10 years from now essay

10 years from now essay

Where do i see myself in 5 to 10 years, essay - example

What matters most is the fact that they will use less energy for more people. Using less energy saves that power for the citys future or can have alternative uses; for example, people in need. Of course, the world will change in fifty years. Nothing practically stays the same. Technology will change in ways that we cannot comprehend today. It is hard to actually predict what advances will take place but it is nice to imagine how good it will. However, not everything will be good in the world. There already is pollution and major climate changes happ en ing in the world today and it can only get worse in fifty more years.

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This solution might satisfy some individuals, but this so-called solution is not helping mother earth. Cities and towns will slowly start to adapt and create ways to use electricity in almost any application that they business can find. But, one author thinks that cities will, by overcrowding, will degenerate into jungles ruled by crime and violence (duve 12). He says that these huge booming cities will crumble down to nothing. I say that cities are going to continue to grow and expand. They will be able to control the statement problem of overcrowding with ease. Advances in technology will create many more jobs that citizens will be to take up so the unemployment rate will decrease as well. The more people, the better. The more people, the more minds there are to create and innovate new ideas and solve new problems. The better city will have low pollution, low energy use, the smallest carbon footprintHigh-density cities also offer more freedom and are often more prosperous (Foster). So as explained by foster, cities with higher population actually benefit from the higher amount of people.

Only a couple years ago, apple first introduced the iphone and only slightly wealthy and above men and woman purchased these products. But then eventually the iphone became a must have to a majority of the population and having one was being considered being part of the norm. This is just a modern day example of humans naturally adapting to new information, so it is bound to repeat in the future with newer tech. Humans will not turn obese and become lazy potato couches; instead they will use their new technology and become more useful and smarter with. People will have more spare time and will choose to use that time to learn or to create new things. But, unfortunately, even with smarter technology, global warming still will have an even greater affect on humans. The way that I believe that humans will adapt to climate change is that they will create ways around it, as does. Christy, i believe that more people will live and work in structures that protect them from friend the extremes of hot and cold that only the richer people of the world now enjoy (16). This climatologist believes that instead of fixing global warming, humans will learn to avoid it by working in comfortable environments.

10 years from now essay

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Car dealerships will slowly begin to sell electric cars exclusively in a social campaign against cars that pollute the air, which in turn will lead to a zero-emission future. In the next fifty years, life will become much easier for humans. There will be devices that make common chores and duties for humans simpler and faster. Some say that these robots are for the better, yet some say that an easier life will lead to obesity and laziness. Probably most people will not be particularly aware of the change, from day to day, because it will have become a part of the culture (Mandil 151). As technology becomes more and more available, people are going to naturally adapt to the change,. Mandil, the executive director of the International Energy Agency, states. For instance, nowadays iPhones are common everywhere in the world.

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10 years from now essay

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Cars are the most popular choice for transportation and which therefore means that they need to be the most efficient. With cars homework being advanced to the point that they are purely electric and engines only exist to power the battery, the planet Earth will become less polluted. Electricity will be the futures main power source. As we are learning, burning fossil fuels creates toxic waste that damages Earths atmosphere. Plus, electricity can be made with many different methods: wind, hydro (water and even nuclear power plants create electricity. With so many different ways of creating electricity, it is a very useful and convenient resource. Even in the 1990s people talked about how electricity is a safe and great resource, the california air Resources board, the authority charged with cleaning up the states smoggy skies, realized work that it would be possible to build zero-emission cars powered only with electricity from the power.

This means that twenty years ago, engineers discovered that they had the ability to create fully electric cars. So, why hasn't the world created battery powered cars? Well, they have, but, not everyone is buying them! The problem is humans do not want to use their money and buy cheap hybrid cars. Other cars seem more cool to people, so they buy cars that appeal to their eye. Somehow we need to inform the world that if we do not stop polluting the air with harmful toxins from just cars alone, the worlds climate will drastically change in the next fifty years.

Because humans have polluted their world, they will work to solve the problem by creating better cars and use more electricity with efficiency. The most recognized problem in the earth today is global warming due to human pollution. Ross Gelbspan, an author on two books on the global climate and Pulitzer Prize winner, states, we will likely be seeing crop failures in the worlds breadbaskets: due to changes in rainfall patterns, more extensive drought, water scarcity, and insect infestations (233). Today many professors and researchers say that global warming has already taken effect on the world we live. If a solution is not found soon enough then it will only get worse form here. Even though we will try to help our planet from here on out, it may be too late to fix the problem of climate change.

Humans are the species that have polluted this world in the first place, the rapid progress in science and technology that has brought so many benefits to humankind is also largely responsible for the damage we witness on our plane, (Ciechanover 129).What this research professor is trying. Electricity is the answer. . With battery powered cars, sure electric bills will go up, but it will be saving the planet. Does the human race want to complain about electricity bills or do they want to save the planet they live on? The latest figures show that renewable electricity has made huge inroads without any global plan. If governments finally take decisive action, the future could be very low-carbon indeed (Aldhous). One author informs that cars and other transportation systems will be fully electric and battery powered, and thus will prevent the burning of fossil fuels. Ceo of Visionary vehicles. Bricklin says that all transportation will be powered by batteries and that, the purpose of the engine will be to recharge the battery, giving the car greater range and thereby making it a viable choice for daily travel (99).

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The alleged injured is involved in triple crime first self, harming attempt mini to dralt, and others like it that i have collected, lend themselves well discussion to the using is to be read when the reader reaches the end of the page, or it need. Draft 3, the Effects of Global Warming in the next Half Century. Life will change in every aspect as we know it during the next 50 years. . Our lives will drastically change as the technology advances around. In the book, the way will be 50 years from Today: 60 of the worlds Greatest Minds Share Their Vision of the next Half Century, edited by mike wallace, authors explain their vision of the next fifty years. Some explain how technology will rapidly advance and some say that human beings will improve on the way they live and learn. Technology will help humans live longer and stronger even though humans are polluting their own world. .

10 years from now essay

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10 years from now essay
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