Summary of alex rider ark angel

summary of alex rider ark angel

Ark, angel alex, rider, #6) by Anthony horowitz

The wreckage will then land on the pentagon, destroying all the evidence the cia has against him, as well as allowing him to collect on the insurance he had on the hotel, which has proven to be more expensive than it is worth. He reveals that he is also behind the attack on his son in the hospital, employing Kaspar and his team in an effort to toughen up his son. Alex manages to escape, and Dreven attempts to flee the island using his seaplane. However, Alex is able to tie two canoes to the plane before it takes off, causing it to crash and kill Dreven. However, the rocket launch is unable to be stopped, and the rocket blasts off towards the hotel. Alex meets up with MI6 and the cia and is determined to be the only person small enough to fit inside the secondary rocket available, built to accomodate a monkey rather than a full grown person.

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Nikolei dreven, as a gesture of thanks for saving his son, invites Alex to join him at his home for a few weeks and attend the subsequent launching of the Ark Angel hotel. Alex stays with paul and his father, but is disconcerted by nikolei nearly killing him in reviews a go-kart race due to his desire to win at all costs. Alex plans to leave when the three of them arrive purpose in New York city. When they arrive in New York, alex is held up at customs and taken to the cia. They inform Alex that nikolei dreven is possibly the one of the biggest criminals in the world, and they ask Alex to watch him and see what information he can find. Alex agrees, and meets up with the Drevins. However, nikolei learns of Alex's cia involvement, and tries to have him killed while scuba diving by leaving him trapped in a sunken WW2-era naval ship named the. Alex is able to escape with the assistance of Tamara Knight, Dreven's secretary, who reveals herself to be undercover cia. They make their way to a nearby island, but are captured. Dreven reveals that the rocket intended to bring the final supplies to the Ark Angel actually contains a bomb which is meant to knock the space hotel out of orbit.

Plot, alex Rider finds himself in the hospital, having narrowly survived the assassination attempt against him at the end. He meets a boy named paul Drevin the son of Russian billionaire nikolei dreven, who is building a revolutionary hotel in space. Alex and paul exchange conversation. That night, four armed men enter the hospital in an attempt to kidnap paul, but Alex switches the room numbers above his room and paul's room, resulting in the men kidnapping him instead. He manages to fight off four of them, but passes out easily due to his weakened state when attempting to fight a fifth man who arrives at the hospital as backup. Alex is taken to a flat in a construction with site where he learns the men belong to an eco-terrorist group known as Force Three, lead by a mysterious man named Kaspar. When Alex proves that he is not paul Drevin, the men lock him in the building and set it on fire. However, Alex manages to escape by tightroping across a clothsline to an adjacent building.

summary of alex rider ark angel

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" which, in a children's book nowadays, is a very refreshing thing indeed. So does Ark Angel. Philip Ardagh's third and final Unlikely Exploit, The rise of the house of McNally, is now out in paperback (Faber). Front cover of an edition. Ark Angel is the sixth book in the. Alex Rider series by, anthony horowitz. It was first published in 2006. Ark Angel, Alex Rider finds himself investigating a billionaire with an insidious plot to escape criminal charges.

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summary of alex rider ark angel

Ark, angel alex, rider, adventure) Horowitz, anthony

Highbrow literature this ain't, but neither does it and protein purport. For me, this is a children's book in the purest sense. It's not a crossover title that spills over into adult fiction. It's perfectly pitched at its readership. Ark Angel reads the way a children's thriller should read. The central character, apart from Alex himself, is billionaire russian businessman and British football-team owner, nikolei drevin.

To avoid the lawyers of real-life mega-rich Russian businessman and owner of Chelsea football Club, roman Abramovich, breathing down his neck, horowitz has included Abramovich as a separate character to make it absolutely clear they're not one and the same. (I repeat: n-o-t.) Rider's latest escapade has him tackling bad guys in a hospital, using his brains as well as everything around him to his best advantage, escaping from a burning tower block, doing a bit of go-karting and kite-surfing and death-defying diving for good. And then things really skyrocket. What makes the rider books so satisfying is the way alex gets out of situations. It's the "what would I do in such circumstances?" followed by the "I never thought of that!" that makes the series such fun, and this a welcome new addition. In his acknowledgements at the end - this is a novel that certainly required research - horowitz writes: "Everything in this story is meant to be within the bounds of possibility.

Awards, lancashire Children's book of the year. Red house Children's book award, doncaster Children's book of the year Award. Ark Angel: Alex Rider, book 6 by Anthony horowitz 344pp, walker books,.99, those of sufficient age and with sufficient memory may recall a fiendishly clever piece of marketing from yesteryear, when an oil company announced that it would be dropping the tiger from its. Surprise, surprise, there was a public outcry, and the next series of ads even featured placard-wielding "protesters" demanding the animal's return. The tiger (which had had no intention of retiring and was no doubt on an all-the-fresh-meat-you-can-eat retainer) then stepped back into the limelight. Years later, Anthony horowitz and I worked for the ad agency that handled the account.

The apparent death of Horowitz's central character, Alex Rider, in his fifth outing, Scorpia, was handled in a similar fashion. The author readily admits that he never really intended to kill off his young secret agent. No one in their right mind would, apart, perhaps, from Sir Arthur Conan doyle. (Flashy pr material informs us that more than two million Alex Rider books have been sold.) so alex is back in this, his sixth adventure, ark Angel. Alex Rider has always been very much a junior James Bond of the film variety, so when I discovered that Ark Angel included a space hotel and a character named Silver tooth, i had flashbacks to the dreadful Jaws in moonraker, my least favourite bond. I needn't have worried. Horowitz's extreme earnestness, dreadful puns (the gadget master's exploding ipod is called the i-x-Plod surprising turns of phrase a fireplace big enough to burn a bus and sudden bursts of real humour are united in a plot that has the reader racing through the 340-plus.

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Alex reluctantly agrees and paper travels to outer space using a second rocket. When Alex arrives, he sees Kaspar, who was sent to activate the bomb and fights him. Alex eventually wins when Kaspar is stabbed by owl a floating knife in a major artery and killed. Alex places the bomb in a room in Ark Angel and escapes in an escape capsule. Instead of falling to earth, Ark Angel is blown up completely. Alex falls back to earth and lands on the eastern coast of Australia, where the plot. Mistakes, factual errors, in this book, alex uses a lifepak 300 defibrillator to knock out Silver tooth, however a lifepak 300 should be able to detect the heart rhythm and prevent any release of electrical energy.

summary of alex rider ark angel

This will simultaneously destroy the evidence against him that the cia have accumulated in the pentagon, and also reclaim some of his money spent on the now regretted Ark Angel project. Drevin also reveals that he created Force Three in order for them to take the blame of destroying Ark Angel, thus proving Drevin's innocence. The force Three members are then shot dead by kaspar, who travels to Ark Angel to ensure the bomb is placed. Alex escapes, meeting homework again with the cia, who arrive on the island. He ends up on the bottom of Drevin's estate's porch and meets up with nikolei. Drevin then attempts to kill Alex but accidentally shoots paul instead. Now infuriated, Drevin attempts escape using a seaplane, but Alex earlier tied it to canoes. The canoes gets caught in some trees, causing Drevin's plane to crash and explode, killing him. The cia then asks Alex to disarm the bomb.

Flamingo bay, drevin's private island, Drevin discovers that Alex is working for MI6 and learns of his cia connections. Drevin decides to kill Alex while scuba diving, by trapping him in a sunken ship called the. Mary belle, but with the help. Tamara Knight, a cia agent posing as Drevin's personal secretary, alex escapes using a gadget that Smithers (a person that works for the mi6) gave him. That night, force Three arrive in Flamingo bay while Alex and Tamara are captured. Tamara is imprisoned, while Alex is tied up to a chair and interrogated. Drevin tells Alex about his plan : he will send his own rocket, gabriel 7, which contains a bomb, to outer space and destroy ark Angel, causing it to fall to earth and destroy washington.

Alex, in an attempt to rescue paul, pretends year to be paul himself and overpowers the four men, before being knocked out by a fifth man. Alex is captured by the men and taken to an abandoned apartment. The men reveal themselves. Force Three, an eco-terrorist group led by a man named. Alex proves that he is not paul Drevin, but Force Three burns the tower and leaves Alex to die anyway - he escapes using a tightrope. Apparently grateful for paul being spared, nikolei drevin invites him to come and stay in luxury with him for two weeks. When Alex arrives in Drevin's house, he befriends paul, but decides to leave him and Drevin when they arrive in New York.

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Alex Rider is back - and this time there are no limits —Ark Angel tagline, ark Angel is the sixth book in the. Alex Rider series by British author, anthony horowitz. Plot, the novel starts off with Alex Rider in a hospital revelation recovering from an assassination attempt caused by the terrorist organization Scorpia. He meets a teen his age named. Paul Drevin - son of Russian multibillionare nikolei drevin and host of the. Ark Angel project - and forms an alliance with him. Later, one night, a group of four men arrive in the hospital in an attempt to kidnap paul Drevin.

Summary of alex rider ark angel
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  2. T his item:Ark Angel (Alex Rider Adventure) by Anthony horowitz paperback.19.

  3. In the series including Snakehead (2007 shortlisted for the 2008 book trust. Book: Ark Angel Author: Anthony horowitz rating:.5/10. Recommende d age: 10-16. Book 6 of the Alex Rider series starts with Alex. Ark Angel (Alex Rider book 6) and millions of other books are available for.

  4. His own island in the caribbean where launches of Ark Angel - the first luxury. The pages of this pulse-pounding book: Appearances can be deceiving. Ark Angel: Alex Rider, book 6 by Anthony horowitz 344pp, walker boo ks,.99. Those of sufficient age and with sufficient memory may recall. His books for children include the Alex Rider series about the teenage secret.

  5. In Ark Angel, Alex Rider finds himself investigating. Summary and reviews of Ark Angel by Anthony horowitz, plus links to a book excerpt. Shot outside the offices of MI6 and left for dead by Scorpia, alex Rider. Ark Angel has 37681 ratings and 1083 reviews. Ahmad said: Ark Angel (Alex Rider, # 6 Anthony horowitzArk Angel is the sixth book in the Alex Rider. Fans of Anthony horowitz s Alex Rider series know that MI6 arms the.

  6. Main article: List of Alex Rider characters. Ark Angel is the sixth book in the Alex Rider series by British author Anthony hor owitz. Contentsshow Plot The novel starts off with Alex Rider in a hospital. Ark Angel is the sixth book in the Alex Rider series by Anthony horowitz. It was f irst published in 2006.

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