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Commercial performance edit The album debuted at number 3 on the us billboard 200 and sold 142,000 copies in its first week, outsold by letoya 's self-titled debut album and the compilation album Now. Most recently, a music video for "That Girl" (featuring Snoop Dogg ) was released and has been receiving airplay on VH1. 16 The second week, it fell to 9 with 51,000 copies sold. 17 On this album, Pharrell makes his solo production debut without his partner Chad Hugo. The album has sold 2,889,025 copies worldwide. Citation needed Track listing edit All songs written and produced by Pharrell Williams ; songs with co-writers are noted. A song titled "Mamacita which featured reggaeton artist Daddy yankee was leaked in early 2006 and was supposed to be the third single from the album, but it did not appear on the final track listing, nor was there a video for the song, but. Not on the official album, "Big White Spaceship" (featuring Timbaland magoo ) is actually an early project with Timbaland magoo called Surrounded by Idiots.

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Originally the essay album had been slated for release on november 15, 2005, but the date was delayed at Williams' request. In an interview on the delay, he stated that he felt the album needed more work. Nearly six months later, it was finally released. Critical reception edit, the album received generally mixed reviews from critics. Rolling Stone called it "still only so-so, offering a series of modestly tuneful, sometimes snoozy soul-pop-hip-hop songs". 11 Entertainment weekly said the album "seems divided against itself, rest assured that all of the songs have something in common: they're not remotely catchy". 12 For AllMusic, andy kellman wrote that "it's not like any part of it is flat-out poor, but it's a shame it didn't turn out better". 13 In his consumer guide for msn music, robert Christgau gave the album a two-star honorable mention rating ( 14 indicating a "likable effort consumers attuned to its overriding aesthetic or individual vision may well enjoy". 15 he cited "Raspy Shit" and "Number One" as highlights and quipped, "keepin' it playa like he says, for exactly what that's worth". 14 Accolades beverage edit The album was nominated for Best Rap Album at the Grammy Awards of 2007, but lost to release Therapy by ludacris.

Billboard 200 and sold 142,000 copies in its first week. It was also certified Silver in the United Kingdom for sales of over 60,000 copies. Contents, background edit, in June 2003, after having produced and featured on several songs by other artists, williams released his debut single ". Frontin' featuring, jay. Despite insisting that the single was a one-off, and that he was purely a producer and not an artist in his own right, it was announced that Williams would release his own studio album. The album includes the three already-released singles ". Can i have it like that " (featuring, summary gwen Stefani angel " (only released in the uk) and ". Number One " (featuring, kanye west ) and performances featuring jay z, nelly, slim Thug, snoop Dogg, lauren London, jamie cullum and, pusha t of, clipse.

longman writer

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Wenden, d j (1993). "Churchill, radio, and Cinema". In Blake, robert resumes B; louis, william Roger. From wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, jump to navigation, jump to search. In my mind is the solo debut studio album by American recording artist and record producer, pharrell Williams. It was released on July 25, 2006. It debuted at number 3 on the.

Diamond Publishing Group (75). Thomas, david A (February 1986). "The historical Works of Sir Winston Churchill". Diamond Publishing Group (24). Thomas, david A (January 1987). "The Speeches of Sir Winston Churchill". Diamond Publishing Group (34).

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3 References edit sources edit Addison, paul (2004). "Churchill, sir Winston leonard Spencer (18741965. Oxford Dictionary book of thesis National biography. Retrieved (subscription or uk public library membership required) baker, Anne pimlott (2004). "Eade, charles Stanley (19031964. Retrieved (subscription or uk public library membership required) Barrett, buckley barry (2000).

Churchill: a concise bibliography. Westport, ct: Greenwood Publishing Group. Dictionary of Literary biography: Modern British Essayists. Dictionary of Literary biography: Nobel Prize laureates in Literature. Nudd, kevin (June 1990). "Winston Churchill's Early books". The book and Magazine collector.

Churchill served as Prime minister for a second time between October 1951 and April 1955 before resigning the premiership; he continued to serve as an mp until 1964. His final major work was the four-volume work a history of the English-Speaking peoples (195658). In 1953 Churchill was awarded the nobel Prize in Literature "for his mastery of historical and biographical description as well as for brilliant oratory in defending exalted human values". 1 Churchill was almost always well paid as an author and, for most of his life, writing was his main source of income. He produced a huge portfolio of written work; the journalist and historian paul Johnson estimates that Churchill wrote an estimated eight to ten million words in more than forty books, thousands of newspaper and magazine articles, and at least two film scripts. John Gunther in 1939 estimated that he earned 100,000 a year (1.39 million in 2016) from writing and lecturing, but that "of this he spends plenty".

22 American novelist of the same name edit In 1899 Churchill became aware of the American novelist of the same name. He wrote to his American contemporary and offered to sign his own works "Winston Spencer Churchill 22 adding the first half of his full surname, spencer-Churchill, which he did not otherwise use. In practice the middle name was turned into an initial, and his pen name subsequently appeared as "Winston. The two men met in Boston the following year. 23 Non-fiction edit see also: Winston Churchill as historian cover of The river War, 1899, showing the original form of his pen name Churchill in Canada in December 1941 Fiction edit title page of the 1900 edition of savrola collected speeches edit Churchill addressing merchant. Miscellany edit Churchill inspects a 'tommy gun' while visiting coastal defence positions near Hartlepool on Notes and references edit notes edit 300 in 1895 equates to 31,801 in 2018; 500 in 1895 equates to 53,002 in 2018. 3 250 in 1899 equates to 25,826 in 2018.

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In the 1923 general election Churchill lost his parliamentary seat and moved to the south of France where he wrote The world Crisis, a six-volume history of the first World War, published between 19The book was well-received, although the former Prime minister Arthur Balfour dismissed. At guaranteed the 1924 general election Churchill returned to the commons. In 1930 he wrote his first autobiography, my early life, after which he began his researches for Marlborough: His Life and Times (193338 a four-volume biography of his ancestor, john Churchill, 1st duke of Marlborough. Before the final volume was published, Churchill wrote a series of biographical profiles for newspapers, which were later collected together and published as Great Contemporaries (1937). In may 1940, eight months after the outbreak of the second World War, Churchill became Prime minister. He wrote no histories during his tenure, although several collections of his speeches were published. At the end of the war he was voted out of office at the 1945 election ; he returned to writing and, with a research team headed by the historian William deakin, produced a six-volume history, the second World War (194853). The books became a best-seller in both the uk and.

longman writer

He remained in review the country and continued to send in his reports to the newspaper. He subsequently published his despatches in two works, london to ladysmith via pretoria and Ian Hamilton's March (both 1900). He returned to Britain in 1900 and was elected as the member of parliament for the Oldham constituency at that year's general election. Randolph Churchill, winston's son, who edited the published collections of his father's speeches; photographed by cecil beaton during the second World War. As a serving mp he began publishing pamphlets containing his speeches or answers to key parliamentary questions. Beginning with Mr Winston Churchill on the Education Bill (1902 over 135 such tracts were published over his career. Many of these were subsequently compiled into collections, several of which were edited by his son, randolph and others of which were edited by Charles Eade, the editor of the sunday dispatch. In addition to his parliamentary duties, Churchill wrote a two-volume biography of his father, lord Randolph Churchill, published in 1906, in which he "presented his father as a tory with increasingly radical sympathies according to the historian paul Addison.

in, and reported on the. Siege of Malakand ; the reports were published in The pioneer and The daily telegraph. The reports formed the basis of his first book, the Story of the malakand field Force, which was published in 1898. To relax he also wrote his only novel, savrola, which was published in 1898. That same year he was transferred to the sudan to take part in the mahdist War (188199 where he participated in the battle of Omdurman in September 1898. He published his recollections in The river War (1899). In 1899 Churchill resigned his commission and travelled to south Africa as the correspondent with The morning Post, on a salary of 250 a month plus all expenses, to report on the second boer War. B he was captured by the boers in november that year, but managed to escape.

British India, at the, siege of Malakand, then in the sudan during the. Mahdist War and in southern Africa during the. Churchill's fictional output included one novel and a short story, but his main output comprised non-fiction. After he was elected. Mp, over 130 of his speeches or parliamentary answers were also published in pamphlets or booklets; many were subsequently published in collected editions. Nobel Prize in Literature in 1953 "for his mastery of historical and biographical description as well as for brilliant oratory in defending book exalted human values". 1, contents, writing career edit, in 1895, winston Churchill was commissioned cornet ( second lieutenant ) into the 4th queen's Own Hussars. His annual pay was 300, and he calculated he needed an additional 500 to support a style of life equal to that of other officers of the regiment. A, to earn the required funds, he gained his colonel's agreement to observe the.

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This article is about the literary career of writing the British statesman. For the American novelist of the same name, see. Churchill at his desk in 1940. Winston Churchill, in addition to his careers of soldier and politician, was a prolific writer under the pen name "Winston. After being commissioned into the 4th queen's Own Hussars in 1895, Churchill gained permission to observe the. Cuban War of Independence, and sent war reports. He continued his war journalism.

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  7. M: The longman Writer (9th Edition) - standalone book ( judith Nadell, john Langan, deborah Coxwell-teague: books. M: The lonely londoners longman, caribbean, writer, series) ( samuel Selvon: books. A story of one family's struggle to survive in rural England, featuring God's Own country's Alec Secareanu. Winston Churchill, in addition to his careers of soldier and politician, was a prolific writer under the pen name winston. After being commissioned into the 4th queen's Own Hussars in 1895, Churchill gained permission to observe the cuban War of Independence, and sent war reports to The daily Graphic.

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