Espionage essay

espionage essay

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The need for skilled individuals to staff embassies was met by the graduates of universities, and this led to a great increase in the study of international law, french, and history at universities throughout Europe. At the same time, permanent foreign ministries began to be established in almost all European states to coordinate embassies and their staffs. These ministries were still far from their modern form, and many of them had extraneous internal responsibilities. Britain had two departments with frequently overlapping powers until 1782. They were also far smaller than they are currently. France, which boasted the largest foreign affairs department, had only some 70 full-time employees in the 1780s. The elements of modern diplomacy slowly spread to eastern Europe and Russia, arriving by the early 18th century.

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Smaller states would send and receive envoys, who were a rung below ambassador. Somewhere between the two was the position of minister plenipotentiary. Diplomacy was a complex affair, even more so than now. The ambassadors from each state were ranked by complex levels of precedence that were much disputed. States were normally ranked by the title of the sovereign; for Catholic nations the emissary from the vatican was paramount, then those from the kingdoms, then those from duchies and principalities. Representatives from republics were ranked the lowest summary (which often angered the leaders of the numerous German, Scandinavian and Italian republics). Determining precedence between two kingdoms depended on a number of factors that often fluctuated, leading to near-constant squabbling. Ambassadors were often nobles with little foreign experience and no expectation of a career in diplomacy. They were supported by their embassy staff. These professionals would be sent on longer assignments and would be far summary more knowledgeable than the higher-ranking officials about the host country. Embassy staff would include a wide range of employees, including some dedicated to espionage.

In rules of modern diplomacy were further developed. 12 French replaced Latin from about 1715. The top rank of representatives was an ambassador. At that time an ambassador was a write nobleman, the rank of the noble assigned varying with the prestige of the country he was delegated. Strict standards developed for ambassadors, requiring they have large residences, host lavish parties, and play an important role in the court life of their host nation. In Rome, the most prized posting for a catholic ambassador, the French and Spanish representatives would have a retinue of up to a hundred. Even in smaller posts, ambassadors were very expensive.

espionage essay

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Rules of modern london diplomacy edit From Italy the practice was spread across Europe. Milan was the first to send biography a representative to the court of France in 1455. However, milan refused to host French representatives fearing espionage and that the French representatives would intervene in its internal affairs. As foreign powers such as France and Spain became increasingly involved in Italian politics the need to accept emissaries was recognized. Soon the major European powers were exchanging representatives. Spain was the first to send a permanent representative; it appointed an ambassador to the court. By the late 16th century, permanent missions became customary. The holy roman Emperor, however, did not regularly send permanent legates, as they could not represent the interests of all the german princes (who were in theory all subordinate to the Emperor, but in practice each independent).

Whereas classical writers are fond of making a sharp distinction between peace and war, for the byzantines diplomacy was a form of war by other means. With a regular army of 120,000-140,000 men after the losses of the seventh century, 8 the empire's security depended on activist diplomacy. Byzantium's " Bureau of Barbarians " was the first foreign intelligence agency, gathering information on the empires rivals from every imaginable source. 9 While on the surface a protocol office—its main duty was to ensure foreign envoys were properly cared for and received sufficient state funds for their maintenance, and it kept all the official translators—it clearly had a security function as well. On Strategy, from the 6th century, offers advice about foreign embassies: "Envoys who are sent to us should be received honourably and generously, for everyone holds envoys in high esteem. Their attendants, however, should be kept under surveillance to keep them from obtaining any information by asking questions of our people." 10 Medieval and Early modern Europe edit further information: Category:Medieval diplomats, niccolò machiavelli, and The Prince In Europe, early modern diplomacy's origins 11 are. Milan played a leading role, especially under Francesco Sforza who established permanent embassies to the other city states of Northern Italy. Tuscany and Venice were also flourishing centres of diplomacy from the 14th century onwards. It was in the Italian Peninsula that many of the traditions of modern diplomacy began, such as the presentation of an ambassador's credentials to the head of state.

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espionage essay

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The envoys sent at the time to the courts of other kingdoms tended to reside for extended periods of time, and Arthashastra contains advice on the deportment of the envoy, including the trenchant suggestion that 'he should sleep alone'. The highest morality for the king is that his kingdom should prosper. 7 India's Diplomatic Personnel Europe edit Ancient Greece and Hellenistic period edit main article: Proxeny further information: Category:Ancient Greek diplomats The ancient Greek city-states on some occasions sent envoys to each other in order to negotiate specific issues, such as war and peace or commercial. However, some of the functions given to modern diplomatic representatives were in Classical Greece filled by a proxenos, who was a citizen of the host city having a particular relations of friendship with another city a relationship often hereditary in a particular family. In times of peace diplomacy was even conducted with rivals such as the Achaemenid Empire of Persia, though the latter eventually succumbed to the invasions of the macedonian king Alexander the Great. The latter was also adept at diplomacy, realizing that in order to conquer certain territories it was important for his Macedonian and subject Greek troops to mingle and intermarry with native populations.

For instance, alexander even took a sogdian woman of Bactria as his wife, roxana, after the siege of the sogdian Rock, in order to quell the region (which had been troubled by local rebels such as Spitamenes ). Diplomacy was a necessary tool of statecraft essay for the great Hellenistic kingdoms such as the Ptolemaic Kingdom and Seleucid Empire, who fought several wars in the near East and often negotiated a peace treaty through alliances through marriage. Byzantine Empire edit main article: byzantine diplomacy The key challenge to the byzantine Empire was to maintain a set of relations between itself and its sundry neighbors, including the georgians, iberians, the germanic peoples, the bulgars, the Slavs, the Armenians, the huns, the avars, the. All these neighbors lacked a key resource that byzantium had taken over from Rome, namely a formalized legal structure. When they set about forging formal political institutions, they were dependent on the empire.

Chinese diplomacy was a necessity in the distinctive period of Chinese exploration. Since the tang Dynasty (618907 ad the Chinese also became heavily invested in sending diplomatic envoys abroad on maritime missions into the Indian Ocean, to India, persia, arabia, east Africa, and Egypt. Chinese maritime activity was increased dramatically during the commercialized period of the song Dynasty, with new nautical technologies, many more private ship owners, and an increasing amount of economic investors in overseas ventures. During the mongol Empire (12061294) the mongols created something similar to today's diplomatic passport called paiza. The paiza were in three different types (golden, silver, and copper) depending on the envoy's level of importance. With the paiza, there came authority that the envoy can ask for food, transport, place to stay from any city, village, or clan within the empire with no difficulties.

From the 17th century the qing Dynasty concluded a series of treaties with czarist Russia, beginning with the Treaty of Nerchinsk in the year 1689. This was followed up by the aigun Treaty and the convention of peking in the mid-19th century. As European power spread around the world in the 18th and 19th centuries so too did its diplomatic model, and Asian countries adopted European diplomatic systems. Ancient India edit Ancient India, with its kingdoms and dynasties, had a long tradition of diplomacy. The oldest treatise on statecraft and diplomacy, arthashastra, is attributed to kautilya (also known as Chanakya who was the principal adviser to Chandragupta maurya, the founder of the maurya dynasty who ruled in the 3rd century. It incorporates a theory of diplomacy, of how in a situation of mutually contesting kingdoms, the wise king builds alliances and tries to checkmate his adversaries.

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After several conflicts with the tibetan Empire spanning several different decades, the tang finally made a truce and signed a peace treaty with them in 841. In the 11th century during the song Dynasty (9601279 there were cunning ambassadors such as Shen kuo and su song who achieved diplomatic success with the liao dynasty, the often hostile Khitan neighbor to barbing the north. Both diplomats secured the rightful borders of the song Dynasty through knowledge of cartography and dredging up old court archives. There was also a triad of warfare and diplomacy between these two states and the tangut Western xia dynasty to the northwest of Song China (centered in modern-day shaanxi ). After warring with the lý dynasty of vietnam from 1075 to 1077, song and lý made a peace agreement in 1082 to exchange the respective lands they had captured from each other during the war. Long before the tang and Song dynasties, the Chinese had sent envoys into central Asia, india, and Persia, starting with Zhang qian in the 2nd century. Another notable event in Chinese diplomacy was the Chinese embassy mission of Zhou daguan to the Khmer Empire of Cambodia in the 13th century.

espionage essay

6 From the battle of baideng (200 BC) to the battle of mayi (133 bc the han Dynasty was forced to uphold a marriage alliance and pay an exorbitant amount of tribute (in silk, cloth, grain, and other foodstuffs) to the powerful northern nomadic xiongnu. After the xiongnu sent word to Emperor Wen of Han (r. 180157) that they controlled areas stretching from Manchuria to the tarim Basin oasis city-states, a treaty was drafted in 162 bc proclaiming that everything north of the Great Wall belong to nomads' lands, while everything south of it would be reserved for Han Chinese. The treaty was renewed no less than nine times, but did not restrain some xiongnu tuqi from raiding Han borders. That was until the far-flung campaigns of Emperor wu of Han (r. 14187 BC) which shattered the unity of the xiongnu and allowed Han to conquer the western Regions ; under wu, in 104 bc the han armies ventured as far Fergana in Central Asia to battle the yuezhi who had conquered Hellenistic Greek areas. The koreans and Japanese during the Chinese tang Dynasty (618907 AD) looked to the Chinese capital of Chang'an as the hub of civilization and emulated its central bureaucracy as the model of governance. The japanese sent frequent embassies to China in this period, although they halted thesis these trips in 894 when the tang seemed on the brink of collapse. After the devastating An Shi rebellion from 755 to 763, the tang Dynasty was in no position to reconquer Central Asia and the tarim Basin.

the Italian and Ottoman empires helped inaugurate and create new forms of diplomacy and statecraft. Eventually the primary purpose of a diplomat, which was originally a negotiator, evolved into a persona that represented an autonomous state in all aspects of political affairs. It became evident that all other sovereigns felt the need to accommodate themselves diplomatically, due to the emergence of the powerful political environment of the Ottoman Empire. 5 One could come to the conclusion that the atmosphere of diplomacy within the early modern period revolved around a foundation of conformity to Ottoman culture. East Asia edit main article: Foreign relations of Imperial China further information: Category:Chinese diplomats, heqin, haijin, sino-roman relations, sino-Indian relations, europeans in Medieval China, jesuit China missions, nanban trade, luso-Chinese agreement (1554), history of Macau, macartney embassy, and Islam in China One of the earliest. 496 bc author of The Art of War. He lived during a time in which rival states were starting to pay less attention to traditional respects of tutelage to the Zhou dynasty (c. 1050256 BC) figurehead monarchs while each vied for power and total conquest. However, a great deal of diplomacy in establishing allies, bartering land, and signing peace treaties was necessary for each warring state, and the idealized role of the "persuader/diplomat" developed.

Asia edit, west Asia edit. Ancient Egypt, canaan, and Hittite Empire edit, some of the earliest known mini diplomatic records are the. Amarna letters written between the pharaohs of the. Eighteenth dynasty of Egypt and the, amurru rulers of, canaan during the 14th century. Following the battle of Kadesh. 1274 bc during the, nineteenth dynasty, the pharaoh of Egypt and the ruler of the. Hittite Empire created one of the first known international peace treaties which survives in stone tablet fragments, now generally called the EgyptianHittite peace treaty. 4 Ancient Persia edit further information: Foreign relations of Iran, indo-Iranian relations, and Sino-persian relations Ancient Greece edit further information: Proxeny Ottoman Empire edit further information: Foreign relations of the Ottoman Empire relations with the government of the Ottoman Empire (known to Italian states.

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For the textual analysis of historic documents, see. For other uses, see, diplomacy (disambiguation). Ger van Elk, symmetry of Diplomacy, 1975, Groninger Museum. Diplomacy is the art and practice of conducting negotiations between representatives of states. It usually refers to international diplomacy, the conduct of international relations 2 through the intercession of professional diplomats with regard to a full range of topical issues. International treaties are usually negotiated by diplomats prior to endorsement by national politicians. David Stevenson reports that by 1900 the term "diplomats" also covered diplomatic services, consular services and foreign ministry officials. 3, contents, history online edit.

Espionage essay
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  6. Industrial, espionage in the digital Age. By: Sam vaknin,. Embassy staff would include a wide range of employees, including some dedicated to espionage. Frontispiece of the Acts of the congress of vienna.chemical chemistry china cities clothing combat_role computer confidence_game conspiracy cowboy creature cthulhu culture dark_matter day death demon disaster dog drink dyson_sphere economy egypt engine espionage essay.and covert operations. The focus of Chinese intelligence activity has taken on a new shape. There has been a shift away from a sole concentration on militarily technology related espionage.typefaces a story-in-process on the working life of joseph churchward, published by clouds (2009) review of churchward international typefaces by tim abrahams, published in frieze magazine (2009) essay.

  7. Several ex-soviet agents warned the government about Communism and their underground espionage. Tags: history essays, mcCarthyism, mcCarthyism essays, mcCarthyism research paper, mcCarthyism term paper, sample essay. Essanay film Manufacturing Company. Essar Power Gujarat Ltd. Essar Shipping and Logistics Ltd. Industrial, economic, and commercial espionage.

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