Online writing portfolio for students

online writing portfolio for students

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Too many images may end up distracting from your writing, but images can liven up a portfolio. Try to make sure the images that you use are compelling and colorful, relate well to the words next to them and don't take too long to load. Some designs to check out for inspiration: Catherine bouris' mobile-first portfolio is also worth looking at: Step 4: Adding Samples Now the fun bit begins! We generally adding between 10-20 pieces of work to an online portfolio - the overall aim here is to give a snapshot of what you can do in an overview that the other person will be able to finish. Don't feel that you have to include everything that you've ever written. Choose a selection of writing samples that best serves the purpose you identified in section. Generally, it's good to use work that shows the versatility of your skills, but this may not be the case for your specific needs.

An online writing portfolio for your entertainment

Step 3: Design write overwhelmingly, journalists using tend to opt for a simple layout which draws attention to work with little in the way of fancy distractions on the site. Our strong style advice would be to keep things as simple as possible and try to let your writing speak for itself. Use a crisp, clear font which is professional and legible - no ms comic Sans if you want to be taken seriously. Also, try to keep the font size above 14pt, ideally edging towards 16pt, to maximize the readability of what you've got. Another neat trick here is to increase the line spacing, which will give your writing more room to breathe. Keep colors professional - shocking pink and lime green are rarely seen in portfolios, and there's probably a reason for that. If you choose to have a background color, make sure it's sufficiently contrasting with the text for things to be easy on the eye - using two different shades of blue for background and text, for instance, probability is usually a bad idea. Be mindful of users on tablet and mobile (as you can see above, increasing amount are some portfolio sites include a mobile option, but not all of them. People will be checking out your portfolio on a mobile or a tablet, so you'll want to make sure it scales correctly on different screen sizes. For this reason, we strongly advise against having a flash-based portfolio, which generally won't work as designed on mobile devices.

Build and design your own: Adapt another type of site: If you need some more help choosing, googling 'journalism portfolio tools' is a good place to start. Plenty of other people have taken a look at what's available too though. In this piece, poynter's Kristen Hare and Ren Laforme round up the best portfolio tools for journalists in 2017: It seems to me that the big ones for journalists are muck rack, contently, pressfolios and journo portfolio. They all allow you to set up a little landing page where you can drop your clips. Some sites limit your clips if youre on online a free account, and they all arrange them in various artful ways. Another roundup by 's Sarah Marshall, took a look at various portfolio tools available including, contently, journalisted, muckRack and. Sarah also pointed out that it's critical to pay attention to your social media channels too: Whether applying for a job, pitching as a freelancer or showcasing your work, an online portfolio with a biography and links to your work can be hugely valuable. Of course, linkedIn, google, facebook and other platforms provide journalists with an online presence, and it is always worth paying attention to your bio information available on social networks as other people will search for you.

online writing portfolio for students

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It lacks some customization thesis features of dedicated portfolio providers. Muckrack muckRack's strong integration with Twitter make it an attractive portfolio option for those with a strong Twitter following. Design features are light, but you'll end up with a solid page you can send out with pride. WriterFolio sadly, writerFolio has no free option (pricing is from 4/m but setting up this option is easy and the wide choice resumes of themes make it a popular option for writers. Pressfolios Pressfolios is a popular option for freelancers and staff journalists, with a really bold template that makes the images in your portfolio pop. The ability to automatically duplicate clippings in the cloud will provide welcome peace of mind for journalists worried about their work disappearing. JournoPortfolio a newcomer in the space, journoPortfolio may not be as feature-rich as some of the other providers out there, but it's a solid choice. Other Options Want something more advanced? If you're handy with html and don't mind a bit of messing around to get the look just right, you could also try one of the other options.

Also, material you've posted on photo upload sites such as Flickr. Social media: Storify curated stories, Twitter feeds, facebook post Videos: videos, vimeo videos, wistia videos, embedded newsreels Audio: Podcasts (mp3, aac or other audioboo files, soundCloud files Back when was founded, it only allowed for the addition of links and pdf files - but. You'll want to consider this before moving onto the next step. Top Writing Portfolio tools is the world's largest writing portfolio website and allows the creation of writing -specific portfolios with custom urls. It's free for up to a certain number of clippings and costs from.99/m for an unlimited account with several other professional features such as google Analytics integration and portfolio privacy. Contently contently is more content writers' network than portfolio tool, but we've seen plenty of journalists create good-looking portfolios with this free software. Getting started is a doddle and there's a neat feature to find clippings that you may have missed.

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online writing portfolio for students

Digital portfolio for students - tips and examples

Step 2: Hosting, the days of the hard portfolio are definitely over. For 99 of portfolio users, digital is the right way to go, as the late Steve buttry explained in this excellent blog. Steve passed away in February 2017, but his superb blog remains online as a resource for journalism students and professionals and is well worth a read. Were way past the days of deciding which half-dozen hard-copy clips to stuff into an envelope with your résumé. Unless an employer specifically asks for a hard-copy application, you should apply by email with a hyperlinked résumé.

Even if the employer asks for hard-copy (and if you want to work for someone who needs hard copy you need a url (or a few) at the top, guiding your future boss to a place to study your work at length. There are tons of options for creating portfolios out there - hotel is one of them, but you can also build your own using a tool like wordpress, wix or weebly. However, essay your choice of tool will likely be determined by the formats that you chose to include in your portfolio. So spend some time considering your pieces of work and the formats that you use the most often. Below, i've included some of the most common, but you may have others: Writing : Plain text, links, pdf files, Slideshare presentations, Scribd documents Images: All common image format files, plus 'rich' media files like flash and Shockwave.

Time to dive into creating a pretty writing portfolio, right? Here's the thing: your portfolio will be tons better if you have a plan before you get started. Follow our in-depth below to build your killer portfolio, and if you have any questions, hit us up @clippingsme on Twitter. Just want to get started now? Click here to claim your free page (opens in a new window). Step 1: Objectives, you want to make sure your writing portfolio achieves its objectives - if you're an author, that may be to get you a book deal.

If you're a student, it's likely academic consideration and if you're a freelance journalist, it could be to get you an article commission. So think hard and be specific about what your portfolio should tell the people that come across. Doing so will make drafting your copy and planning out the different sections much easier. Common Objectives, to get a job - you'll be sending your portfolio to prospective employers or clients, so your main aim is to impress in the field you work. To sell - you've written some great stuff, and now you want to sell it to an agent, publisher or commissioner. To be more visible - you want a place where people can find you online and learn more about what you. Once you know what the aim is, write that down somewhere. As you build your portfolio, every time you write a sentence or add a piece of work, ask yourself "does this addition help my objective?". If the answer if no, don't add.

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Take a look, resources. Students say they love feedback but they don't always use. Check out our father's nine free lesson plans the that will provide inspiration for approaching writing instruction for back-to-school. How do we ensure that the solutions we create can be implemented by teachers? Answer: the curriculum team. Meet the former educators and practitioners working at Turnitin. Can you identify the 10 types of plagiarism? Go beyond the black and white definition of literary theft and discover the different forms plagiarism can take in the digital age. So, you're incredibly proud of your work and you're ready to show it off online.

online writing portfolio for students

When is your Score ready? Learn more about when scores are ready, some within two weeks. The new Preact helps students practice for the act test experience and sujet empowers them with valuable data and insights. Act profile, act profile is a free, mobile resource to help you learn more about yourself and the college and career paths you want to explore. Act engage, engage identifies critical, yet overlooked attitudes and behaviors, at grades 6-9, 10-12, and college levels, that contribute to future success). Skip to content, turnitin creates technology to improve student writing and empower original thinking. For K-12, for Higher Ed, meet our Products. Help students improve as writers with instant, actionable feedback. Take a look, easily provide feedback, assess work, and check for plagiarism.

language skills. Math Practice test questions, measures: The mathematical skills you have typically acquired in courses up to the beginning of grade. Science Practice test questions. Measures: The interpretation, analysis, evaluation, reasoning and problem-solving skills required in biology, chemistry, earth/space sciences and physics. Writing Practice test questions, measures: The optional writing section measures writing skills taught in high school English classes and in entry-level college composition courses. Test day checklist, keep calm and know what to expect on test day. Understand what is expected, acceptable, and prohibited. View and Send your Score, you can have your act scores sent to other colleges and scholarship agencies even after you test.

Act online Prep, the only online program designed exclusively by act test development professionals, featuring real questions from previous tests. The Official act prep guide. An act-authorized prep book, with three practice tests, each with an optional writing test, plus access to hundreds of additional questions online. Free study guide (pdf download a free preparation booklet with test information, complete practice tests with scoring keys, and a writing prompt. Test Prep Reference fuller guide (pdf choose the right test prep option for you. Starting with act academy and then moving into the premiere test prep option that works best for your learning style. The act test overview.

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The act test for gender Students act. Skip to content m,m,m,m,t. Org, the act is the leading us college admissions test measuring what you learn in high school to determine your academic readiness for college. Upcoming Test Dates, please be aware that registration for the september 8 test date and those after will not open until the end of July 2018. Receive the latest news about the act, including registration reminders and other helpful information to prepare for college and career success. Preparing for the test, hone your skills with in-depth preparation guides, tutorials, practice questions and more. Free online learning and test practice to help you get the best score possible on the act test, and well on your way to college and career success. Act kaplan Online Prep live, an interactive virtual classroom experience that delivers engaging online live instruction, at an accessible price.

Online writing portfolio for students
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  6. Online Writing, lab (OWL) at Purdue university houses writing resources and instructional material, and we provide these as a free service of the. Writing, lab at Purdue. Graduating seniors may submit a portfolio of their art or writing for consideration in the Scholastic Awards. Through generous support of our sponsors, the following Portfolio awards include a scholarship to encourage our students to continue their creative studies in college and beyond. Turnitin creates tools for K-12 and higher education that improve writing and prevent plagiarism.

  7. The purdue university, online Writing, lab serves writers from around the world and the purdue university. Writing, lab helps writers on Purdue s campus. Learn helpful tips to improve your writing with the, online, guide to, writing from University of Maryland University college. We would like to show you a description here but the site wont allow. The act test is a curriculum-based education and career planning tool for high school students that assesses the mastery of college readiness standards.

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