medical journals in 1751. The affliction was named idiot savant in 1887. Langdon Down, who also discovered Down syndrome.

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We will writustom essay sample. Autism, for only.90/page, order Now, there is a mental illness called Autism savant. Autism is from a greek word meaning self This refers to an autistics seeming self absorption. Savant is a combination of the French word meaning to know and its Latin half means to be wise. Autistic people are very simple, usually very kind and funny. Autistic savant, however, has all of that, twisted into a blend that can be extremely useful or disastrous. Every person with savant syndrome has incredible memory in one specific field. Many common such father's fields are, for example, knowledge.

Rain man and autism essay
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  1. Autism: neuron and Effects Normal Brain. Curriculim and Instruction - 2323 Words. Essays from bookrags provide great ideas for rain Man essays and paper topics like essay. View this student essay about rain Man. Released in 1988, writers Ronald Bass and Barry morrow created a compelling story by introducing many to the world of autism.

  2. Essay about rain Man journal. "Rain Man" directed by barry levinson was released in e story of this movie takes place in the United States (Cincinnati, ohio) in 1988. Throughout the movies, we get a true sense of what its like to deal with autism and what its like to know someone who is autistic. Autism : Autism and Environmental Factors. Rain Man and qualitative impairment.

  3. According to the center for Disease control, autism (or a closely related disorder such as Aspergers Syndrome) affects 1 in 150 children. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. Despite the film rain Man, we don't all have these amazing mathematical skills. A third crucial change was the ending. A 1967 film called The Invisible wall and a 1986 film entitled Portrait of an Autistic young Man. Phone books and Square roots: a composite savant rain Man is a movie about two conditions — autism and savant Syndrome.

  4. The reasons of presence of these acids in air are both natural and man-made. Write an English essay on rain Essay in your words. They originally fall in the shape of a flat oval. Antarctica is the driest continent on Earth. Get latest essays and stories via email.

  5. Treffert, md raymond Babbitt, the main character in the movie rain man, has become the world's best known savant due to dustin. We will write a custom essay sample. This affliction is portrayed by dustin Hoffman in the 1988 classic rain Man. Tom Cruise plays the rain Mans normal, albeit somewhat self-destructive, brother, Charles Sanford Charlie babbit. Acid rain Essay 1 (200 words). Most of us think of rain as something refreshing and beneficial to the environment, but actually not all types of rain are good.

  6. A recent study performed by rajalakshmi (2009) validates the effectiveness of thismethod for autism. Indeed, raymond wouldbenefit from this sort of treatment. In conclusion, this essay uses the dsmto simulate a diagnosis for raymond. Rain Man, autistic savant. Essay by paperNerd Contributor, college, undergraduate, september 2001. Rain Man, the movie / rain Man, real Life darold.

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