Essay on story books

essay on story books

Essay on my hobby reading story books

I love this character because of her personalities and want to have a dream meeting with her. I am producing below;  what I liked in the story book and the movie. "Here i am, being who i want. Giving what I got, never a doubt now, here i go burning like a spark. Light up the dark again. dear readers you can read free books online. Essay on my favourite Story book (1) I have read a number of books in English and Hindi.

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She is a great character for. Another thing I like the magical microphone of keira which she use to change her outfits, hairstyles and shoes. She only says the dress or outfit number and the dress changes within fraction of seconds with the microphone. If that microphone would with me then i used to change my dress, update with any hairstyles and especially the shoes. It would be just like a magic for. Keira also had a pet animal with her named Riff, a cute lovely dog which loves keira very much. I love the black patches on that doggy and also he is a cute animal. Also keira is a smart, beautiful, brave and helpful girl. All these are only imagined by a person who have a great interest in this subject. Keira is a imagined character by zeke norton, director of the movie and story writing book writer.

Barbie in the princess and the popstar is a 2012 American Comedy fantasy animated film produced by rainmaker Animation and Universal Studios Home Animation. The movie is focussed on Tori, the princess of magical kingdom Meribella keira, the world famous singer and of two younger sisters of the young queen Tori. The film is based on the movie barbie in the Prince and The pauper. The princess and the popstar have a magical secret that lets them look alike. My favourite story book character is Popstar keira. She is a calm type of girl imagining to live like a princess. I like her songs collection especially, the song "Here i am" which tells guaranteed about her life. It tells that how she got to be a popstar from her childhood. This song also inspires me a lot to do something great.

essay on story books

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Out of those important characters, one story character "Popstar keira" ( Barbie in the princess and the popstar story) influenced me up to the bottom of my hearty feeling. . Let us watch images. Barbie in the princess and the popstar-click. The story which contains the more events and activities about a character sometimes become the hit character of the story. And it's main role draw estate the attention of the reader at greater scale. So it compels the readers to discuss about the story's moral fibre among their friend circle. And sometime compels to write our feelings about the main persona. So here is the my feelings about my favourite character to which I would like to meet. Barbie in the princess and the popstar is my favourite story book supermarket character.

Conclusion, as in other matter of books, what is good for one man may not be so for another man. Thus no reading could be compulsory prescribed for all manner of men. Surrounded by books as the student is, he is more like to be attracted to those books which on his prescribed course of study than general reading. As ones interests grow, tastes are more specialized and books are picked up for a variety of reasons not always connected with ones vocation. By anusa : 534 Words : For Grade 4: reading book is in my habit. I read books of good story to learn, imagine and explore my creative thinking beyond the limitation of unexplored feelings of human beings. Sometimes few story characters make a print on my mind.

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essay on story books

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Books on history, politics, science should always be widely read. Besides these, contemporary books on important topic such as economy, globalization, taxation, environmental science, social issues, etc., helps us increase our knowledge. Such books also help us develop an overview of what is happening around the world. With regard to these, it is wise to consult a overwriting teacher or a well-read librarian. Attempt should always be made to get the best available books. One should show some preference for books dealing with the peoples and problems of ones own country. Importance of reading books on Vocation.

The world is changing fast and has become quiet complex. This has paved way for professionals such as Doctors, Chartered Accountants, lawyers, etc. They are supposed to have specialized knowledge in their area of practice. Choice of books in often dictated by the needs of ones vocation. Everyone must, if there is any desire for self-improvement, read books that convey the latest information on the subject in which he deals. The man who has stopped reading as soon as he begins to earn, may soon find that he has ceased to each according to his growing needs. For specialized knowledge of ones vocation is sure to increase efficiency and general usefulness.

Suppose one wants to read a novel, it is best to begin with the works of well-known and established writers. The importance of reading the classics is that one will develop the habit of being satisfied only with the best of everything. Having once read the best, one will disdain to read what is second best. One of the objects of studying the Ancient is to be able to appreciate whatever is good and wherever it is fond. The study of classics forms ones taste and judgment.

Once this is achieved the reader can be left to himself. One can also develop classic books such as Aesops Fable, gullivers Travel, etc., and develop literary skills. Importance of reading Modern books. Modern books are not to be neglected or despised. Modern poetry or novels should, however, be read only after ones taste has been formed by reading the classics. But books on general topics for getting knowledge and information must be always read. It is to consult reviews of books published in respectable journals. In these days, it is necessary to know a great deal of many things.

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I feel they capture you memories much london better than pictures, because you can feel exactly like the author when you read. One bad habit you should avoid while reading is never leave a book half-read. If you have never given reading a try then remember that its never too late to start a good habit. Tags: importance of reading books, speech on importance of reading books, importance of reading essay, importance of reading speech, speech on importance of reading. Introduction, the importance and advantages of reading books are many. In this article we will study the importance of reading classic books, modern books, and vocation books. Importance of reading Classic books, it is best to read the classics of literature. By classics we mean those books which have become recognized for their excellence.

essay on story books

We can easily power understand which book is bad, good and the best. And then same happens with humans, it helps us to judge better. When reading gives us so many qualities, it improves our entire life. It provides us new qualities and enhances the old ones. It helps to remove negativity from our life and also saves us from negative people. It just gives an entirely new and complete meaning to our life. Books are always a store-house of memories.

to give relaxation to our body. But we always forget even our mind needs rest. Reading is something which makes us forget all our stress and gives complete relaxation to our mind, just like, yoga. Everyone in summers or vacations, complain about being bored especially children. We use that spare time in playing, roaming or using the latest technologies. Reading books is something which helps us not only to kill boredom but also to use our time productively rather than wasting. When we get a chance to read new books, we start differentiating between books. We start analyzing and categorizing them.

Reading books help you imagine many things which you wouldnt have roles even thought of before. Creativity is something which I feel increases in me every time i read a new book. When you read something your mind starts creating a scenery of it in front of your eyes. When you keep on reading new books with new information, you start learning and experiencing new things. And you start understanding better and much faster than before. You start seeing things in a new way, your point of view changes, in fact I can say improves. Reading different books in itself is a journey. When you are a kid you start with story books, then educational, technical, management, spiritual and.

Essay on reading books

Reading is to the mind, what exercise is to the body. This amazing" describes the importance of reading in just one line. But rather I would like to say, the joy of reading cannot be expressed in words. Its something which can be understood only by experience. Reading a book, gives you a wonderful encounter with the new world created by the writer for you. A reader can extract the best benefits only when he/she falls in love with reading. Reading is something which helps you in creation, understanding better, improving yourself, relaxation, judging, killing boredom and most important gives a meaning to your life.

Essay on story books
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  1. She is a calm type of girl imagining to live like a princess. After that start to decorate those essay, paragraph or short stories. It is very simple to teach in English medium school.

  2. My favourite book write essay on my favorite book m/. They are my favourite story books till now. Please like and subscribe. And comment down below what I should do next and tell me your. My favourite story book character is Popstar keira.

  3. Nowadays technology is developing by leaps and bounds, and e-books, which appeared quite recently, have become popular all over the world. Sagar on English Essay about my favourite Story book for Kids on m — other, Essay — drWess Essay on my favourite book snow White. Read this free essay type article showing importance of books. Reading different books in itself is a journey. When you are a kid you start with story books, then educational, technical, management, spiritual and.

  4. Humans invented books first to record history then stories and now we enjoy them for fun and still for informational use. We have essays on the following topics that may be of interest to you. Importance of books in our Life. Indian government State governments of India indian Literature Indian Music Indian Classical Music Indian Mythology Indian Mythological Stories Lord Krishna Story lord Shiva stories Tales of Lord Vishnu Indian Society Indian Marriage system Hindu. The best way to ensure your English essay is both appealing and persuasive is by my school trip essay trusting reliable English essay on my favourite story book essay writers to help you.

  5. An Essay about books ; Composition Writing about books. People often say that money is everything, because many things can be bought with. I enjoy reading good books particularly novels, short stories, plays, etc. The world famous literary works of great authors such as, Charles Dickens, tolstoy, dominique lappiere, rabindranath Tagore,. Free essays on book report Of How my brother leon Brought Home a wife for students.

  6. The first book of life of every person is the mother, mother tell the stories and lullabies to their children at from the childhood, we teach about the values of books. Children bring their books in their school bag. The monthly book discussing the topics, writing and story of the book picked each month, by themore. Looking for a perfect essay on your favourite book? Trying to find inspiration after reading anomore. Sample Essay about reading books and book essays.

  7. These types of books are generally for kids oriented in the form of comics and stories books and also for adults which are based on the imaginary stories created. Its never late to have a good habit of reading good books, whatever age you have, so start reading and get updated. Long Essay on books. Read Also : Essay on my favorite book. Essay on books Are our Best Friends.

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