Methodology of sales and inventory system

methodology of sales and inventory system

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The geographic territories may be divided to accommodate the distributors. Giving exclusivity for an area may negatively impact mct if a distributor's performance is degrading. Maintaining minimum inventory levels for a distributor may depend on the particular territory. There is no way for a distributor to check the availability of a product on demand for a customer and place orders the distributor will have to maintain inventory levels by anticipating future sales. How could the distributors make products stop disappearing? Digitizing information and trying to use that information in more ways. Develop systems to help the distributors extend their markets. Identify the distributors (based on their territories) who will be permitted credit options.

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Mct manufactures their product from an original equipment manufacturer (oem and the popularity of the products may impact the availability of the products, geographically for a distributor in particular. Mct has strict norms in providing dealerships based on the financial strength of the distributor, capability of selling the products, the number of end customers, etc. The route allocation may not cover the entire customer base. Minimum inventory cannot easily be determined for a particular sku. Why is it stopping them? Mct envisaged that thesis its brand would bring in customers and that there was no need to put effort into developing new technology. Now the investment mct needs to make in technology is keeping it from providing needed support biography to distributors. Mct is apprehensive about its needed investments beyond branding, advertisement and other activities (like sponsoring events, brand ambassadors, etc.). Mct believes the personalization approach distributors use with the end customers is important and, therefore, would want them to continue to be as close to them as possible. A good distributor may sell a majority of a product requiring the majority of inventory to be allocated to them.

The only touch points for the customers are the distributors; mct concentrates its efforts in selling the products by creating personal relationship with the end customers. Mct does not have a system to support the distributors for reducing their sales efforts. The necessary investment to establish different systems for distributors is a concern for mct. No systems available for distributors to reduce their selling efforts. Getting maximum credit from mct depends on the sales and revenue generated by distributors. Other parameters such as repeat business from the end customer, lower number of returns, etc. Could be deciding factors for mct to promote maximum credits.

methodology of sales and inventory system

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The first step is to identify the paper problem in detail using the ifr technique within the practical reality, not the "real" ifr. The following set of questions and answers is based on the distributors' ideality (perceived) perspective. What are strategies for achieving the ifr for distributors selling mct products? Maximum revenue from the territory without much effort in selling the products, such as advertisements, follow-up (pre- and post-sales multiple trips to customer site, etc. Easy and informative base for the end customer on time, field support in checking the inventory and new product offerings, etc. Maximum credit period from mct fast and efficient inventory updating for products Maximum terrirtory rights and exclusivity in the respective geographic areas Minimize the inventory levels as much as possible and access to the inventories as fast as possible (minimum lead time) It is interesting. What is stopping the distributors from solving these problems?

Most organization and individuals look at the problem by considering the situation in hand and work toward improving the problem by solving what is obvious now. This continuous improvement approach may work for a short-term solution generation, but will limit the exploration of solution space by not thinking of all the constraints. This approach also can hide the small issues inside the overall perceived problem. 1 The ifr is, thus, an effective tool for expanding the thinking about a problem in an idealistic scenario and will help generate creative and out-of-the-box solutions. Applying the ideal final result requires a simple set of activities asking a few questions from each stakeholder's perspective. The mct situation can be looked at through two stakeholders, mct itself and its distributors. Going further, there are individual departments inside the company and a range of personnel. In this case, two stakeholders are identified for problem solving: the distributors and mct channel management.

Methodology of, inventory, system

methodology of sales and inventory system

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It is tempting to take a straight look at the above problem to suggest solution approaches. A direct contradiction is visible: to reduce the dependence on distributors and summary increase the geographic territories and existing customer base (the areas to improve which impacts (worsens) the existing revenue model, losing the current customer base and adding competition. However, the overall problem is multi-dynamic in nature; understanding the "whys" and "hows" of the situation from different stakeholders might help understand the problem in detail. To define the problem in detail and to understand the big picture about the current scenario ross used two techniques: 1) the ideal final result (IFR) and 9-windows (system operator). Approach to systematic Problem Solving, one of the most popular methodologies for inventive, or systematic, problem solving is triz.

According to wikipedia, triz, in contrast to techniques such as brainstorming (based on random idea generation aims to create an algorithmic approach to the invention of new systems and the refinement of old ones. It works on the philosophy of identifying contradictions underlying a problem and applying principles to remove those contradictions. Triz has a list of 40 such generic, inventive principles that can be used to solve technical and business problems. To identify the contradictions itself, problem definition value must be refined and comprehensive. Triz provides multiple tools for this the. Ifr and 9-windows are explored in this case study. Problem Analysis, the ifr concept in triz brings the philosophy of thinking about the ideal situation as opposed to the incremental mode of thinking about the current situation.

What was only a concern soon became a reality. The distributors Union sent a letter to mct threatening them to withdraw their new e-commerce website or they would move to the competition. The distributors had reason to be upset; this new site would mean that some of their business would also move. Moreover, if mct started pricing its products at a discount, distributors would quickly become unpopular. Succumbing to the pressure of the union, mct's board decided to withdraw the website.

Tony's pleading did not help, neither did his team's effort over the past year in nearly completing this site. Tony asked for a month's time to come up with a win-win solution in which both these channels could harmoniously exist  the board agreed. This morning Tony sent an email to ross asking him to prepare a report that would state how both channels could co-exist. He pre-approved the budget for whatever external consulting help Ross would require. Defining the Problem: look at the big Picture. This is a typical marketing channel conflict problem; a consultant with similar experience would likely not find it difficult to suggest solutions. But Ross wanted to develop unique solutions without compromising, adversely impacting any stakeholder or incurring large costs for implementation. Apart from that, he also believed learning the process of identifying the root problem and generating solutions was important for reuse in similar situations.

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Tony thought of introducing reviews an additional channel to reduce this dependence. An e-commerce platform looked like a logical choice: It could reach a wider base of customers. It would let customers order at their convenience. It saved in intermediary costs (so mct could price goods cheaper). It helped in brand building, mCT retained complete control over its supply chain, getting the buy-in for this from the board was not difficult and work started. Ross was handed the responsibility of building a world class e-commerce platform. He partnered with one of the best it consulting companies in India called mt con Ltd., which had vast e-commerce experience and an impressive list of global clientele in the manufacturing domain. Mt con worked with Ross and mct for more than eight months to shell out a state-of-art website for their e-commerce platform. As word spread within mct of this new site, some expressed concern over the conflict this may have with the existing distributors.

methodology of sales and inventory system

Tony asked Ross to present to the board how he will compensate for favourite the problems that may arise due to channel conflicts. Mct has been marketing its tools for more than four decades with the help of a set of distributors spread across the country. These distributors deploy showcase vehicles that carry the tools to mechanics and other home users. They sell directly to corporate houses. Each distributor is handed a territory within which he needs to operate and sell mct products. This model worked well for mct until a few years ago when it started realizing the problems of over-dependence on one marketing channel. The attrition rate of distributors was high, new hires were hard to come by, there were instances of counterfeit products being sold by distributors in mct vans at a cheaper price, and always the threat of losing business from a territory if the distributor moved.

illustration of applying a systematic problem solving framework, triz, to a customer situation. The case study is fictional to narrate the background of the situation without divulging the real customer and other stakeholder details. The case: Marketing Channel Conflict, ross Baxter was shuffling nervously in his office on the 12th floor of the corporate headquarters of mct inc. Mct, a texas-based company, is the market leader in manufacturing and selling high-end, specialized tools including home construction, automobile garages, and to the end user people who own vehicles a wide customer base. It offers a wide range of products, priced at a premium. Mct offers lifetime warranties and enjoys a good brand reputation. Ross had joined mct a year earlier equipped with a marketing degree  brought in to drive the new e-commerce initiative that mct had been thinking about for sometime. Things were going perfectly fine for Ross in his new job until a few weeks back, when he saw the first signs of retaliation against the new e-commerce platform that mct was developing and that he was spearheading. A morning email from his manager, tony long, further sealed his fate.

Of Urban and Rural development. Abstract : I denna uppsats analyseras Sergels torg i stockholm. Sergels torg är ett av stockholms mest centrala torg där tiotusentals personer passerar varje dag, på väg mot närliggande mål som tunnelbanan, butikerna eller Kulturhuset. Platsen byggdes på 1960-talet när andra ideal än idag rådde. By, prakasan Kappoth, kushagra mittal and Priya balasubramanian. Problem solving and innovation for business problems are still considered a strategic decision making process for organizations, with emphasis given to the immediate solutions needing to be generated. Although these processes follow certain techniques and tools, the amount of data and convergence thinking may dominate the entire solution generation process. There is increasing stress being put to bring a structure to the process of problem solving as organizations focus on the re-usability of the structure for similar situations. This case study is an outcome of propagating the Theory of Inventive problem Solving (triz) as a systematic problem solving methodology for strategic problems.

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University essay from slu/Department of Landscape Architecture, planning and Management (from 130101). Abstract : Tillgången på grönytor minskar alltmer i takt med att städerna förtätas och nya bostadskvarter byggs ut vid gammal industrimark vid vattnet. Detta ställer högre krav på kvaliteten, tillgången och nåbarheten till den friend bostadsnära naturen som även ska klara ett högre besökstryck på grund av den stora inflyttningen till tätorterna. Read more, university essay from Lunds universitet/Teknisk logistik. Abstract : Title: Direct Material Safety Stock Standard Authors: Oscar Gustavsson, Oskar Strömberg Supervisors: Gustaf Lilja, ikea industry eva berg, division of Industrial management and logistics, lund University contribution: This thesis has been a complete elaboration between the two authors. Each author has been involved in every part of the process. Read more, university essay from slu/Dept.

Methodology of sales and inventory system
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