Solar panel essay

solar panel essay

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Furthermore, establishing this technology as pioneers will give the company an advantage in the technology before it is established as a conventional standard method of powering portable computers. The project, if implemented, will use the most advanced solar cell technology, which does not require silicon cells. This will considerably reduce the computers weight to facilitate improved portability. Introduction, sun, the heat of the sun is about equivalent to burning a billion trillion tons of coal an hour. Even though only a small fraction of that heat ever reaches the earth it is still more then enough to power the whole world. People seemed to realize the importance of the sun around 30,000.

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The employment of solar technology will reduce the need to dispose the batteries off frequently. This will facilitate the company to feature as anna one of the pioneers of environmental friendly sources of power. In addition, solar power lacks any by-product that may need disposal and the technology requires no plugs unlike the mains electricity. This facilitates convenience to profession who considerably value assignment time. Solar power is not considered as a possible source of power for portable devices since it requires a relatively large surface area for optimum performance. Most computer manufacturers have dismissed it as a clumsy option compared to the pure battery technology. However, the recent developments where the cells are coupled with batteries present a new opportunity for the company to provide an economical and efficient power source for the customers. The company can launch the installation of the batteries in the higher cost portable computers, and then gradually woo the middle class customers into buying the computers. Research has found that most people, particularly professionals, are aware of the capabilities of the solar power technology (New Society, 2004). This makes it easier for the company to realize the markets appreciation of its products easily. With the current need for portable computers with a longer battery life, the market is yearning for an alternative.

A customer will consider his or her power needs when buying a computer particularly for professional use. The target market is the developing countries that are a major part of listing the companys customer base. These countries have not yet achieved sufficient levels of power distribution, and the need for a portable power source is on the rise. It is also in these countries where the demand for digital electronics is immense since they have not embraced computer technology as a major aid to industrial operations and managerial functions. The location of the target market is in the tropical belt where direct sunlight is available for most of the seasons throughout the year. An integrated solar power source for personal computers will counter the effort by our competitors to woo customers with solar powered computer systems. Impact on the Environment, the current lithium-ion technology requires a special disposal procedure for worn-out batteries. Moreover, the current rate of battery disposal has had adverse effects on the environment due to pollution.

solar panel essay

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Solar panels exposed to the sun on daily basis are guaranteed to last for parts more than 25 years. Changes to the current System. Our department will modify the current lithium-ion cells to attain compatibility with the solar power charging system. The modification will incur an insignificant cost since it involves the redesign of the charging system. Although the innovation will involve a relatively costly revision of the current cosmetic design, the projected benefits make the implementation of the technology worth. Recent developments in technology have identified compact solar cell designs that are considerably efficient and could power an average portable computer system without the battery support. However, further research is necessary to establish the most appropriate photovoltaic cells for computer application. Market Dynamics, power is an important factor for a computer buyer.

However, this technology has the prospects of a longer battery life for computers equipped with the lithium-ion battery. This is because the  frequency of the charge and discharge cycles of the lithium-ion battery significantly determines the battery life. The inclusion of a solar power system in the computer architecture significantly reduces the cycles. In the long run, the computer will last longer and save the user the cost of replacing a worn-out battery. This will be an added advantage for the companys professional customers since most companies plan on equipment acquisitions on the long-term basis. Another aspect that supports the use of solar power is the longevity of the solar power systems (bauer, 2011). Unless physically damaged, the solar cells installed on a personal computer are likely to outlast most of the computer components.

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solar panel essay

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Although the personal portable computers built for professional use are equipped with a powerful battery, it barely lasts for more than eight hours (bauer, 2011). Our company can endeavor to develop the existing solar cell manufacturing line and equip it for the large-scale manufacture of powerful and compact solar cells that write will significantly enhance the convenience and efficiency associated with personal computers. The personal Computers, a personal computer is a suitable device to equip with a solar panel that can utilize the suns energy during the day. A powerful solar panel can even trap light energy indoors if there is some illumination from the sun. The solar power can support the computers battery for a whole day with the depletion of half its stored power when used indoors. Furthermore, the solar power can fully support the computer functions when used outdoors where it is possible to convert direct sunlight to energy capable of keeping the computer operational and charging its battery (Tiwari, 2006). A personal computer becomes more suitable for solar power usage due to its larger surface area that allows the installation of the solar cells and the adaptor system.

The use of solar power on digital devices is a recent innovation since the liquid crystal displays became the standard display media for average cost personal digital assistants (Boer, 2005). However, devices such as mobile phones and digital music players are not a suitable target for solar power since they have smaller surfaces and are often in the pocket for most of the time they are not in use. Computer designs have evolved to include powerful processors for heavy engineering computer applications, which require a powerful power source. Computers used for professional applications are most likely to be carried by professionals in business trips or fieldwork. Longevity of Solar Technology, the addition of solar cells in computer will significantly increase their cost compared to the current moderate prices.

In other cases, legislation has been helpful. Colorado, for example, has a solar gardens law that requires utilities to buy from community projects. It allows customers to get ownership of solar, and the environmental and financial benefits, Spencer says. But it also gives utilities what they want, which is stabilized prices, clean energy, and some control over the power generated. They are also leveraging utility customers from across the country to capitalize renewable projects). Recently, the demand for portable devices with the ability to function even in places high inconvenience has gained significant demand.

The portable devices include cooking devices, portable power sources, and electronic equipments. In addition, personal digital assistants have had a progressively high demand, and are still commanding the electronics market due to the quickly evolving silicon technology. Personal computers, smart phones, and digital media players are the leading commodities with a speculated future rise in demand. Lithium- ion batteries are the conventional source of power for personal computers. To some extent, they serve the purpose satisfactorily. However, the manufacturers of personal computers have not yet identified a sufficient source of power to keep them operational for a reasonable length of time at a reasonable cost. An averagely priced computer is equipped with 5AH lithium-ion battery at its best (bauer, 2011). Depending on the computer architecture and the nature of the applications running on it, the battery can keep the computer operational for an average of two and a half hours after which the computer starts to shut down if there is no alternative source. The time is not sufficient to facilitate the computers convenient use especially during travel or fieldwork, which are common to most engineering professionals as lot of computer work is undertook.

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With community ownership, a third party like cec worries about that, replacing friend panels if necessary. Second, utilities are likely to be more friendly to community endeavors because, unlike home ownership, it keeps them involved in the picture. It has the potential to be seven times larger than what were seeing on rooftops, because utilities are getting behind it, rather than fighting it, Spencer says. It could be a complete shift. Its doing solar the way utilities want to do solar, but allowing the public to own the solution, and benefit from it long-term. Cec currently works with 10 utilities. Spencer says, in most cases, theyve come willingly because theyre happy to buy whatever power cec can provide.

solar panel essay

Other companies pursuing similar models include. SunShare in Colorado Springs, Ecoplexus in San Francisco, and, community Energy in Pennsylvania. They are popping up so fast I dont have an exact count. There are several dozen projects around the country now, says joy hughes, at the. Solar Gardens Institute, which tracks the projects. Department of Energy says theres at least indie 50 megawatts of shared solar out there. It wants to boost that to 5,0Spencer reckons the community solar model will one day dwarf conventional residential solar for two reasons. One, demand among households for self-installation is limited to those who want to go through setting up their own system and worrying about whether it will maintain its performance.

typical customer buys a 3-gigawatt panel for about 9,000. And, on average, spencer says they make about 7 in the first year, though in some cases it can be more than that. As an extra incentive, they make more as conventional power rates go up; customers pay only an upfront fee at the beginning, with a small amount set aside for maintenance. It opens up solar financially to a much broader swath of people, and, of course, you dont have to have a roof thats perfectly sited for solar, because its not sited there. You dont have to worry about shading or living in New York city, or anything like that, Spencer says. Cec recently received 13 million in private funding, and expects to triple its installations in the next 18 months. Spencer says hes currently talking to utilities in 38 states.

Colorado-based, clean Energy collective, which built the first community solar facility in 2010, now has 25 farms in four states. Ceo paul Spencer says he started the business after working on a net-zero housing development, and finding paper that some buildings couldnt hold solar panels. He wanted to power the homes from a spare plot of land instead, and he contacted the local utility to find out if they could help. Surprisingly, they said they could, and the two parties struck a deal. The home-owners would buy the panels. Spencer would look after them. And the utility would buy all the power. In return, the customers would have whatever they generated credited to their bills, offsetting what they would normally pay.

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By ben Schiller 3 minute read, for all the boom in residential solar (and it is impressive a lot of people are excluded from getting in on the homemade energy game. They dont have the right roofs (only about a quarter of homes are suitable or maybe theyre renters. In all, only about 15 of people are in a position to install panels, and thats assuming they can afford them. Whats everyone else supposed to do? One answer could be community solaran increasingly popular alternative to self-installation. Community solar is when, instead of putting up your own panel, you buy one at a local collective, and let an outside organizationa utility, developer, or non-profitlook after. It opens up solar financially to a much broader swath of people. Such facilities are springing up all over the country ( map here and there are several reasons why the model might eventually become widespreadnot least because its less threatening to utilities than guaranteed solar panels owned by individual households.

Solar panel essay
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  2. Solar, power for the portable computers essay - compute technologies. Buy best quality custom written. Solar, power for the portable computers essay. Flexible solar panel goes where silicon can. Launching fusion reactions without a central magnet, or solenoid.

  3. This prevents energy from travelling back through the solar panel from the battery when not charging. People seemed to realize the importance of the sun around 30,000. Florida measure calls itself pro- solar but critics say it s a wolf in sheep s clothing. Compare the best solar energy companies using expert ratings and consumer reviews in the official ConsumerAffairs buyers guide. Solar panel systems can be extremely durable and require little to no maintenance.

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