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The bill clearly showed USs distrust in pakistans military command and considered pakistani taliban more threatening than Afghan Taliban, amongst many other essential points. 2010: In the beginning of the year, pakistan Army in a joint operation with us intelligence agencies captured Mullah Abdul Ghani baradar, a famous Taliban commander, from the tribal belt of pakistan. The success of the operation was hailed by the United States and pakistan was praised for its utmost cooperation. 2011: In the beginning of 2011, raymond davis, a cia agent in pakistan killed two pakistani men in Lahore, claiming that they came to rob him. Davis was taken into custody for killing civilians, however, American officials claimed that he was entitled to diplomatic immunity and must be released immediately. Raymond davis was later acquitted of the murder charges and was sent to United States. In the may of 2011, Osama bin Laden was killed in an operation conducted by us navy seals in Abbottabad, pakistan.

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2004: President george bush officially declared pakistan as a non-Nato ally granting it the authority to purchase strategic and advanced military equipments. Since 2004, us army has launched various drone strikes on aboriginal the north-western side of the country. The drone strikes aim to target pakistani taliban and supporters of al qaeda, however, the strikes have also resulted in latge civilian deaths and caused much opposition from pakistanis. 2007: A report was issued in which pakistan was accused of using aid money provided by us to pakistan for its cooperation on war on terror, for strengthening its defence against India. 2008: The trust, on both sides, has been missing since the war on terror started as us on several occasions has accused pakistan Army to tip the taliban and pro-taliban factions off on us operations. In the june of 2008, an air strike by the us army killed 11 paramilitary soldiers of pakistan Army Frontier Corps, along with eight Taliban. The strike and deaths instigated a fierce reaction from pakistani command calling the act to have shaken the foundations of mutual trust and cooperation. 2009: President Musharraf confessed that the billions of dollars of aid that pakistan received from United States, for being a partner in war against terror, were diverted and channelled in order to build better defence mechanism against India. The famous Kerry-lugar Bill, which invited much controversy firm and criticism, was passed in the October of 2009. The bill entailed the approval of granting.5 billion of non-military aid, if the command of the country accepted certain condition.

However, in July of 1998, us lifted the sanctions on both the countries for purchasing agricultural products from us farmers. Later in the year President Clinton exercised his waiver on lifting restrictions on the activities of us banks in pakistan. 2001: After the 9/11 attacks and USs invasion in various countries to eradicate militancy, pakistan became one of the most important strategic allies for United States. Initially pakistan tried first to strike a negotiation deal with Taliban and al qaeda members to handover Osama bin Laden to American authorities. However, when negotiations failed, pakistan allowed American army to use its military bases for launching attacks on Afghan soil. However, President Pervez musharraf confessed that the country had no option but to support United States as it had threatened pakistan of bombing it into stone age if it did not join the fight against al qaeda. Simultaneously in 2001, us officials introduced a bill to lift all the sanctions, previously imposed on pakistan under Pressler and Glenn amendments. 2003: United States officially forgave 1 billion worth of loan it had granted to pakistan in a goodwill gesture and appreciation for pakistans cooperation.

ashutosh saxena resume

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1990: us, under the Pressler amendment, imposed sanctions on pakistan, as the country by then had lost its strategic importance in soviet war. 1992: The relations between us and pakistan plummeted further when us ambassador Nicholas Platt, warned pakistan of being included into state sponsors of terrorism list, in case it continued to support militants causing trouble in India. 1995: Benazir Bhutto visited United States and requested president Bill Clinton to lift the embargoes on pakistan and launch a joint operation to eradicate militancy from the region. As a reaction to Bhuttos proposal, Brown amendment, which provided for the delivery of 368 million of military equipment purchased but not received by pakistan before the imposition of Pressler amendment sanctions in 1990, was passed; however, the sanctions on arms were not lifted. 1998: Prime minister Nawaz sharif conducted nuclear test in Balochistan, in retaliation to similar tests conducted by India, which invited the wrath of Clintons administration on both the countries. President Clinton imposed sanctions under Glenn amendment on India as well as pakistan. Glenn amendment included suspension of aid, including economic development assistance, credits and credit guarantees by the us government, us bank loans to the governments of India and pakistan, loans from international financial institutions, such as the imf and World Bank, and exports of dual-use nuclear.

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ashutosh saxena resume

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President Jimmy carter, an anti-socialist, won the presidential election of us and announced to seek a ban on nuclear weapons. Bhutto lost the favours he enjoyed whilst Nixon was us president as Carter did not appreciate his policies and tightened already placed embargoes on pakistan. However, Bhutto managed to procure items to enhance his atomic bomb project. President Carter and his administration allegedly threatened Bhutto to disrupt the process of atomic proliferation and research to which the latter did not agree, leading to his differences with the Americans. During zia ul Haqs regime, pakistan and United States enjoyed a warm and congenial relationship, which was primarily based on military ties and advancements. During the decade, us, along with cia and isi, launched billions of dollars worth of operations to prevent soviet forces from further advancing into the region.

It is during this period that United States granted billions of dollars to pakistan in the name of military and economical aid. By the year 1981, pakistan was discussing.2-billion aid package with United States and in 1987 pakistan became the second largest recipient of aid after Israel. However, by the end of General zias regime, congress adopted. The amendment banned major military and economical aid to pakistan unless the state was able to justify and provide sufficient evidence that the funds are not being used for nuclear proliferation. However homework it is alleged that although pakistan disclosed that it could enrich uranium and assemble a nuclear device in 19 respectively, the sanctions were not imposed till 1990.

The request was granted by the prime minister. 1960s: During the decade, the pro-American sentiments. Western side of pakistan were at an all time high. However, the military and financial assistance was directed more towards West pakistan, which caused an uproar and feeling of distrust in East pakistan. Ayub Khan allowed United States to fly spy mission to soviet Union from pakistans territory and accompanied by his daughter visited United States of America. VR7HwKD3xguu, united States increased the amount of aid pakistan was designated to receive from the consortium of pakistan, half a billion dollars of which were lost in 1965s Indo-pakistan war—war staged to cause a rebel in Indian occupied Kashmir.

The war also led us to place economical and military embargoes on pakistan, which resulted in an economic collapse. being an important ally for us during the cold war, United States supported pakistan, despite the arms embargo. Pakistan also assisted president Richard Nixon in making his first visit to peoples Republic of China. During 1971s war, us is speculated to have provided pakistan with arms and military aid, in order to discourage India from penetrating further into the cities of pakistan because losing pakistan meant losing an important ally in the soviet war. Moreover, as per the elections result, zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was elected as the president of pakistan and later on became the prime minister in 1974. Although Bhutto was considered a socialist, he was a close and respected friend of president Nixon, which went in pakistans favour.

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During the initial years of pakistan, the country had the options of building the allegiance with soviet Union or United States, however, pakistan opted for the latter. pakistans first prime minister, liaquat Ali Khan visited United States to meet president Harry s truman. It is alleged that during pm khans first visit to us, president Truman requested pakistans premier to let the cia formulate a base in pakistan, strictly to keep an eye on the activities of soviet Union—a request which was not granted by Khan. Throughout the course of these years many officials from pakistan such as commander-in-chief ayub Khan, foreign minister Zafrullah Khan, foreign secretary ikramullah, finance minister Ghulam Muhammad, defence secretary sikander Mirza and special envoy mir laiq Ali visited us, aiming to receive financial aids from the. 1954: pakistan signed, mutual Defense Assistance Agreement with the United States in may. Under the agreement, many pakistani soldiers went to United States for training whereas us also established a military Assistance Advisory Group (Maag) in Rawalpindi. 1956: President Dwight Eisenhower requested prime minister Suhrawardy to lease. Peshawar Air Station to the American Army for keeping an eye on soviet Union and its ballistic missile programme.

ashutosh saxena resume

Kapil Katyal, i-jeng Wang, Philippe burlina, johns Hopkins University. Bert de brabandere, davy neven, luc Van gool, ku leuven. Pierre sermanet, google; Corey lynch, google; Jasmine Hsu, google; Sergey levine, uc berkeley. Tuning Modular Networks with weighted Losses for Hand-eye coordination. Fangyi zhang, jürgen leitner, michael Milford, peter Corke, queensland University of Technology. Prime minister syed Yusuf raza gilani, left, speaks as us president Barack Obama listens.—ap photo. United States of America remains one of the first countries to have established diplomatic ties with pakistan. Although the relationship dates back to October 20, 1947, it can be extrapolated that the relations have been based strictly on military and economic support.

with bayesian neural Networks. Feras dayoub, niko suenderhauf, peter Corke, queensland University of Technology. Hand movement Prediction Based Collision-free human-Robot Interaction. Yiwei wang, xin ye, yezhou yang, wenlong Zhang, Arizona State University. Learning Robot Activities from First-person human Videos Using Convolutional Future regression. Jangwon lee, michael ryoo (Indiana University). Leveraging deep reinforcement learning for reaching Robotic Tasks.

Rob Dupre, kingston University; georgios tzimiropoulos, nottingham University; Vasileios Argyriou, with kingston University. Real-time hand grasp recognition using weakly supervised two-stage convolutional neural networks for understanding manipulation actions. Ji woong Kim, sujeong you, sang hoon ji, hong seok kim, korea institute of Industrial Technology. Finding Anomalies with Generative adversarial Networks for a patrolbot. Wallace lawson, Esube bekele, keith Sullivan, naval Research Laboratory. Curiosity-driven Exploration by self-supervised Prediction, deepak pathak, pulkit Agrawal, Alyosha Efros, Trevor Darrell, uc berkeley. Accepted Papers, title authors 3d pose regression using Convolutional neural Networks. Siddharth Mahendran, haider Ali, rene vidal, johns Hopkins University.

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Poster Spotlights, title authors, learning Robot Activities from First-person human Videos Using Convolutional Future regression. Best paper award, jangwon lee, michael ryoo (Indiana University). Semantic Instance segmentation for Autonomous Driving. Best paper runner up award, bert de brabandere, davy neven, luc Van gool, ku leuven. Time-contrastive networks: Self-Supervised learning from Multi-view Observation. Honorable mention, pierre sermanet, google; Corey lynch, dates google; Jasmine Hsu, google; Sergey levine, uc berkeley. End-to-End Driving in a realistic Racing Game with deep reinforcement learning. Etienne perot, valeo; Maximilian Jaritz, valeo/Inria; Marin Toromanoff, valeo; raoul de Charette (Inria). Automated risk assessment for scene understanding and domestic robots using rgb-d data and.5d cnns at a patch level.

Ashutosh saxena resume
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