Oral presentation assignment

oral presentation assignment

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Social Media strategy syllabus pdf, course overview: This course provides an overview of social media strategies. It will focus on: 1) understanding social media platforms, 2) learning the elements of social media strategy (the 5 Cs 3) crafting a social media strategy and 4) evaluating social media strategies. The course revolves around three major assignments/projects: For Assignment 1, your team will be asked to become experts on two social media (SM) alternatives by investigating the sm and evaluating. For Assignment 2, you and your team will isolate key sm variables and contemplate the dynamics of sm systems. For Assignment 3, the team will select two organizations in related fields and compare their sm strategy. Then your team will repair the strategy of the organization deemed less effective. .

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List of Anthropological Schools of Thought Web Pages: Social evolutionism: m mission Diffusionism and Acculturation: m Historicism: m Functionalism: m Manchester School: m Culture personality: m American Materialism: m Cultural Materialism: m Ecological Anthropology: m Cross-Cultural Analysis: m Cognitive anthropology: m Marxist Anthropology: m Feminist Anthropology. On several scheduled occasions, each student will be required to add new material to the web site and these efforts will be graded separately. The aims of this exercise are two-fold. First, it assists elements the student in preparing the oral presentation assignment and in composing the final essay. Second, it provides study materials for all students who will be taking the comprehensive exams at the end of the semester. Students will be divided up into three groups for administrative purposes only. On three separate dates the members of each group will submit progressively elaborate web pages for posting and re-posting on the course web site. Each original submission and upgrade will be submitted in three forms: a paper copy, a copy of the file on a floppy diskette, and a copy sent through email. The due dates of these postings and upgrades are as follows: Group A: Jan 27; Bef 17; Mar 10 James Boschma tom Lewis Tara robertson Group B: Feb 3; Feb 24; Mar 17 Scott Hammerstedt Jon Marcoux Group C: Feb 10; Mar 3; Mar. Grading Examination (35 paper (30 web Page Assignment (20 Presentation (15) course web Pages Return. Murphy's Page return to Anthropology department Web Page.

Classroom participation is an important requirement of the course and it will figure in the final grade. Written Examination The written examination (April 7) will test the student's knowledge of the anthropological study of kinship and related topics. The exam will cover the lectures, parkin's kinship handbook, murphy's kinship glossary, and the four ethnographic monographs. Essays Each student will write an essay outlining and critiquing one of ten methodological and theoretical schools of thought advanced by sociocultural anthropologists during the last 125 years. (see the list below). Each essay will be a minimum of 15 pages (i.e., 3,750 words) in length. The paper is due on may 3 (Monday) at. The essay must be formatted the in accordance with the American Anthropological Association Style guide.

oral presentation assignment

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Ref gn 307.E52 1996 pearson, roger (1985) Anthropological Glossary. Malabar, fl: Robert. 11.P43 1985 Winthrop, robert. (1991) Dictionary of Concepts in Cultural Anthropology. New York: Greenwood Press ref gn 307.W56 1991. Barnard, Alan and Jonathan Spencer (1996) Encyclopedia of Social and Cultural Anthropology. Ref gn 307.E648 1996x Barfield, Thomas (1997) thesis margaret The dictionary of Anthropology. Ref schedule weeks 1-12 (Jan. 6-March 24 lectures principal lecture topics: Anthropology, culture, society, social evolution cultural Complexity, incest and its Prohibition, residence, descent, marriage, kinship Terminology week 13 (March 31 spring holiday week 14 (April 7 examination weeks 15-17 (April 14, 21, 28 student presentations week 18 (April.

(1995) After Tylor: British Social Anthropology, madison: University of Wisconsin. Gn 308.3.G7 S74 1995. Dictionaries and Encyclopedias seymour-Smith, Charlotte (1986) Macmillan Dictionary of Anthropology. Winnick, charles (1956) Dictionary of Anthropology. New York: Philosophical Society. Other Resources for Essays and Web Assignments Dictionaries and Encyclopedias International Encyclopedia of the social Sciences (1968) New York: Macmillan: New York: Free press. Levinson, david and Melvin Ember (1996) Encyclopedia of Cultural Anthropology. New York: Henry holt.

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oral presentation assignment

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Harris, marvin (1968) The rise of Anthropological Theory: a history of Theories girl of Culture. Hatch, Elvin (1973) Theories of Man and Culture. New York: Columbia university Press. (1958) From Ape to Angel: An Informal History of Social Anthropology. Kardiner, Abram and Edward Prebles (1961) They studied Man. Cleveland: World Publishing. Kuklick, henrka (1991) The savage Wtihin: the social History of British Anthropology.

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. GN308.3 G7 K85 1991. Kuper, Adam (1983) right Anthropology and Anthropologists: the modern British School. GN308.3 G7 K86 1983. (1979) Man, mind, and Science: a history of Anthropology. Silverman, sydel (ed) (1981) Totems and teachers: Perspectives on the history of Anthropology. New York: Columbia university.T69.

Lecture topics will include kinship, marriage, descent, residence, modes of production, the control of sexuality and aggression, and social evolution. Each student will take a written examination in the anthropology of kinship and social strucure and will construct a web page leading to an essay and an oral presentation on one of ten theoretical or methodological perspectives in social anthropology. Reading, list, robert Parkin (1997 kinship: An Introduction to basic Concepts. Asen Balikci (1989 the netsilik eskimo. Dennis Gaffin (1996 in Place: Spatial and Social Order in a faeroe islands Community. Prospect heights, Ill: waveland Press.

The Trobrianders of Papua new guinea. Murphy (1999) a kinship Glossary: Symbols, terms, and Concepts Reserve reading room Resources for Essays and Web Assignments Histories bee, robert (1974 ) Patterns and Processes. New York: Free press. GN320.B453 Bohannan, paul (1973) High points in Anthropology. Robert Borofsky, editor, (1994) Assessing Cultural Anthropology. (1981) a history of Anthropological Thought. New York: Basic books.

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C:M, department of, anthropology, college of Arts and Sciences, the University of Alabama. Social, anthropology, ant 536-001, spring, 1999, professor:. Class Place and Time : business 119 ten, hoor, wed. Office: 24C ten hoor, office Hrs: tues 1:30-3:30. M.; Wed 1-2. M.; by appointment email: index, course. Objectives, this seminar of lectures, discussions, readings and web page construction will explore the attempts of anthropologists to describe, interpret and analyze the social relations of a wide range of human societies.

oral presentation assignment

Who are the hiw writing tutors? Joel Hubick is a doctoral essay candidate at the hiw, where he received his ma and MPhil in 20His office is in the hiw student secretariat (room.01, first floor). Laura Smith is a doctoral candidate at the faculty of Arts (ku leuven). Her project explores the reception of Walter Benjamin in later twentieth century French philosophy. Her office is at 23 Maria-theresiastraat, room.05. Lydia azadpour is a doctoral candidate at the hiw specialising in German Idealism. Jeremy heuslein is currently a doctoral candidate at the hiw, where he received his ma in 2012 and MPhil in 2014.

to work on during your session (planning, vocabulary, structure, bibliography, etc.). Also feel free to attach a copy of the document you are working on, although our writing tutors may be unable to review it before your session. Sessions at the Writing Lab take place at the hiw, and last for approximately 45 minutes. Our tutors will respond to your email within 48 hours to confirm the date, time, and location for your session; it is important for you to schedule a session as soon as possible. What should you bring to a session? When you meet with a tutor, you should bring. A printed copy of your paper, something to write with, something to write. A course description or an assignment sheet (if applicable).

We may want to assignment discuss the nature of your assignment, but cannot even speculate when it comes to your marks. Our sessions are collaborative, and have the long-term goal of making you a more effective writer in English. While we are happy to discuss vocabulary, phrasing and so on, our primary goal is to help you engage in the process of writing philosophy in English, not just to correct what you have written. Who can book a session? Any student at the hiw can book a session at the hiw writing Lab. Sessions are free of charge! How do you book a session? To schedule an appointment, write to. In your email, briefly indicate, what sort of assignment you are working on (oral presentation, term paper, thesis, etc.).

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Whether you have a basic outline or a polished draft, our writing business tutors are available to meet and discuss your writing in a collaborative and forward-thinking way. So we invite you to browse this page, and then to contact. What the writing tutors do, hIW writing tutors can help you free of charge at any stage of the writing process: from outlining a presentation to finalizing a thesis, from clarifying a question to developing a conclusion. Feel free to make an appointment if you would like to discuss your. Oral Presentation, term Paper, thesis Proposal, thesis. Citations and Bibliography, personal Statement, cV or Resumé, what the writing tutors dont. While every session at the Writing Lab is tailored to individual students and their writing projects, our tutors. Your professor, and only your professor, will decide how well a piece of writing satisfies an assignment.

Oral presentation assignment
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  2. Chai chin ee 0907P72950 epc (com 30103) September 2014 name: Student ID: Module: Session: Assignment : Oral Presentation (Resubmission). Assignment due: Oral Presentation of research (Barbara, aaditya, christina). 20 - assignment 2 Oral presentation and written report 15 - assignment 1 Oral presentation and written report three major assignments. The literature assignment, and the oral presentation of it, as well as oral presentation of research project, are obligatory tasks for.

  3. Another hw (regular, written assignment due wednesday in class). involving applied or translational research or case reviews and one will be for the best oral presentation involving basic research. Read this full essay on An oral presentation arguing for the legalisation of euthaniasia. You're living a life of pain, suffering and. What sort of assignment you are working on ( oral presentation, term paper, thesis, etc.).

  4. This is a major assignment worth 80 points (60 points written speech, 20 points oral presentation ). The oral presentation assignment will require you to report technical information to a general audience. Oral presentation of pre-course assignment each student participant will give an oral presentation based on the pre- assignment reading. Dream Assignment provides professional Lawyers Assignment and Homework help Services by Experts at fair price rates. Furthermore, it is important that you speak freely rather than reading the oral presentation and that you keep to the time allowed. rough-draft of your 5 minute oral presentation due today at 5pm.

  5. Presentation recommendation Report evaluation. may 11 and the end of the last regularly scheduled class in the subject: in-class test, assignment, term paper, or oral presentation. There are 3 types of presentation : Oral, poster and Workshop. presentation type assignment will be determined by the Scientific. First, it assists the student in preparing the oral presentation assignment and in composing the final essay. Complete 2 oral presentation sheets for 1 claim.

  6. Write a memo (not an e-mail message) to your boss, the senators Chief of Staff, outlining the scope of your. After this lecture, start, assignment. Its in the course binder. Sociology 549, lecture. I have added a document to the fourth assignment : Oral.

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