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Hence, while deep learning is rightly getting lots of focus and affection at the moment, Im excited that some outliers, are investigating other techniques. One of my favorite alternatives is counterfactual Regret Minimization. In summary : deep learning is a specific Machine learning technique which currently powers the most exciting applications of Artificial Intelligence. Now you know how to use each phrase correctly. I use the phrase ai sparingly, preferring Machine learning instead since it is the primary technique that is powering the changes you see in our context. You are seeing many applications of Machine learning being applied to marketing. Heres a collection of ideas to push your thinking.

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Let me share a simple definition that helps me understand each phrase. Ai is an intelligent machine. Ml is the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. Currently, ml is the most exciting application. Deep learning is a specific ml technique. Most deep ambition learning methods involve artificial neural networks, modeling how our brain works. At the moment deep learning forms the basis for most of the incredible advances in Machine learning (and in turn AI). A pinch more about deep learning as it plays such a critical role in all the current ai excitement. There are some who believe that anything modeled on the human brain, like deep learning, will be limited in its intelligence, that it will inherit the limits and flaws that our intelligence possesses. This will then cap what an ai might be capable. An additional problem to worry about with deep learning is that we might not have massive training datasets for every problem we want to solve (mandatory for deep learning).

Invest in continuous learning. The most conservative estimate is that ai driven changes are expected to replace 25 of jobs across the world, by 2026. My goal: Stay ahead by solving new challenges. If youve thought about it, please share yours in comments below. Now that we have the basics out of the way, lets really understand what this thing. People tend with to use these phrases almost interchangeably: Artificial Intelligence (ai machine learning (ML) and deep learning. It does not help that there is genuine ambiguity about each of them as we are still in the early evolutionary stages.

razor resume

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We should listen to them carefully. Ive watched at least 30 hours of lectures on on this topic. My personal reaction to ai emanates from three things:. There really is no turning back. It is impossible to imagine what 2057 will look like. Our current red flags golf are sourced from what human means today, what works means today, what our relationship with technology means today. None of this might be relevant by then (even less relevant by 2100). Between 2057 and now, i humbly believe that ai will function to extend our own intelligence, fill our gaps, and will find solutions inconceivable to humans to intractable problems (see above) my personal strategy: Understand reality.

Maybe there is a move 37 for fusion. And, there has to be a move 37 for politics. Consider how incredible it will be that well have agi around to solve these impossible problems. I am also excited because i believe that, at least as far out as I can see, the human brain and the human heart will be valued we will identify new things to value, it just wont be digital Marketing evangelist. Perhaps you now see why ive pivoted my career to Storytelling with data over the last couple of years. i realize there are people throwing up red flags, warning. They are smarter and vastly more knowledgeable on this subject than I could ever hope.

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razor resume

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Only Alphago knew that, it took a while for humans to come to that realization. It was, in the letter and spirit of the word, inconceivable by humans. See, why it freaked me out that I might not have a career? Why do we need all these white collared jobs populated by people who will always be slower, more inefficient, and vastly less smart? Even a narrowly specialized ai entity in the short-term can replace their value in a professional environment.

As we make progress towards Artificial General Intelligence (agi that entity will do 50 more than in addition reports to your one thing. It is important that I share that being scared or freaked out can co-exist with excitement. You know the" about the importance of being able to hold two opposing ideas in mind at the same sure time. I am excited about ai, and perhaps beyond excited about agi as it promises the scaled application of intelligence that will truly change the world in ways we cant even begin to imagine. Maybe there is a move 37 to solve global Warming, and we simply cant conceive.

Ai now Global Maxima. On that topic my first true moment of worry about my professional future came in March 2016 when. Alphago beat lee sedol, the unassailable go grandmaster. It was believed, due to the immense complexity of the game of go, that computers were at least a decade away from beating humans. The potential legal board positions in go are greater than the number of atoms in the universe.

Alphago not only had to compute all the possible positions to play, but to pick the best one it also had to have some kind of intuition and strategic thinking a challenge beyond raw compute power. The specific scary moment was on 11th of March. The kids and I were watching the livestream of game two from seoul on our. During the game Alphago made its now famous move . We were so confused. The expert commentators on tv thought it was a mistake. It is worth watching the minute of so of the video on. Its the black piece being moved next to the white one almost exactly in the middle of the board, to your right. The game continued for another three hours, but it was over at move.

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Photos can keep track of him from baby to thesis today. On your phone, try to search for people in your lives by name, by faces, combine their name with events/things/locations and youll be surprised at what the ai returns. In trying to see how smart google Photos really is, i wanted to try something harder I typed in the query pain (French for bread) and I got this. This really delighted. On top is a hong Kong Pineapple bun, in the middle is an Indian Chapatti, and at the bottom is my wifes Italian focaccia bread infused with our home grow rosemary. Think of how insanely cool it is that google Photos can translate pain into bread and find all different kinds of breads that our family enjoys. From tens of thousands of photos in my album. (Well touch on this topic later but) These are moments when I really worry that my job will soon become irrelevant. I mean, just imagine how hard it is to do what you see above, and everything I do is actually so much easier!

razor resume

Google Photos uses ai to solve this problem. For example, i want pictures of Sushi i simply type in Sushi boom! Clearly Im not your classic, i love my food so much I must Instagram every meal person. notice nothing is categorized or tagged in the pictures above. Google Photos has to be able to recognize the content all on its own. It is actually smarter than what you see above. When I type in the name of my son and Sushi, i get just one photo back! If I type in his name and the word beach, i get pictures of him on a beach throughout assignment his entire life!

we are responsible for (your kids and mine). Ai now local Maxima. Ai also seems so out there, so hard to grasp. Let me fix that for you. Heres a really simple example, easily accessible. Humans took.5 trillion pictures in 2016. As you are trying to find that one special picture, it feels like all.5 trillion are on your phone! A real problem for all.

No more theory, we felt it! Im going to take a very long walk with you today. This topic has consumed a lot of my thinking over the last year (youll see the exact start date below). Its implications are far and first wide, even in the narrow scope that I live in (marketing, analytics, influence). I have so much to tell you, stuff Im scared about, and so much Im excited about. Here are the elements Ill cover: ai now local Maxima. ai now Global Maxima. What the heck is Artificial Intelligence? Artificial Intelligence future kids.

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Start your Free week now, no Ads, tons of New supermarket hd videos Added daily. Mobile Friendly Browsing 1080p video quality 13,000 Full dvds, exclusive full-Length hd videos From Brazzers, reality kings, etc. A rare post today. It looks a little further out into the future than I normally tend. It attempts to simplify a topic that has more than its share of coolness, confusion and complexity. While the phrase Artificial Intelligence has been around since the first human wondered if she could go further if she had access to entities with inorganic intelligence, it truly jumped the shark shifted into high gear in 2016. Primarily because we got our first real everyday access to products and services that used some form of ai to delight.

Razor resume
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