Dark ages essay

dark ages essay

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Martinus Veltman waxes eloquent on Big Bang Cosmology An establishment physicist, nobel laureate martinus Veltman, has the courage to describe the Emperor's new clothes would that we could have a few more like him! Wfirst : the next in the series of satellite boondoggles a satellite is the best place to hide science hanky panky and what do you have to say about dark energy, professor veltman? Wfirst, dark Energy, saul Perlmutter, Alan. Boss Scamming under the noble umbrella of the national Academy of Sciences They are seeking to lead your young'uns - pied Piper-style readers, in the past i've told you about science scams and science frauds that have already happened. Now i am telling you about one that is about to happen. Katie bar the door! Big bang cosmology: the dark sector dark sector dark matter dark Energy dark godknowswhatelseiscoming Big Bang Cosmology dark sector (Dark matter, dark Energy) They are building their own billion satellites! Physicists play, citizens pay!

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Org; Hawking and Witten: whitehouse. Gov john Mather, Frank wilczek, stephen Hawking, Edward Witten, Brian Greene Physics icons for the Age of fakery the greatest discovery in the history of man and the accolades galore! John Mather cobe satellite confirmation of Big Bang Cosmology john Mather cobe satellite confirmation of Big Bang Cosmology This is what happens in the Age of fakery the stephen hawking matzo ball the guy is as dishonest a scientist as they come! Stephen Hawking has left his great big matzo ball hanging out there Stephen Hawking is left his great big matzo ball hanging out there This is what happens in the Age of fakery the patron saints of big bang cosmology money money money. Steven weinberg is raking it in Steven weinberg is raking it in This is what happens in the Age of fakery the john mather protection circle if you are anointed, they circle the wagons around you science fraud John Mather's protection circle Science fraud John. O.; prizes cannot mask fraud Charles Bennett is anointed Charles Bennett is anointed This is what happens in the Age of fakery was cobe the only nasa satellite fraud? Was fraud committted with nasa wmap satellite as well? What did Charles Bennett import to wmap from cobe? New revelations about wmap should this be sent to wikileaks? Big bang big ten test your Big Bang IQ! Principal honours actors of Big Bang Cosmology Principal actors of Big Bang Cosmology This is what happens in the Age of fakery big bang cosmology: one honest comment he's got that right!

The physics decade : The accomplishments! The physics decade The glorious physics decade Physics megatrends in the Age of fakery? Great scams of the physics establishment your money at work! Physics scams Scams of the physics establishment What goes on in the Age of fakery? Physicists play citizens pay your money at work! Financing the pet dreams of few. Omphaloskepsis of the physics establishment: The citizen pays for it What goes on in the Age of fakery physics fakery iroad context: for Understand what is going down around you! Understanding the abcs of the Age of fakery Understanding the abcs of the Age of fakery some icons for the Age of fakery source: m five physics icons: In the Age of fakery, the highest scamming gets you the highest finery john Mather, Frank wilczek.

dark ages essay

The essay dark ages

A nefarious scheme was hatched. Two back-to-back papers were published by the two teams: Basically one team was ordering up a predicted result, and the other team was filling the order. (Would you like fries with that?) The observation was thus scammed into the exclusive service of Big Bang Cosmology when it could have had gps other, better explanations in physics. The big Bang Blackbody of Smoot mather was outright fraud. Herbert Gush did not observe the big Bang Blackbody. The 2011 Nobel Prize for Physics to perlmutter, Schmidt and riess was for a totally sham discovery. Watch the progress of the book here!

Have a few chuckles and laughs. Then ponder the very dark nature of this diabolic declivity. Mankind has never faced such sublime evil. What does it mean for you, your children? Finally, do not forget to note the dishonest and dishonorable role of the science media and the mass media in bombastically promoting sham physics and scam physics and fraud physics before the society. They are the enablers. The authoritative story of Big Bang Cosmology fraud: the falsifiers of the universe, from a belgian Roman Catholic priest via his Majesty the king of Sweden and His Holiness the pope to a charismatic American President - it is going to be quite a yarn! Penzias and Wilson met privately with Princeton Big Bang Cosmologists.

Essay on the dark ages

dark ages essay

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Now you have to do this at the expense of taking the civilization under. It is nutrition as though you have lost your source of steady income, and have started to sell the prized family jewels and heirlooms. You know where that leads. The physics fat cats are selling all our family jewels and heirlooms and fattening themselves. They are in fact liquidating physics.

As an example of this, i have shown how they are liquidating the time-honored Alfred Nobel name. The diabolic declivity, it is almost as though this is a hidden pool they have discovered and they are sneaking in at night and taking dips. This is a very special warm water pool heated by a bunch of strange cocoons at the bottom. Thus, beyond public fame and fortune, they are enjoying some kind of intense secret pleasure not the finest of our psychologists can fathom. Now, if only they would give me a little taste of that secret pleasure in a tiny plastic spoon, may be i would shut up! Reader, do you capice all this? Then lets get pictorial!

He is actually merchandizing eastern spirituality for personal benefit. John yoo whom you know as an illustrious intellectual in the national leadership. He is actually a legal gun for hire. But even these actors are dwarfed by the highest of the high scammers in the rarified heights : The physicists. They are so sophisticated that in this World of six billion citizens, only one person has caught. And he has come to tell you all.

He will tell you all. You should read and understand this new scourge on humanity because it concerns you in a very direct way: The physicists are leading the civilization in a downward spiral in this Age of fakery. Physicists: the brave new breed of intellectual scammers. One of the main characteristics of the Age of fakery is that the world inures itself to the oddest and most incongruous of occurrences, thinking that it is a harbinger of the new. If somebody turns physics into a three ring circus, the world thinks that this is the beneficial new direction physics is taking, in natures own course. Of course the citizens of the world do not have the knowledge of physics to reach these conclusions by themselves. It is the scamming media that is training them thus and actively helping this declivity of the civilization. Why are they all doing this, you ask? Because in the affairs of man, most conventional and innovative avenues of making easy fame and quick fortune have run their courses.

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On scam, like craftsmen in any other arenas, scammers come in a whole range of artistic sophistication. At the bottom end are the middle-eastern rug merchants and reviews Greek taxi drivers; slightly above are the nigerian scammers and boiler-room telephone operators with all kinds of offers; in the mid-range are corporate peddlers of sophisticated "scientifically formulated" wrinkles-be-gone skin creams and young-forever pills and. This is pretty much the range of sophistication if you follow the world affairs in the media. But above this already very high stack are the growing green shoots of a new, unprecedented type of scam that the media will not tell you about. The world hasn't got a prayer against them. That is where you,. Everyman, need my unique services. And my services are absolutely free! First, let me introduce you to a couple of familiar names in this growing new category: deepak chopra whom you know as a gift to humanity.

dark ages essay

As an unintended side effect, his personal wealth is increasing apace. This is an expandable essay! Visit often, please note: Many of the graphics below were published earlier in the blog site. The dreamheron chronicles, hence the references to Dreamheron. And a word about humor, silliness and sarcasm in these sites: When you are dealing with agent a subject as poisonous as this, those are your most effective prophylactics. If you treat this subject with seriousness, you will go stark raving mad! Nietzsche said it best: Wer mit Ungeheuern kmpft, mag zusehen, da er nicht dabei zum Ungeheuer wird. He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. Or if you prefer, take the Swedish proverb: Skmtet r den kvickes vapen; allvaret r den dummes skld.

cannot be detected. It was not until twenty-six years later, when the physicists Frederick reines and Clyde. Cowan built a neutrino detector near the savannah river nuclear plant in south Carolina, that the existence of the particle was confirmed. A pictorial essay, the-foundation-is-the-frontier series, essays on, physics and physicists in the Twenty-first Century. Bibhas de, physics in the Age of fakery: A pictorial essay. An icon of modern-day physics in performance : Columbia university physics professor and Physics Phenom Brian Greene who believes that until physicists achieve rock star status, the civilization will not "jump" to the next level. He is helping the civilization take that step.

That combination of factors makes neutrinos the best focus for deep-space astronomy. Most photons cannot reach us from the most distant points in the universe (the most energetic ones cannot even make it from the edge of the galaxy: they crash into microwave background radiation along the way). And though radio waves routinely travel as far as neutrinos, they are emitted even by rather mundane astronomical objectsthe moon, for instance. Neutrinos, on the other hand, not only travel long distances, they are easy to categorize: low-energy neutrinos are generated by the sun, by cosmic-ray collisions in the upper atmosphere, and by other nearby phenomena; high-energy neutrinos only reach the earth from distant, supremely violent eventsgamma-ray. By focusing on high-energy neutrinos alone, a telescope can naturally filter out all essay but the most interesting things in the sky. But there is no free lunch. If neutrinos can fly through planets without stopping, they hardly brake for your average telescope mirror. In fact, neutrinos are so hard to detect that for decades they existed only in theory.

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Per Olof Hulth, checking the list to make sure everything is in order. A literary essay about amanda by Francis Halzen page 2, the end result, abstracted on a computer screen, would have seemed unremarkable to most people. But to us it was the sole trace of lined a particle that had traversed vast distances to reach us, perhaps a remnant of one of the most spectacular events in the universe. More to the point, it was the first concrete proof that amanda workedthat it could help map the distant depths of space, thereby perhaps resolving some of the most heated controversies in physics. Later, when i e-mailed the diagram to our collaborators, one of them wrote back: "This is why ive spent five years of my life on this project." "neutrinos, they are very small john Updike wrote, famously. "They have no charge and have no mass / And do not interact at all." As it turns out, Updike was wrong on two counts, but he got the spirit right, anyway. Neutrinos are so small and slippery that they pass through the earth (and stars and cities and most everything else) like a bullet through a rainstorm. Unfazed by magnetic fields or the strong nuclear force, they have to make a direct hit on a proton to be stopped at alla highly unlikely event. At the same time, neutrinos are about as plentiful in the universe as the photons that constitute light: 3 x 1016 of them pass through our bodies every second.

Dark ages essay
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  3. Checking the list to make sure everything is in order. A literary essay about amanda by Francis Halzen page 2).

  4. Age, of fakery: a pictorial, essay by bibhas. Then ponder the very dark nature of this diabolic declivity. He would only follow. Essay on an Old Subject There is only one cure for gray hair. Essay, on style by walter pater fellow of brasenose college london: macmillan and.of today may observe already, in The Blessed Damozel, written at the age.

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